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January 2007
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no war for atom
This logo is directed at IRI not to get us into a war over nuclear energy. -- Mazloom

word for word
Video, Keith Olbermann: Bush's talk about Iran is starting to sound a lot like his talk about Iraq in 2002

On his knees

BBC: The American hostility towards Iran

no big danger
NY Times: Chirac Strays From Assailing a Nuclear Iran

NY Times: Bullying Iran

war is not the way
Financial Times: Belligerence is not the answer on Iran
-- Jacob Weisberg, Slate.com editor

feminist critique
ZNet: Iranian Diasporic Memoirs: A Genre in the Service of Empire
-- Niki Akhavan, Golbarg Bashi, Mana Kia and Sima Shakhsari

if you're in reno
Check out Yari Ostovany's art shows

* Airport security
* Camel love
* Cheating wife
* Sorry, I thought she was 9
* Pregnant man

fear mongering
AFP: Iran two to three years from nuclear weapon: think tank

devious books
Photo: Anti-Bahai propaganda

just another punk
BBC: Chavez gets sweeping new powers

azizam, goh khordam
BBC: Berlusconi apologises to his wife


* Ba viagra kardam
* I met the creator
* Investing in Afghanistan
* Rabbit in Iran/Turtle in Canada
* Why did you idiots leave Iran?
* Women expats vising Iran
* Islamic vs. Western culture
* And more
* Sorrow for Imam Hossein

darth vader
Newsweek: Dick Cheney talks about Iraq, Iran

Ab miveh

sadegh... khaali naband
Reuters: Top Iranian denies rift over atomic policy

Guardian: Neocons learned nothing from 5 years of catastrophe

easy, cowboy
CS Monitor: Avoiding another US war in the Middle East
LA Times: How Bush can ensure no more Iraqs

hossein bagher zadeh
Guardian: Good to meet you

IHT: An Iranian, a coup and regime change

minister of justice
BBC: Former Israeli justice minister loses sex harassment case

no war
I asked Mehrdad Aref-Abib if he could create an anti-war logo. Damesh joooosh :o)

earth to george :o)
AP: U.S. Senators warn against war with Iran

lethal law
NY Times: A Day Without Guns ...

iranian of the day
* Video: Son making fun of his Iranian dad (1) (2) (3)

* Video: Iranian engineeer looking for job at McDonalds
* Video: Best dumb blonde commercial EVER
* Hillary or Hillbillery?
* Video: IranianPersonals.com
* Video: Sheikh Daneshmand calls Iran's secular Muslims "Jews"
* Video: Ask the Fruitcake Lady
* Video: Mr & Mrs Ahmadinejad
* Video: Black and Gus :o)

can't handle women
AFP: Iran women's rights activists face prosecution

BBC: Archaeologists find Stonehenge houses

saving ahmadinejad
Guardian: Only the US hawks can save the Iranian president now
Guardian: Bush 'spoiling for a fight' with Iran

rotten tomato
Wall Street Journal: Iranian President's Setbacks Embolden His Domestic Critics

turning the screw
NY Times: Europe Resists U.S. Push to Curb Iran Ties

your own fault
Washington Post: U.S. Policy Faulted in Iran's Regional Rise

bullies beware
Washington Post: First trial at the newly established International Criminal Court

play on
BBC: US rejects Iran nuclear 'timeout'

vaay... eena cheghad mooshan :o)
* Afshin Fatahi's kids in Holland (19 pix)

damn sivand
Video: About an immanent flooding that will endanger important archaeological sites
-- Mirzadegi, Nooriala

sorry state
Newsweek Poll: President Bush’s approval rating hits a new low

fingers crossed
Forbes: U.S./Iran: Tensions Unlikely To Stoke Military Conflict

gas leak
AFP: Deal with Iran by Shell, Repsol could trigger US sanctions

cia leak
Washington Post: Fleischer Tells Jury That Libby Told Him About Plame

karbala in new york
3 Quarks: Centuries of grief

surge iranian style
NY Times: Iranian Reveals Plan to Expand Role in Iraq

bad new for "1938" crowd
That Stubborn Iran Pot Refuses to Boil
-- Tony Karon, senior editor, TIME.com

CS Monitor: How US is putting more heat on Iran


* Khamenei death rumor
* Ahmadinejad & Rafsanjani
* Only 70 virgins?
* Viagra
* Ayatollah Dinosaur
* Run! Ahmadinjead is coming!
* Tomato Revolution
* Modern poetry
* Iranian refugees in Moscow airport
* Hosing naive martyrs
* How Canadians have sex
* Islam knows how to put women in their place
* Single women in Canada
* Women are a mystery
>>> More
* Thirsty in Karbala

AP: Iran seeks to review nuke watchdog plan

Guardian: Nuclear plans in chaos as Iran leader flounders

you want chaos? this is chaos.
BBC: Iraq clashes 'kill 250 militants'

Mr. Entertainment

bloodthirsty losers
Guardian: They're broken men, so don't let them take us to a new war

tomato revolution
Guardian: Shoppers see red and President feels the heat over tomatoes

seda o simaye amrika
PBS: VOA adding 4 hours to daily TV broadcasts to Iran

sunday movie
Farhad Nabipour's videos
* From Persia to Iran -- Part II
* More by Nabipour

karbala bee karbala
AP: Iran closes border crossings with Iraq

loud and clear
BBC: Mass US protest against Iraq war

beesharafa, let them go
Herland: Three women's rights activists arrested in Iran

* Video: Ahmadinejad putting journalist to sleep

a child of iran returns
LA Weekly: Misadventures in the motherland
-- Nayer Khazeni

nothing new
BBC: Iran nuclear installation denied

hard to imagine
Watch: Iran "peace train"

come on canada, you can do it
CBC: Iranian woman living in Moscow airport seeks asylum in Canada

BBC: Chips push through nano-barrier

to yeki digeh zer nazan
Reuters: Saudi king says Iran putting region in danger

baby daddy
Video: Colbert Report on Bush Presidential library

spelling disaster
NIAC: What if Iran Suspends? A Western Dilemma
-- Trita Parsi

My new means of transportation :o)


the gods of war are deaf
AFP: UN nuclear chief calls for 'timeout' over Iran

without reservation
Reuters: U.N. condemns denials of Nazi Holocaust

shoot to kill … maybe capture
Washington Post
* Troops Authorized to Kill Iran's Operatives in Iraq
* Tehran's Influence Grows As Iraqis See Advantages

* Rafsanjani to pay a visit to Ahmadinejad
* They have exploited us for 2,500 years

he needs you
Support fund for journalist Arash Sigarchi

flooding heritage
Significant archaeological sites will be lost forever as Sivand Dam flooding begins this week: Persian -- English

peyvand khorsandi
Soul Bean Cafe: The tate we're in

baayad beravad? nemiravad
BBC: IAEA's Iran section head must go: Tehran
AFP: UN nuclear agency asks Iran to back off on rejection of 38 inspectors

gaamaas gaamaas
Guardian: Small steps, not giant leaps

killing softly
Guardian: Israel tries to soften up world opinion for military strike at Iran's uranium enrichment programme


* Only for peaceful purposes
* Iranian new rich
* Rafsanjani to the rescue!
* Continue the light

rest in peace
My Plymouth Neon died today. He was almost 10 :o(

Could be one of Jupiter's moons

spare us another tragedy like iraq
The Nation: Stop the Iran War Before It Starts
-- Scott Ritter

cool it
Reuters: Iran's Khatami calls for calm heads in nuclear row

* FarsiTube
* Report (Radio Farda)

marjane satrapi movie
NY Times: Persepolis: An Animated Adventure, Drawn From Life

maz jobrani & friends
LA Times: 'Sultans of Satire' plans to lighten things up a bit

shark bite
Guardian: Talk to west or risk disaster, says Rafsanjani

so let's bomb iran
CS Monitor: Scandals shake Israeli public's faith

right or wrong
Poll: Do you agree with President Bush's new policy on "containing Iran"?

iranians of the day
* Athena Uslander: Amazing entrepreneur
* Hermineh: Pillow Fight League

never missing a chance to make more enemies
BBC: Iran hangs four for oil city bomb

BBC: US Senate panel rejects Bush's Iraq plan

AFP: Israeli PM warns of 'severe steps' against Iran

afiyat nabaasheh
AFP: Iran supreme leader has bad bout of flu

ya ali
Berkleley, Thursday opening: Multimedia art exhibit by Ali Dadgar

not just rhetoric
BBC: Bush speech & the American hostility towards Iran

engage (read: bomb the hell out of) iran
Chicago Tribune: Taking the offensive on Iran

artsy smartsy

remember this?
Video: Jim cancelled

Did you see the film?

iranian of the day
BBC: Israeli president to leave post to face rape charge

to the memory of millions of victims
NY Review of Books: Statement of Iranian intellectuals on the Holocaust Conference


* Persian Peace Rug
* Reza pops the question about anal sex

cut him short
AFP: Iran MPs vote to hold key elections on the same day

pressure is working (but not fast enough for those itching for war)
CS Monitor: West's Iran plan shows gains. Will US stick to it?

who knows if they even work
BBC: Russia delivers Iran air defense missiles

good luck
Boston Globe: Making Bush listen to reason

wrong direction
LA Times
* Consul: Chaos crossing into Iran -- a flow opposite to U.S. claim
* Scant evidence found of Iran-Iraq arms link

open debate
NY Times: Debate Grows in Iran Over Nuclear Program

it aint gonna improve anytime soon
BBC: View of US's global role 'worse'

how low can you get
CNN: False report about Sen. Barack Obama's "radical Islamic" elementary school

YOUR solution to everything is bombs
BBC: How best to respond to Iran's bullish nuclear ambitions?

quiz +
* How refreshing
* Slowly, surely

can you imagine this in tehran?
BBC: Scores die in Iraq bomb attacks

bad move
AFP: IAEA in talks with Iran after inspectors blocked
AP: Iran bars 38 U.N. nuclear inspectors

Reuters: EU sets tough line on Iran U.N. sanctions

war games
Reuters: Iran's guards start wargame to test missiles

* Video: Jaagoozi
* Video: Conjoined twins
* Video: How fast can you strip?
* Video: Human touch or creepy car commercial?


* Save our children
* Escape: From and to Iran
* Western women and their tool box
* PLEASE find me a wife
* Who's crazy? Me or Canadians?
* I'm abusing religion or the mollas?
* Bats cut thru light

gorbeh nareh
BBC: Iranian cleric attacks president
BBC Persian: Ayatollah Montazeri warns against provoking U.S.

tick tock
LA Times: The clock may be ticking on Iran's fiery president
Chicago Tribune: Rumbles against the regime

wake up, george
Washington Post: Sixty-five percent of Americans disapprove of Bush

steve martin
New Yorker: 72 Virgins

LA Times: Financing terrorists is not about speech

arming iran
Wasington Post: U.S. Military Surplus Parts Illegally Find Their Way to Iran

cirque de nuit
Video: Clips from "Cirque Shab", a film by Majid Beenteha
* Shemr & Daughter of Persia
* Placing women on a pedestal
* Perfect woman
* Intepretation
* Introduction

welcome to baghdad
BBC: Extra US troops arriving in Baghdad, a day after 25 US troops are killed in Iraq

gorbeh nareh
BBC Persian: Ayatollah Montazeri warns against provoking U.S.

hesaabi tarseedan
Sunday Times: Iran’s strongman loses grip as ayatollah offers nuclear deal

shahrnush parsipur
Radio Zamaneh: "I'm determined to talk about my sexual experiences"

we'll get it back, one day
Reuters: Iran loses court battle over ancient carving

AP: Iran to conduct missile war games

rice sanctions
Reuters: Rice warns firms more Iran sanctions may come

teflon taliban
NY Times: Pakistani Role Seen in Taliban Surge at Border

why be nice to him?
Washington Post: White House Correspondents' Association dinner will be soft on Bush

* Tangeh Bolaghi archaeology conference ends in failure
* SavePasargad.com

* Video: What would you do if you face a mob?
* IRIB & technology
* Video: Pimp slapped!
* Video: Beauty and the beast
* Video: Giving the man UPS or CPR?
* Video: Tell the dog before you redecorate

make love, not war
CS Monitor: Iranians' love affair with America

He's probably drunk

internal report
AFP: Iranian lawmakers feared 'social upheaval' from sanctions

BBC: Hrant Dink murder suspect caught

a few good men
AP: Iran and U.S. Find Peace on the Mat

uncomfortably reminiscent of iraq
NY Times: Leading U.S. Senator Assails President Over Iran Stance

false urgency
Washington Post: Impatience on Iran Carries a Price
-- Jim Hoagland

count me in
AP: Activists condemn Iran Holocaust meeting

maybe in 20 years. maybe.
BBC: Redford demands U.S. apology over Iraq

they have a dream
Video: Iranian kids on Martin Luther King Jr

BBC: Well-known Turkish-Armenian editor shot dead

(Marg bar) American design

stay away from trouble
NY Times: Rebuke in Iran to Its President on Nuclear Role

stay away from (more) trouble
BBC: US congressmen seek to prevent Bush from attacking Iran

more sanctions
Reuters: EU seeks "fast, full" move on U.N. Iran sanctions

breaking public trust
AP: Ex-Ohio Congressman Ney sentenced to 30 months in federal prison

i just died
NY Times video: Art Buchwald was one of the great American humorists

khosh oomadeen
AP: U.S. Wrestlers Get Warm Greeting in Iran

good man
BBC: Obituary: Art Buchwald

mostafa tabatabainejad
Sacramento Bee: Student stunned with Taser sues UCLA

young pianist, old piano
Video: It's kids like Benyamin who make me proud to be Iranian

hold on, george
BBC: U.S. Senators oppose Iraq troop boost

Washington Post: El-Baradei Concerned Iran Sanctions

BushFlash: Thanks for the memories :o)


* Saving public Nazanin
* Brainwashing
* The rich & the poor
* Sexual freedom & prostitution
(1) (2) (3)
* And more

give it back
Telegraph: Museums face fallout in fight over carving

iranians of the day
Sadaf & Arash Saeidi Haghayegh: Down-to-earth marriage

thumbs down
AP: Iran's discontent with Ahmadinejad grows

internet censorship
BBC: Iranian bloggers on web restrictions

* Video: Boob tussels
* Iranian wet dreams
* Tehran's attractions
* Video: DUI confirmed
* Game: When you are angry with your boss...

BBC: Top Iraqi condemns US over Iran

nuke show
Reuters: Iran invites IAEA envoys to visit nuclear sites

Reuters: IAEA suspends some nuclear aid to Iran

olaagh... stop provoking them

Reuters: Iran president says Israel would not dare attack

Washington Post: Lost in the Middle East

screw marriage
NY Times: 51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse

NY Times: French Visit to Tehran Aborted

ocean of blood
NY Times
* 3 Bombs Kill at Least 70 at University in Baghdad
* Iraqi Death Toll Exceeded 34,000 in '06, U.N. Says

Tehran times

golden eye
Discovery: Ancient Artificial Eye Unearthed in Iran

23 other child offenders on death row
Amnesty Int: Quashing of child offender’s death sentence highlights need for urgent legal reform

war games
AP: U.S. bringing second carrier to Mideast

pull his chain
BBC: Growing pressure on Ahmadinejad


* Smile... The government is watching

We'll always have Paris

Reuters: Russian missiles delivered to Iran: Ivanov

AFP: UN inspectors visit key Iran atomic plant

he has my vote
Washington Post: Barack Obama Explores 2008 Presidential Bid

please resend
I've lost all emails received between 4pm and midnight Monday. Anything important? -- jj

sober view
MetroWest: No power behind Iranian president's nuclear threat
-- Thomas M.P. Barnett


take a break
* Video: Stand-up comedy: Hamid Mahisefat
* Video: Belly dancing

january 27
Peace rally in Washington DC
English -- Persian

will miss your laughter
Iraj Jamasb: Abadani friend

bezan bahaador
BBC: US flexes muscles towards Iran

sweet life
BBC Persian: Nazanin Fatehi acquitted of murder charge
Maryam Namazie: Nazanin Fatehi Acquitted!

Spiritual curves

* Nose job capital of the world (1) (2) (3)
* Born Moslem, living in North America
* Molla: I had a dream
* Threatening Israel (1) (2) (3) (4)
* Women in Canada: Masturbation
* And more
* Bush: More troops
* False nest
* 2007 phone

Guardian: All the signs are that Bush is planning for a neocon-inspired military assault on Iran
Reuters: Talk of Israeli strike in Iran shows risks: Rice

radioactive suicide
BBC: Iran presses on with enrichment

faaydeh nadaareh
NY Times: Opening a New Front in the War, Against Iranians in Iraq

sad axiom
New Yorker: President Bush’s way forward in Iraq

BBC: Hanging of Saddam's aides filmed

guilty conscience
BBC: Germany hopes to make Holocaust denial a crime across the EU

don quixote & donkey
AP: Iran and Venezuela plan anti-U.S. fund
BBC: Iran and Venezuela back oil cuts

AP: Iran leader's nuke diplomacy questioned

Open letter to conference for evaluating Bolaghi Gorge salvage operations
* Persian -- English
* SavePasargad.com

nothing is private
NY Times: U.S. Military Expands Domestic Surveillance

wild wild west
NY Times: Bush Authorized Iranians' Arrest in Iraq, Rice Says

Salon: Did the U.S. just provoke Iran?

hang it on your wall
Calendar: Children of Persia

* Video: What happens when you don't treat her right
* Video: Penis abuse: Do not try this at home
* Video: Free dental program
* Video: Making pancakes
* Cookie Monster
* Here's a pill for you
* Learn English in your sleep


send bush, too
Michael Moore: Dear Mr. President: Send Even MORE Troops

blame Iran
Guardian: President Bush's back-up plan

iranians of the day
* Safa, Noor and Yar Nick Samimi: Lovely kids (4 pix)
* Daniel James: Accused of spying for Iran
* Hassan Doostdar: Curious George (2 pix)
* Layla Delkhasteh: Cousin in London

growing alarm
BBC: Torn loyalties of Israel's Iranian Jews

isfahan disappearing
BBC: Modernity threatens Iran's 'museum city'


* U.S. & terrorism

speak out
NIAC: Tell Congress to Stop War with Iran

look who's taking hostages now
BBC: Iraq backs Iranians seized by US
AFP: Controversy erupts as US arrests six in raid on 'Iranian consulate'


* The Iraq Plan is Iran
* Bush's new way forward

Deep blue

CS Monitor: The US moves to confront Iran and Syria

* Video: Models falling
* Video: This gils can climb
* Video: Pepe Le Pew: For scent-imental reasons
* Saddam's cat


* BadApple Inc. shows off I-Ran

much ado about not much
AP: Iran's nuclear progress seems slow, puzzling West

blaming others for your failure
Reuters: U.S. forces raid Iranian consulate in Iraq

big deal
BBC: China defends Iran gas deal talks

silent war
BBC: Nato 'kills 150 Taleban fighters'

no thank you
Artuz Sheva: Iran's Jews Dismiss Outside Calls To Emigrate

metaphor for over-all disaster
New Yorker: Desolation rows: The execution of Saddam Hussein
-- Hendrik Hertzberg

canadian ham
Little Mosque on the Prairie

better not do it
AP: U.N. human rights experts say Iran plans executions of seven Arabs

vietnam all over again
BBC: Bush boosts troop numbers in Iraq
BBC: George Bush battles history with his new plan for Iraq

no immediate, compelling threat
Guardian: Neither sanctions nor bombs will end the Iran nuclear crisis

routine inspections
AP: U.N. Nuclear Inspectors Arrive in Iran

new rap
Changeez o Taymoor
* MP3: "Avaaze Chakaavak"
* MySpace page

old rap
Afshin Moghaddam's 70s hit
MP3: "Zemestoon"

Just another shrine

* Video: Bibi Mahvaareh :o)
* Video: George Bush and Condi Rice discussing international issues
* Video: Women: Know your limits
* Video: Unloading donkey cart
* Video: Angry sheep
* Video: One-night stand etiquette course

jimmy joon
IAPAC: Iranian American Poised to Become the Next Mayor of Beverly Hills

divaane zanjiri
LA Times: Maybe Israel should bust Iran's bunkers
-- Zev Chafets

nuclear nut
AFP: Iran conservatives scold fiery Ahmadinejad

davar ardalan
NPR: Between Two Worlds: 'My Name Is Iran'

happy birthday forough
ZigZag: Forough Farokhzad's 72nd birthday celebration, unfortunately by her gravesite

bank ban
BBC: US blacklists Iranian state bank

Not just any mosque

BBC: Iran smog 'kills 3,600 in month'
Guardian: Pollution threat in Tehran 'bad as huge quake'

iranians of the day
Shirin Ebadi and No Iran War campaigners in Washington DC


* Complete retards for president
* Jewish state of denial and...
* Eating shit vs. Serving shit

Washington Post: U.S. expected to slap sanctions on Iranian bank
Financial Times: Europe, US squeeze Iran on nuclear plans

i love it
Watch your favorite TV shows online

i use the google
CNN: Favorite Bush quotes in 2006

hi-tech toilet
Video: Amazing toilet at Chicago O'Hare airport :o)
-- Jahanshah Javid

iranians of the day
* Masoud and Shahnaz Garakoei: Swedes of the year
* Bianca Zahrai with Nancy Pelosi
* Esmail Astanboos: One of America’s last shirt makers
* Masoud Saman with Nobel Laureate
* Pari Sabety: Ohio's Office of Budget and Management
* Fruzan Seifi: Los Angeles-based actor

saddam's victim
Farzad Bazoft: Journalist executed in Iraq (4 pix)

did you check his brain?
AP: Iran's Ayatollah appears in good health

Not exactly Ferdosi

israeli copy
BoingBoing: Iran's latest 'net crackdown: mandatory site registry

to nuke or not to nuke iran
Jerulsaem Post: If Israel had tactical nukes, would it use them against Iran?
Spiegel: Is Israel Planning a Nuclear Strike on Iran?

recipe for disaster
Video: Three guys singing J.C. Fogerty's "Have you ever seen the rain"
-- Jahanshah Javid

BBC: Huge cost of Iranian brain drain

AP: U.S. Supreme Court turns down Iran opposition group's challenege to terrorist lable


* Iran & Israel wiped off the map
* Climax of American democracy
* Oh boy... whatta party!
* Edited scene from Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ"
* Shahnaz converts from Islam to Christianity
* Mojahedin Khalgh in Extreme Olympics
* 2500 years retarded in southern California


AP: Israel rejects report it may attack Iran's nuclear program -- with nuclear weapons
Bloomberg: Israel Denies Plan to Attack Iran Nuclear Facility

University of Delaware: Rudi Matthee's book on drug use in Iran wins 2 awards

good music
Kiosk's "Zorba Malayeri", is a big hit in the shabby parties of Tehran. The lyrics are a must and a updated reflection of life here.
-- NM Sharif

Sunday Times: Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran
Reuters: Israel has plans for nuclear strike on Iran: paper

showing balls
Reuters: Iran reformists slam government's nuclear policy

oy! let him go
AFP: Iran arrests journalist after meeting abroad


* Welcome to free, democratic Iraq
* Minor dictators
* Saddam's executioners
* Saddam's daughter

so so so so sad
NY Times: More than 3,000 Iraqis are dying every month in this war -- roughly the total deaths in the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center...

listen george, listen
Washington Post: Democrats Urge Bush To Begin Iraq Pullout

he's alive, unfortunately
Reuters: Iran says no truth to rumor of Khamenei death

* Khamenei still alive
* Police in fashion business

retarded threesome
Nasime Haraz: 16-year-old marries two girls on wedding day

no ally
Washington Post: China Advises 'Serious Response' by Iran to U.N. Sanctions
BBC: China seeks Iran nuclear response

davar ardalan
NY Times: A Woman Called Iran, a Refuge Called America

* Video: Where do referees get trained?
* Video: Prince Felipe of Spain's wife in Marilyn Monroe moment
* Video: French Muslims adjust hejab
* Video: Turkish beer ad: Drink sensibly
* Video: Helping hand from monkeys
* Video: His & hers got mixed up
* Mother of the year
* Video: Father of the year
* Learn how to fly... into a tree

more troops, more deaths
BBC: Bush revamps US military in Iraq

say goodbye to zaifeh
AFP: Iran women chip away at male political supremacy

Mother of all roads

hot & sour
BBC: Iran nuclear chief in China talks

take me with you
BBC: Amazon boss shows off spacecraft

New online-television network launched in California

state of fear
NY Times: U.S. Intelligence Chief Is Shifted to Deputy State Dept. Post

2007 hottest
BBC: World likely to experience warmest year on record

iranian of the day
Faramarz Khodayari: Markazi TV (6 pix)

* Bush & Saddam's shadow
* Dr. Know Zadeh: Turn your anger against your bosses
* Iran: Saddam's fate
* Iran 2007
* IRI hypocracy
* Hezbollahi donkeys
* You have money? Welcome to Canada?
* Poor people of Iran
* IRI: Stealing people's money
* What oil money could have done
* Palestinians & Iranian families
* Palestinian blackmail
* Black Rose

best iranian restaurant on the planet
Lala Rokh in Boston

count me in
CS Monitor: Atheists challenge the religious right

french fries
Jerry Ghinelli: France announced George Walker Bush was executed for crimes against humanity

keep your cool
AFP: Iran to launch production of industrial nuclear fuel

Kharchang ghoorbagheh

Guardian: Sex and shopping brings HIV crisis in Iran

multi bene
BBC: Italy urges global execution ban

open secrets
New Yorker: Enron, intelligence, and the perils of too much information

shame on you
CNN: Workers saw prisoner abuse at Guantanamo

NY TImes: Panel Seeks End to Death Penalty for New Jersey

Poetry translations by Maryam Dilmaghani

no moola
AFP: US to launch campaign to isolate Iran financially: report

pillars of the revolution
AFP: Iran parliament raises voting age to 18

double standards
Soul Bean Cafe: The execution of Saddam
-- Peyvand Khorsandi

New from S2A
MP3: March
MP3: Sarnevesht

you better believe it
CS Monitor: Will EU and US be tougher now on Iran?

BBC: $100 laptop project launches 2007

fashion police
Guardian: Fashion factor fuels Iran's Aids fears
BBC: Iran police move into fashion business

* Hollywood ... a suburb of New York?
* Video: Drunken airline pilot
* Video: Band & cheerleaer mishaps :o)
* The power of diamonds
* Video: Windows XP music

The better half

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