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Precious moments
June 29, 2007

Nine years ago
How did I, that shy, insecure, unambitious girl, get here?
September 10, 2006

Iranian with an American accent
Not "authentic" enough?
December 15, 2005

Thank you God
All I could say as I watched what is going on in the Sudan
September 17, 2004

On a path
It is about belief in the Love of God
November 11, 2003

And I run...
The ghosts that still haunt
October 21, 2003

Why make it worse?
It just bothers me that they don't try to make a better image for their own sake, for their country, and Islam
September 17, 2003

A realistic Cinderella
What I want is someone to share my incompleteness
June 24, 200

Searching for America
A terrorist wants you to be intolerant toward your own people
May 5, 2003

Addiction to food is costing me the real me
March 29, 2003

January 22. 2003

Walking down the streets of Salamanca
My life is a book, and I am the author
October 29, 2002

When is it enough?
When can we say, I don't need to wait for anything, everything I want or need is right here in this moment, right now
September 17, 2002

Perfectly imperfect
They make me want to be a better person
By Arezou Raeisghasem

I am not a virgin
July 2, 2002

They don't know
That little 12-year-old with all her insecurities is still inside of me
June 25, 2002

That's my religion
Maybe I should just say that I believe in the power of Love
June 2002

All I really need
is to be quiet, sit still, and read some Hafiz
May 2002

Not lost, forever
May 2002

No, I'm Iranian
And I am thankful for opportunities America has given me
February 7, 2002

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