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Five stars
General Minbashian (1915-2007)
July 8, 2007

My Lover's Glance
"Negahe-Yar-e Man" by Anvar
May 9, 2007

Where have all the honey bees gone?
The cause of the syndrome is not yet well understood
May 4, 2007

Wild world
No matter what his name is, Yusuf Islam, or Cat Stevens, his music still sounds good after 25 years
December 20 , 2005

Nature of friends
The best definitionI heard for a friend is in a story told by our 7th grade Farsi teacher in Iranzamin
July 27, 2005

April 25, 2004

Pay per preach
I don't want my tax dollars fund LA satellite TV stations
July 23, 2003

By Sepehr HaddadPriceless at a price
It happens all the time when a consumer
feels they can get something for nothing
May 2002

Love thy neighbor's dog
How to teach bad neighbors a lesson
March 13, 2002

Made in Russia
Another piece of crap
February 21, 2002

Give me a break
When countries act like schoolyard bullies
February 5, 2002

All or nothing
A nation of risk takers
November 27, 2001

For Bambie's sake
We have "culture shock" and we have culture shock
November 2, 2001

Modern pranks
Not funny
October 12, 2001

Matter of survival
I dread being recognized
September 27, 2001

Sepehr to Zip
Instead of Sepehr, I have been called...
September 5, 2001

What goes around...
Copyright laws, Iranian style
September 26, 2000

Princes of Persia
Interview with Shahin and Sepehr
By Bruce Bahmani
May 1996

 Shahin & Sepehr

Sepehr Haddad is one-half of the Shahin & Sepehr musical duo. He lives in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Top

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