Scuffle with Ali Daei

Fan insults sacked Team Melli coach



In reply to Amir Khosro Niyazi!

by Faghat man midunam! (not verified) on

For your information Ali Daie is part of the band that defecated on the entire country. He is one of them. He has got to where he is today being part of them.


Be patient, Ali will show them to us.

by Shyton (not verified) on

The story that I heard was someone in the crowd told Ali Daei that his wife has fake boobs. Ali got mad and told him neshonet midam. I hope we can see those peston too.

Amir Khosro Neyrizi

Very Brave Indeed...

by Amir Khosro Neyrizi on

I wonder if the brave "hamvatan" who wanted to "urinate" on Daei's Championship, would have the testicular fortitude to say the same thing to anyone in a regime that that has defecated on an entire country.

This is all to keep peoples' minds off of the real issues...


ابی آقا


شما خودتو ناراحت نکن. تا بوده اوضاع چنین بوده

از قدیم گفتن:

چنین است رسم سرای درشت

گاهی‌ پشت زین و گاهی‌ زین به پشت

ebi amirhosseini

Efraat o Tafrit...

by ebi amirhosseini on

Emrooz "Bot",fardaa "Boogh"!!.

So sad!.

Ebi aka Haaji


Ali agha?

by Souri on

Are you again kidding  us? You see Ali Daee very clearly at the beginning and you see him getting in the car while people outside are screaming and yelling at him. Ali Daee is the one who said : behet mifahmounam, hala mibini....(and that was translated into Persian just for you !!)

What is you can't see or hear? :-)



by Anonymous999 (not verified) on

The fan said: Shasheedam bh gahremaneet. Ali Daie should start a career as Lateh bee saro paa.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Which one was the "fan" and which one "Ali Daie", and who said what?