1965 home movies

Magid Tabatabai has converted his old home movies

Fantastic visit to yester year. Thank you Mr. Tabatabai for sharing something valuable and unique with the rest of us.

Isfahan, Menar Jonboon, Bagh e Shah, Shiraz, Passargad, Persepolis, 1965:

Isfahan, fun day at the pool, 1965:

Mehmooni in Tehran and trip to Italy, 1965:

Rex, Mansour and Farzin in Europe on their way to Iran, 1965:

Rex, Mansour and Farzin in Europe and Turkey, heading to Iran, 1965:

Year 1965, Rex, Farzin, Mansour, Magid, Farnoush, Soraya, Hamid, Horse play in the pool, baba Joon, Fereydoun Fire dance by Caspian Sea. Fereydoun barbequing Corn, Fereydoun taking a dump, mman Joon shopping for Fruit in Tehran Bazaar:


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Vraiment magnifique!

by Monda on

Dear Mr. Tabatabai, your wonderful collection of memories helps my loved ones here see how we had it as kids in Iran. And refreshed lots of my distant memories of life growing up in Iran.

My childhood films have been ruined in storage back home. Not that ours where as artistically done as yours, but I cried a lot when I was watching your clips here. I guess over the years I hadn't mourned enough.

My deepest thanks for your share.

Darius Kadivar

Magnifique ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Great Footages and testimony on Times Past ! ...

Thank God Films exists !

Again Merci for Sharing !