Fereydoun Farokhzad

Today is the anniversary of his murder

Speech at 1987 concert in London


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What a brave genius!

by Sassan on

May those who killed this giant! -- this brave mihan-parast -- suffer a billion bloody deaths in Hell! May those who ordered this hit suffer ten billion times worse every second throughout eternity! And may those officials in Paris who allowed this hit to take place suffer a billion times worse for being such cowards and slaves to mercantalism!


Please do Not forget him, his legacy and life!

by Yaadha on

I was 7 or 8 when I watched his first show, Mikhakeh Noghreii. My  family had heard about it coming to TV with much prior fanfare due to his name and family. I think he sang Shab boud biaban boud of Pouran's on his first show, followed by khoda hafez Ania and Pesaram on his subsequent ones. He proved himself as the showman of Iran, and true to his family name of Farrokhzad (with Forough before him).

I was facinated by him and eventually found out where he lived (on the third floor of an appartment in Amirabad with his big German Shepard dog.

I got the courage one day to go with another 12 year old friend(that's how old I was then) and ring his bell. He opened the door and treated  us so nicely and gave me a signed photo (which after 35 years, and thru three countries, I still have on my wall) and each of us a large signed poster as well. I left for europe at age 14 and on a trip back a year later I called him and he remembered me! Since I was there for only a few weeks in summer, I asked if he would take up an invitation to come to our home for a family lunch. I was so surprised he accepted and came over the next day with a large bouquet of flowers and delivered it to  my mother! I  was out of this world that day seeing him in person and at our house; I could not believe it! he then became a family friend and came over 3-4 more times before I had to leave for abroad. On my last day in Iran, he called  up my dad and said he'll come over to see and surprise me and to say farewell. His last word to me on that day was " Always think of politics as its inseparable from us".

Many Years passed, and then he came to US after the revolution when I saw him again. I can't describe the Good man he was. He was too too caring and too too sensitive of a man. He was the bravest of men  and knew what was happening. He stood up to threats, beatings (several ones) and much endangerments. He was generous but poor (compared to all other iranian artists with a tenth of his talents). He was a THINKER, a Political Scientist, a POET in soul and work, a Writer, an Artist of high caliber. Unfortunately, only a very tiny percentage of Iranians appreciated him or understood him. All they focused on were speculations on his personal life! What a shame indeed! Much much morecan be said but I wanted to remember him on this sad day when his young active life was so broutally and so savagely stolen from him anf from US. I wish we had someone who could make a true Biography of his life and short existence on this harsh world and time.

Lets hope his murderers and those other responsible henchmen do not get away with this dark heinous crime!

Let us not Forget Him;Ever.

Adib Masumian

A great man ahead of his time

by Adib Masumian on

God rest his soul.


nice person

by das on

he was living just 2 "koucheh" away from my parents house in 3rd floor of a building in north amirabad. i remember me and my friend who were 10-11 years old then went to his door rang his bell from dowstairs and asked for his poster he signed his poster and gave it to us. he was very polite with us.

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Farokhzad gave his life for Iran and Iranians!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

God bless his soul... One of the only Iranians who really understood everything from the very beginning and tried to inform, teach and advice Iranians of how to BE AN IRANIAN FIRST before anything else...

Shame on all those so called intellectuals (Iran haters...) who supported and brought an (IRAN and IRANIAN hating) Islamic regime with their backward and stupid mentalities and policies to rule and destroy that beautiful country and take us all back to 1400 years ago!!! I mean for the love of GOD, a donkey could distinguish how  backward, mentally unstable and dangerous all those and still these I.R. leaders and officials were and still are!!!

Swore to GOD, after 30 years of tyranny and tragedy in Iran and for poor Iranians, if we still don't learn and practice our own beloved culture, language and traditions instead of a horrible version of Islamic/Arabic, then we do not deserve FREEDOM! And we will remain slaves to bunch of Evil thugs and God Knows until when???

If all or at least most Iranians could just understand,accept and practice the most intelligent and wise words of our own heros like Rumi, Hafez, Saadi and etc. We would FREE ourselves and our country in very short time...

Education, Awarness and Awakening is the only Salvation for a Nation and a country such as ours to move forward...

Free Iran and Iranians.


who killed feraydoon

by farrokhzad on

First of all, I hope feraydoon can see what is happening in Iran today. THis is partly your "KEEN" feraydoon.

As to who actually killed feraydoon, it is believed to be one  Akbar Khoshkoosh, one of regime's hitmen.  SEe yesterday's VOA discussion (14 amordad) in which this topic comes up:


BY the way, this is an excellent analysis of what is happening in Iran these days.  

Also, see //www.farrokhzad.info/

Don't worry.  we'll find who did it pretty soon. 


maziar 58

bless his soul

by maziar 58 on

remembered him from nashville concert where he donated all his share for iranian kids captured in Iraq and ......

true Iranian and entertainer of our time.

down with IRI and its supporters.    Maziar


ای شرقی غمگین تو مثل کوه نوری


پرواز را بخاطر بسپار که پرنده مردنیست...

روانش شاد!


Rohesh Shaad

by SALTY on

He was a brave man and a good human being. He really loved Iran and Iranians


can anyone share pls?

by puss on

Cany anyone share who might have killed this open-minded Iranian man? I was a little young when he got killed. I heard they were IR but I think that it's not only IR that does not want any bright and opend-minded  Iranian man and woman exist at all.. I maybe wrong though.


This was sang by Freshteh?

by Abarmard on

Interesting. Years and years I have been chah chah her song in the shower without knowing it was her song :)

Thanks for the post.


Very few

by Cost-of-Progress on

Unfortunately, there were (and are) very few people like him in the Iranian public eye. He was ahead of his time, but people - culture - were not ready for him and his views. So, as it is normal with Islamic remedies, they killed him, cut him to pieces........After all, it says so in Ghoran that if you do not join Islam, i.e. the infidel and blasfemous, you can be beheaded and your belongings (wife considered as belongings) is "halal" to the perosn trying to convert you.

And this is the sick cult Persians have embraced for 14 centuries. May his memories live on for a long time.


god bless him

by shushtari on

a very brave vatanparast who was not afraid of these b$$$$$rds!

 another shahid in the name of freedom.....

i hope the khamenei gets to have the same done to him! 


What a passionate intellectual he was!

by Monda on

He will never be forgotten.

Thanks Ghormeh Sabzi for your time and energy in bringing us the best on youtube.

Darius Kadivar

Thank You Ghormeh Sabzi

by Darius Kadivar on

For Reminding Us of this Great Patriot and Talent.

God Bless him and Bakhtiar and all those who have lost their lives in the hands of the Cutthroats of the IRI Regime.