John Wayne in Persian

A clip from "Red River" dubbed for Iranian viewers


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دوبلور هميشگی


دوبلور هميشگی جان وين مرحوم ايرج دوستدار بود. دوبلور والتربرنان هم مرحوم مقبلی بود که جای لوئی دوفونس هم صحبت می کرد.
در اين فيلم مرحوم کاووس دوستدار برادر ايرج دوستدار جای مونتگمری کليفت صحبت می کند. کلیپ فوق العاده ای بود. مرسی بازهم بگذاريد.

Darius Kadivar

Cool Duke ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

WOnderful dubbers indeed !


Kheet...Mo-Aleykom...Namaze Meyet!

by Peykan on

The old generation of Farsi dubbers were masters of their own trade who could artfully add their own flavor and sense of humor to their assigned characters and by doing so, they could contribute to the superstars' fan base. In essence they could create another dimension that was added and not lost in the translation.

The gentleman with his husky voice who dubbed John Wayne movies and Charlton Heston (in the 10 commandments) is a remarkable example and a part of my childhood which I remember with pleasure.

Thank you Bahram9821!