Ali Larijani

Majles Speaker says protesters have waged war with "God and his representative"

Press TV: Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has denounced Sunday's anti-government protests in Tehran, urging punishment for "desecrators" of the day of Ashura. Condemning the protests, Larijani on Tuesday called for the "most severe punishment" for "desecrators" of the day. "Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) calls on officials at the Interior and Intelligence Ministries and the Judiciary to arrest the desecrators of the religion and to administer without discretion the most severe punishment for these anti-government individuals." In a symbolic move, Iranian lawmakers also staged a march at the legislative body in condemnation of the Ashura protests.


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Darius Kadivar

FYI/Manouchehr Mottaki issues 'punch' warning to UK Colleague

by Darius Kadivar on

Jahanshah Javid

Time's up

by Jahanshah Javid on

Larijani and the rest of these sorry Majles deputies have no dignity left. They are lashing out at a brave nation that has demonstrated their anger and disgust at their regime like never before.

Time is up for Larijani, his god and his representative who represent nothing but corruption and oppression like nothing Iran has ever seen in its history.