Khamenei's Moharram

Minister of Transportation falls asleep and others in attendance try to fake tears


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by pedro on

ای مردک ریشوی خرفت. دیدی که چطور پول زیاد کورت کرد. دیدی ک چطور خودت و زن و بچه هایت را فدای ک.... خر کردی. چه مقام و منصبی برای خودت درست کرده بودی.  تو و اون پسر بی عقلت بیلیون بیلیون پول اینور و اونور واریز میکردید. هر کسی  را میخواستید تجاوز میکردید، هر کسی را دوست نداشتید میکشتید، هر الاغ بیسوادی را وزیر میکردید. دیگه اخه مگه چی کم داشتی که اسرار داشتی  احمدی نژاد رییس جمهور بشه. دیدی احمدی نژاد دهنت را گا..... ای پیر مرد نادان. تو که زیرش ریدی، بذار ببینیم موجی جون ( مجتبی ) چه گهی میخوره. رهبر که دزد،  پسرش جانی و آدم کش، امام جمعه هم که سادیستیک،  بقیه دولتی ها هم تمام خایه مال دنبال پول، قدرت  و مقام، آخوند جماعت هم که مفت خور شکم پرست و بچه باز. چماق بدست هامون هم که عرب دلار پرست. طرفداراشون هم سرگرد، که کلمه ای 118 دلار میگیره توی ایرانیان دات کام نطق کنه. تعجب داره که ۳۰ سال با این ندونم کاریهاتون حکومت کردید. جل ال خالق.         

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I will never understand why he put his fate into Ahmadinejad

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

All he had to do was go ahead with Mousavi. All he had to do was be modest and let his son be rich, maybe not supreme leader. It is amazing to me that he let the regime go for Ahmadinejad. I guess even big monsters like him have the same weaknesses toward their children like other men do. 

But like most tyrants, he made the mistake that changed it all. Too bad. GET OUT!!! Thank goodness for these and other fatal mistakes.  

Darius Kadivar

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


Bunch of ARAB and losers crying for their coming misfortune

by monireh on

 They know that these are their last days and they finished. They cry for losing their battle. Soon we will be free of them and we will send them away.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

marg bar 3 mofsedeen khamenei,khamenei ,khamenei             Maziar


Re:THINGS that makes you go hummmmmmm

by rustgoo on

به یزدان که گر ما (شاه با) خرد داشتیم

                                              کجا این سرانجام بد داشتیم




Wyatt Earp

by Fatollah on

no mention of Rafsanjani's wealth! where was this list a year ago?



A brief history of Arabs...

by bahrani-bigdeli-mehmandoost on

Arabs should not forget this video, and have a full meal of mouse droppings first:





by Emil on

Looks like Khamenie is on Prozac...bye bye birdy...

Wyatt Earp

A brief report on Bank accounts of the heads of the Islamic repu

by Wyatt Earp on

This is the correct link.  




Wyatt Earp

TRAITORS and MULLAS of IRAN Bank Account Info in foreign countri

by Wyatt Earp on

Lets expose these bastards.  Look how much money they have stolen!
You think this is all for Imam Hossein.  Ya, Imam Hossein my ass!






by azadi5 on

I can't stop laughing at this clip. I wonder what Khamenei is thinking about. He seems to be in another world. probably counting the dollars he has stolen today from Iranian people.


THINGS that makes you go hummmmmmm

by sam jade on




Cruise missile....

by Emil on

Where is a cruise missile when u need one...

Shah/Monarchy, Akhond/Islam two side of the same crap...


I agree with Abarmard

by ahvazi on


30 years ago we were the fools to allow these sorry f***** to take over the govt. But no more please, please take this f****** ceremony and get the f*** out of Iran 4EVER! K**Nanatoon!

And whoever calls those brave men and women who are standing up to these Tyrants and getting kill "a sorry nation" take that person with you too!


We are not ruled by sorry bunch

by Abarmard on

We as a nation are a sorry bunch that have not recognized our position and possibilities as a nation. That's not all government's fault to take advantage of ignorant people. As long as oil has been found in our soil, we have not been able to get a hold of our land and live with respect and dignity.

Fortunately there are valid sings that we are about to change that. 

gitdoun ver.2.0

Kadivar ! very funny !!!

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

LOLOOL . that was hilarious !!

Wyatt Earp

G20 Leaders

by Wyatt Earp on

 What a embarrassment!  These guys run Iran & its economy.  Lets call them Iran's G20 leaders!


Sorry looking bunch

by farokh2000 on

It is hard to believe these sorry looking morons are running a Country with such a great History.

I am sure they would not be so sad if their own parents were killed.

They are either good actors or really a bunch of sorry looking losers.

Darius Kadivar

I loved Mohsen Rezaie's face ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

Watching him cry, I wonder if he is telling himself: "Shit How did I end up with these fellows ?"

Some Election !



Khamenie no longer fit to rule

by mannya2001 on

According to a news article in al arabiya, khamenei's personal security team advised him to make compromises with the reformists. he resisted and stated that he is ready for "shahada."

when the leader talks this way, he obviously cares less for the government and system. 

someone on satellite needs to tell khamenei that if the british foster rebellion, they sure also know how to make the leadedrs fall into trap or atleast bite the dust.


bunch of losers

by Benyamin on

their faces are all in off side!


One dumb Arab

by mahmoudg on

Goes to a fight he knows he can't win, with 72 other morons, make a strategic blunder, and we have to pay for his stupidity 1400 years later.  Are we surprised why we are still backward.  People, lets throw Islam into the dustbin of history and maybe then, maybe, we can re-enter (andi say re-enter, as we there there before Islam) thorugh the gates of civilization.


This maddah guys acts like we was there on the battle field next

by پیام on

Hosein when he got martyred. What khorafaat can do to a person.