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good fights

by Anoosh on

Anoosh Adell Fouladi 




Seen too much Bollywood movies

by statira on

This guy has seen too much Bollywood movies. He acts and looks like Bollywood actors.


very unconvincing

by Fair on

It would not make the cut for Bollywood, which already is all showmanship. Ok if you have lo standards and are bored.



All the crap cars in the back go like ferraris in the clip :-)

by choghok on

They have fasten up the movie. But he is good.


Aakh Chesham

by KB on

Sorry but this far too Bollywood.


A bit cheesy, but there is definitely some potential.

by پیام on

Especialy the cinematographer and the editor of the whole piece is talentful for sure.

Sargord Pirouz

street fighting soosool

by Sargord Pirouz on

Reminds me a lot of when I was their age. 

I like the soosool look. 

Good Taekwondo action. You know, we win Olympic medals for this. 


Where was he...

by KouroshS on

And those like him where the baseejis were beating people up. I hope he is not a baseeji!!



by yolanda on


     It is very entertaining to watch and the fight sequences are well-choreographed, but the fights are not convincing to me. The sound effects seem to be fake and get amplified too much!

All of them qualify to make kung Fu movies! Great acting! They looked very focused!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"

Multiple Personality Disorder

Too bad!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

At the end he threw away his green shirt.