Mohammad Nourizad

Pro-regime filmmaker, journalist, blogger arrested for challenging Khamenei and Judiciary

On December 20, there were reports that Mohammad Nourizad, filmmaker, journalist, blogger, and documentary filmmaker was first summoned and later arrested. He had written a letter to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in his blog in September, demanding an apology to the people of Iran. Most recently in December, he wrote an article in his weblog criticizing the new head of the Iranian Judiciary. He is being charged with “insulting authorities,” and “propagation against the regime,” according to Mehr News. Mohammad Nourizad originally wrote for Kayhan, a daily newspaper directly under the supervision of the Office of the Supreme Leader, but has distanced himself from it since the June presidential elections, writing articles criticizing government policies and practices on his blog. In his last entry on his weblog, he wrote that he had been contacted by someone from security police, summoning him for the following day at 8:30. He wrote: "I remembered his kind voice. He is the same guy who sent me to court last year for insulting the authorities. I asked him what are my charges this time? He laughed and said for insulting the Head of the Judiciary...."

Interview with Radio Farda in September, 2009, after publising letter criticizing Khamenei:


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Shifteh Ansari

More on Mohammad Nourizad

by Shifteh Ansari on

Maryam Hojjat

He is only concerned about Anghlab & Nezam!

by Maryam Hojjat on



what about the rest of the 29.5 years?

by ahvazi on


I wish these guys would be able to criticize the killings and the oppressiveness that has been going on for all these years.


محمد نوریزاد همان حر زمان است


عاشورای امسال روز پیروزی حق بر باطل - خون بر شمشیر - نور بر ظلمت - عشق بر نفرت - تجدد بر تحجر - وطن پرستی بر بت پرستی و آزادگی بر سرسپردگی میباشد

This year's Ashoora on streets of Iran, people will be united against tyrany of Khamenei and his wild dogs (Basij & Sepah)

Shazde Asdola Mirza

One by one the bricks of the IRI walls of shame are crumbling

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!

hamsade ghadimi

mr. "patriot"

by hamsade ghadimi on

i guess you missed the last line of my previous comment.  this man indirectly was a supporter of the khamenei, the basij, ahmadinejad until june.  the same goes for mir hossein mousavi khameneh, a former basij, who admonished his audience in kerman during his campaign because his supporters were verbally attacking the basij.  that was before june as well.  apparently, there is a new force (the military) that's trumping the old guard (clergy) nowadays in iran.

it is an honest question to ask where these people were when people were being tortured and killed before june of this year.  is it because they've been pushed out by the new force?  is it because they've become irrelevant?  not everyone living in iran has been supporting this brutal regime.  i'm questioning those who have.

when mousavi was asked about the mass killings during his time as the right hand man of the old president khamenei, he said that it wasn't his responsibility and these matters (killings) were in the hands of judiciary and not him.  guess what ahamdi is saying now about the jail and punishment that the protesters are now receiving in iran.  yes, the exact same answer.

still i think it's better late than never.  and please don't put me in the same group as yourself since you have no idea what i've done, what my family has done, and what hardships my family and i have  endured.  thank you in advance.


Many supporters of the

by Suomynona on

Many supporters of the mullahs are realizing their beloved chief mullah is an absolute idiot, and starting to distance themselves. Businessmen have noticed the handwriting on the walls. Rahbar screwed this up royally (ala the other royal idiot of 30 years earlier), and now the whole thing is collapsing.


This man is very brave

by Patriot on

Some people, such as hamsadeh ghadimi, are too far removed from Iran to know what this man has done.  By IRI standards, he is now deserving of death, as nobody who is in Khamenei's Kayhan camp goes over and joins the greens.

As for what took him so long to go to the other side, here's a man who has risked his life and family and career to go over to the other side and is now in jail for it.

What have you and I done for Iranians but to hide behind a fake name and an avatar, opining our B.S.? We should all do some reading and catch up with what is happening in Iran, or we run the risk of sounding like ignorant fools.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Iran Intelligence Minster "identifies" 80 dissident groups

by Darius Kadivar on

hamsade ghadimi

late blooming conscientious objector

by hamsade ghadimi on

add cannibalism to the crimes of this regime.  what took this guy so long to go to the other side?  well, i guess it's better late than never.