"Navvab" song & dance

Scenes from a low-budget 1972 film

I could spot actors Manouchehr Vossough and Hassan Razyani. Singers Nili and Mitra:


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Why black and white?

by irannostalgia.com on

Can somebody knowledgeable explain to me why these movies were in black and white?  I mean 1972 is not that ancient. In the rest of the world any movie made in the 70s would have been in color, so why were they black and white in Iran?

The other thing is , where they really in black and white or were they in color and the master got lost and the only preserved copies are in black and white?







bah bah

by Kareem on

Those were the times.




Bollywood, Iranian style

by ghalam-doon on

Nostalgic indeed!

I guess it was before nose jobs had become so popular.

And some people where paying 5 tommans to watch this trash.


I won't go that far

by MRX1 on

Abgoosht is our national dish, so saying some thing is abgooshty as a way of putting it down is kind of an insult. In any case movies are meant for enjoyment and providing relief and scape from reality.so in that context these movies did what they are suppose to do.


How do you say AB GOOSHT?!

by farrad02 on

How nostalgic! And how shallow!