Testing Regime's Grip on Tehran

Interviews Karim Sajadpour and Trita Parsi about developments in Iran

PBS: For more on the volatile situation in Iran, we go to Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian-American Council, a nonpartisan organization promoting Iranian-American participation in U.S. civic life. And Karim Sadjadpour, an associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace >>>


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Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on



Trita & Karim: Good Job - Critics: Be Ready for a Counterpoint

by MM on

I will email NBC, PBS, CNN and a few other news agencies who have interviewed Trita and Karim to see if they care to hear from some of the critics in this blog.  Please be ready on a moments notice as soon as hell freezes over.  Thank you.

Sargord Pirouz

trita and karim

by Sargord Pirouz on

I know that these sons of Iran mean well. But as analysts, they've become so biased that it's warped their abilities to provide objective, sound analyses.

Really too bad.

Karim's sore his friend is in prison, and Trita's role at NIAC has made him politcized, undermining his abilities as an academic.

I could point out the flaws in both men's arguments, but I know my views are unpopular here, so I'll spare y'all. 


Simply Put ...

by Humility on

The farce that we called the 1979 Revolution, is coming to a blissful End!

The Grass-Roots Movement that started six (6) months ago, is deliberately, and steadily undermining this oppressive regime - The hope of all freedom-loving Iranians, men and women, young and old, is to establish a Secular Democracy where Religion and Politics are totally and completely separate from oneanother!

Looking with great expectancy to that day :)




Dawn of a New Day is near!

by Khar on

Stay Tuned...


From a comment section of

by vildemose on

From a comment section of another site. I think it sums up Iranian's  predicment pretty succinstly.


"" It has always struck me how Iranians are highly articulate and intelligent, but their ability to put this into meaningful collective action is stunted by fear, suspicion and censorship. Having had some involvement with Iranian human rights and opposition groups, I’ve observed how quickly this weakness leads to mutual recriminations between people who have far fewer differences between each other than they have with the regime they are supposed to be fighting. In the end, this breeds factionalism and inevitable accusations that one or the other is in the pockets of VEVAK/Mossad/CIA/MI5/Shah/Satan, something that the regime exploits to the fullest.

It has made me rather pessimistic about the chances of street protests emerging into something more coherent that can both topple a very well-armed and fanatical regime and develop a credible alternative. The danger is that this will all fizzle out like the 1999 student protests, crushed under the weight of brutish state violence.

Desires for nebulous concepts of justice and freedom are not enough; every revolution needs a vanguard and Mousavi others are falling well short of providing leadership in the same way as Khomeini did when he took the opportunity to take control of what was a broad-based movement.

I feel the best anyone can hope for is a ‘reformist’ (my personal preference is Karroubi) government that can tip the balance of the political system away from the Supreme Leader and towards the Majlis and prise open a role for civil society. But even this will require a massive effort. At times the regime looks like a house of cards that can quickly topple due to its inherent contradictions, but it has persisted and endured major challenges.


 Maybe the threat of revolution can prompt gradualist moves towards democracy. Tensions will continue, but the regime may be forced into making a few concessions to allay the concerns of its more powerful critics – at the expense of those brave young people who spilled their blood under the green banner.




They will outlast us all....

by Zereshk on

Hate to break it to you guys...

This regime wont go down any time soon. It will take much more than a few shows of protest. This regime will stay in power, even if it has to kill thousands and thousands of people in the name of Imam Zaman, in one day.

This regime will outlive us all, for the very reason that some of us still appease it. The apologetics who still think Islam can rule, but also be democratic. For those who think sanctions wont work "because they'll hurt the people", as if the people arent hurting already. The regime is practically mowing people down with cars in the streets. Can they be "hurt" more?

This regime is more sag-joon than u think. because they kill people out of religious conviction. The Shah never had that sort of disease in him.


Darius Kadivar: Zowb shode dar velayate Pahlavi


ma ahle mashhad nistim Reza tanha bemanad!


I wished that either Mr.

by monireh on

I wished that either Mr. Parsi or Mr. Sajadpour would have mention about the Mullahs BIGGER SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS than the late Shah! The mullahs are taking our oil money and saving for themselves or donating to Hezballal and Iranian are trying to hold three jobs to make a living.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

The Shah's regime should have crushed the subversives in 1978-79

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

It's extremely disingenuous on the part of Karim and Tirta to equate the regime
of the Shah and his military might to the regime of the mullahs and
their thugs. The former should have crushed the terrorist movement by
the subversives in 1979. The latter is killing innocent people now.
Finally, the mullahs will not go and if they go they will take down
everyone with them! Hence, America should make it clear to the mullahs
that they'll resort to military action if the they decide to commit

marhoum Kharmagas

I am with old geezers on this!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Per Irandokh I am with old geezers on this,...., but it is ok. Personally I doubt if domestic lAsh khors leave anything for these guys...

This is starting to look like the comical version of 1979 tragedy!

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce


Darius Kadivar

Well if they behave, I think RP2 could name them ambassadors ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

in the future Provisional government.

With Respectively  Karim Sajadpour in Washington DC  and Trita Parsi in Stokholm ...

Is that a Deal ? LOL

But For That Trita in particular Should Stop being such a Party pooper by Playing it Solo. I would also advise him to learn  one or two things about his future King and Country before speaking nonesense !

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... BY DK

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... DK

But well apart from his silly comment on the Shah's "Brutal Regime", I would say the young man is progressing !



Future Grand Chambellan and Chief of Protocol of the Pahlavi Restored Court !




Thank you!

by IRANdokht on

Amongst a large number of Iranians in diaspora who do nothing of substance themselves but are quick to shoot down anyone who does, these young educated Iranians shine like the rare gems that they really are. Most of the older generation of Iranians abroad are just as uninformed and overly-emotional as they were 30-31 yrs ago...  These young men on the other hand, they make us proud.

Thanks to these young men who put their faces on TV and deffend the
movement and let the world know about what's goin on in Iran.

Thank you for the post and good luck to Parsi, Sajadpour and mellat-e Iran 



Enough of negative comments

by adj66 on

Do you have anything positive to say "redwine et all", do you ever say anything positive?. Stop criticizing others who in their own right are trying their best. It is time for all of us to put our differences aside and work together for a free Iran. 


If we can forgive

by masoudA on

Sazegara, Moussavi, Karoubi....... we can forgive Trita - as long as he proves to be acting for the interest of Iran and Iranians - without any further pussyfooting...... These are crucila times in our history and we need all the sane people on our side - for Iran and without pushing personal agendas. 

Good job to both Sajadipour and Parsi - keep up the good work. 


Red Wine

by ghalam-doon on

دوست عزیر، حق با توست. این آقایان با آن کت و شلوارهای اتو کشیده شان و لبخند های حق به جانبشان نماینده گروه هایی هستند که سال های سال به امید امروز نشسته بودند و حاضرند هر لحظه همانند بوتیمار رنگ عوض کنند و خودشان را با موقعیت وفق دهند. متأسفانه آن طرف قضیه هم جماعتی را داریم که برای بقای خودشان هرگونه جنایتی را مرتکب می شوند. خدا آخر و عاقبت این ملت و مملکت را به خیر کند

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

فقط خدا داند پشت پرده این گروه‌ها چیست که این افراد معرف آنان هستند،از کجا ایده گیرند و از کجا خورند،از که بد گویند و از که نیکو !!!

خداوندا دست ظالمین،خائنین را از ایرانمان کوتاه کن.



Bye bye IRI.

by Rashti on

Bye bye IRI.