My Iranian Paradise

Produced by the Danish documentarist Annette Mari Olsen who grew up in Iran during the sixties

Interesting. "From the film 'My Iranian Paradise' which is a film essay portraying Iran's relationship to the Western world. A portrait of a changing country from the 30s onwards, until oil began to tear the world apart and the Islamic Revolution erupted."


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My Iranian Paradise - Beheshte Irane Man

by shivaa on

the two directors statement about this documentary film essay is worth reading:


and this clip has english subtitles:



Paradise Turned into Hell!

by Anonymous! (not verified) on

People like this lady helped in turning Paradise into the Islamic Republic Hell!
"KhalAyegh Har Che LAyegh"! ENJOY!

So ridiculous the comments at the end...

by on

 They show a hejabi woman at the end saying that they expected that women would achieve equal rights with the reviolution (Khomeini).  Like how lady? When you went out supporting these rish-pashmis didn't you bother to think what "shar-iaa law" meant?

!! Unbelievable!!  So, I guess iranian shouldn't go around thinking arabs are stupid, because stuff like this is waaay more stupid. And the result speaks for itself.






by Alborzi (not verified) on

The Iranians here, are becoming like the Cubans, they do not accept the reality of current Iran and want to fight with a non-existing ideology. Iran has many issues and probably the worst is its exploding population,
even the guys who took hostages, all but apologized, there are many unfairness too, like when Israel (who never signed NPT) points to Iran for POSSIBLE violation.
Essentially, for better or worst, it is what is now so enough with bickering.


Annual time for forgiveness :)

by Lucky in Exile :) (not verified) on

Once a year this is the time when I remind myself of all the positive JJ has done over the years, and forgive his idiotic behavior of the past :).

I don't buy the "we just didn't know"

I don't know what's in East Palo Alto at 3:00 am on a Saturday Night either. . .but I don't go there hoping to find Mickey Mouse!

On the bright side, I am sitting in a high rise apartment. . .looking at the calm blue waters and smoking a cigar. . .and I can't help but think. . .were it not fro JJ and the revolutionaries. . .I would not have grown up in exlie, and I would have missed this fine cigar, and the amazing view that is before me.

So thank you, the soldiers of the revolution for a job well done. . .when your nephew is hooked on meth, and your aunt has died at a Tehran hospital from a misdiagnosis. . .remember. . .I THANK YOU. . .for accidently catapulting me into paradise. . .no really I mean it. . .:) cheers. . .and don't let the "tavarom and bee kari" hit your butt on the way out :)

Darius Kadivar

Any English Translation ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Some interesting footage there. If Ony we could have a translation of the comments for non Dutch Speakers ...


But Shah didn't let people choose any other way to correct teh r

by Iraj Khan bacheh tehran (not verified) on

Dear Kaveh,

But Shah didn't let people choose anyth8ing else and at teh end it was too late. right?

Yes, revolution is bad, but what if you have no choice. I accept that Iranains made some mistakes by not supporting Dr.Bakhtiar.


Only for the rich

by karim joon (not verified) on

I do respect Shah of Iran and at the same time I know that he made a lot of mistakes. I hate Islamic republic and I love Iran.

So, whatever I say is based on my interpretation, not allegiance to Iran's enemies.

The nice things showed in the clip were only for the rich, not for those who were living in slums around the cities. Right?


Grand Communist Illusion

by KavehV (not verified) on

The Islamist woman at the end reminds me;

Far too many still suffer from the leftist/communist illusion that revolutions are legitimate affairs that will bring justice and better human condition for all. Far and far from it, revolutions are and have always been criminal enterprises that destroy societies, their norms and structure by creating more injustice and suffering.

Unless, and until this crowed learns the truth about the criminal and unholy nature of human revolts and revolutions, there will not be a consensus, nor reconciliation about 1979 events in Iran.


Ey baba...

by Homayun on

Ey baba, again, such a film about Iran past and the revolution ?? How many times we should see such films, hasn't it  been talked about, discussed about enough??

We should be focusing on the present and the future of IRan instead...

Let's forget about the past. Old regime is gone, finito, tamam, bas, over...

Of course we should not forget the history lessons, if ever learn them!

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