Oh my God

Discussion about God and death on children's TV program




by BIKAR (not verified) on

if you believe in god good for you and when he is talking about angels , that is what god is talking about, children when they are born they are not Muslim, Christian or Jews , or..., they are only human , what the environment teaches them they learn and become). I don’t know where they got this French bitch to come on TV and teach the kids these B.S., and the host is crying like a ******.


Hardcore propaganda!

by Payam S (not verified) on

This is some hardcore propaganda aimed at not some poor children but some middle-class kids.

God this God that, The hell with you and god. And I bet the people behind the camera were laughing their asses off hard when the host told them to be quiet.

No gods no masters.


What a charlatan this guy

by disgusting (not verified) on

What a charlatan this guy is. He looks like a perverted sob.


What a nonsense

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

People actually watch this?!


be kodamin gonah???? ama

by kofri (not verified) on

be kodamin gonah???? ama khodemonim in yeki tofeli ro az koja avordan????


Parvardegara be omide tu

by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on

Parvardegara be omide tu
Na be omide khatabkarane roozegar (i.e. IRI)


First rate propaganda!

by farrad02 on

Aimed at brain washing the poor children!


akhe zahmat mishe!!!

by GodlessAnon (not verified) on

What the F#%&^#^k?!!!!!!!!!! I guess she hasn't heard GOD IS DEAD :))

You know what's even worse than all the shit they're talking about, and the fake host and the restless camera?!!! The cheezy bachground music which is a sample of the crap music people are into these days in Iran!!! A bastard mix of britney spears and ahangaran! (crap+crap=more crap!)

Mona 19

God is unknowable essence...

by Mona 19 on

God is too great and too subtle for our finite human mind ever to understand Him adequately... even if we say that God is the All-Powerful, the All-Loving, the Infinitely Just, such terms are derived from our very limited human experience of power, love, or justice.

"How lofty hath been His incorruptible Essence, how completely independent of the knowledge of all created things, and how immensely exalted will it remain above the praise of all the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth"


آهای مردم

حضرت ابولفضل (not verified)

آهای مردم یادتون باشه این بچه "ک...نی" وقتی به عشق هنرپیشه شدن از ایران زد بیرون و توی محافل ایرونی در غرب دیدنیش از قول من یه لگد بزنین توی "خ...یَش" و بهش بگین حضرت ابوالفضل (که من باشم) گفت، تو مسئول شستشوی مغزی بچه ها و جوونهایی هستی که از زور بی برنامه گی این "ک...شعر" ها رو تماشا می کنند. زنه هم که بیچاره کاملا معلومه بالاخونه اش از پیش اجاره بوده.



This guy is sooo phoney

by Anonymousmoi (not verified) on

Trying so hard to modernize Isalm but it just doesn't work.
In martikeh do roo elahi ghorboonam bereh. Elahi dast andar karane in barnameh ghorboonam beran.



by Iraj Khaneh Bacheh Tehran (not verified) on

Islamic Republic is chracterized by pretention and this is what they are. You can't change it, because if you change it it is not Islamic Republic any more.

There is nothing to be a believer, th eproblem is this nasty pretention.

The moderator is a pretentious "Gherti va Bisavad" boy. look at this video:



What a f***ed up show!!!!

by ahvazi on

What a f***ed up show!!!!

Ali P.

What a waste....

by Ali P. on

That's a 7 minutes and 28 second of my life I never get back...


cant you see even religion

by rastgo (not verified) on

cant you see even religion converted people closer to G-d than some of you


Irritatingly bothersome

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

I don't know which one is more annoying?
I thing the host but no the fat lady
no no the host no......


was there a 976 number

by Anonymous666 (not verified) on

was there a 976 number flashed on this video that i missed?

where do i send money?

i hope someone posts it so i can help her go on her journey....


هر گبری به پیری میشود پرهیزکار!



! جوونیات کجا بودی ننجون؟

در ضمن....وقتی میگی « غیرالمغضوب....» غین  اون رو باید از دم مخرج ادا کنی! آخرش و گفتی چی؟ لبم به یولت ؟ یا یولم به لبت؟


Is she French or German?

by mullah (not verified) on

Very interesting. Bless her heart.


Nice clip!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

This is a good sample of what you can expect to watch on Iranian TV. I must admit that the clip is not that different from what you get on evangelical TV channels in America and Europe. There are always strange people, who claim they have seen the light and say "magical" verses. I do not blame the lady. She is using the system and good luck to her. The young man on the other hand is simply an idiot because he is so fake and you can tell that every time he is laughing he restrains himself and acts like he is choking up. It is a funny clip but so typical of the garbage IRIB TV sells to its audinece on a daily basis..


با لگد بزنم خار...درشونو

رضا خان میر فایو (not verified)

آخه تورو به حرضیت عباس ببین چه خار ...بازی را انداختن؟
آخه آدم چی بگه....