Purim Story

Survival of the Jews in Persia as told by Rabbi Berel Wein

Fascinating story. I thought it was truly worth the 11 minutes to learn something. This year Purim is on March 9.


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"Persian rulers of today" ?!!!!...

by persianTrader (not verified) on

Since when has IRI become the “Persian rulers”? Just because our country is under siege, and we have been taken hostage by these hoodlums; that does not make them Persian rulers.


Story may be fictitious, but the message isn't...

by zach (not verified) on

This guy has a few posts regarding the historical problems with the Purim story, such as this one: //frumheretic.blogspot.com/2008/03/ahistorica...

But the bottom line is that the message of the Purim story is that in all generations there exist people who want to destroy the Jewish people. Such as the "Persian" rulers of today (not specifically the Iranian people).


How do we not get it?

by persianTrader (not verified) on

All the Jews know and celebrate every year their ties to the Persians and the Persian heritage and have been for hundreds of years now. I wish so would the IRI, the Hezbollah, the Basijjies, and all other traders to our heritage.


Just like an akhoond, he made it up as he went along...

by KB on

Ghesehayeh Khoob barayeh Bachehayeh khoob.


Purim "a fictitious story" by Britannica Encyclopedia, 1990(C).

by Anom Benyamin-1990 (not verified) on

I have a hard copy of The Encyclopedia of Britannica, published in 1990, under the subject of "Purim" it clearly says that "Purim is probably a fictitious story".

Now, the online version of Britannica, has exactly the same words by words as my 1990 hard copy version with the exception that "Probably a fictitious story" has been removed from the online version of Britannica Encyclopedia.

Also, if you have a copy of "The Cambridge history of Judaism by Louis Finkelstein", it also refers to Purim as Fictitious story.

According to Dr. Shojaedin Shafa in his "New Birth" (Tavalodi Deghar, Page 322) book, he explains the reason of the existence of Purim: "Purim is to tell Jews that they can be second class citizens of other countries while keeping their national identity and more importantly, not to deny their national identity".



by Benyamin on

I liked your comment Shamir that is funny.

I also believe this guy is crazy. the way he is talking about persians is as if they were all mindless stupid and drunk people. He is indeed crazy because in his own word, the persians helped them out of slavery and also apparently out of a plot to be wiped out and yet they were not because of the King of Persia. But he is making it look the jews did EVERYTHING themselves and Persians were LUBRICATED??? what a "GREAT RABBI" that is what he called himslef he is as radical as the mullahs in Iran. The mullahs changing stories about Islam and he is doing the same damn thing. I am just hoping Jews are just as smart as Iranians not to believe them both.


Seems to me

by Realist (not verified) on

If you say something "bad" or nasty about a Rabbi it won't get published in the Iranian.com or anywhere in the media, but you may say whatever you like against the Muslim Clerics. Why is that?


this guy is crazy

by Isaac Shamir (not verified) on

You noticed he calls himself a "great theologian". Esther was very happy as a queen and her uncle Murdakhai actually became a billionaire thanks to the king of Persia. Murkakhai later opened a huge pizza chain in Babylon known as MamaPizza. Esther ate so much pizza that at her midlife she was weighing close to 215 pounds. It's a long story....

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Khakham jan: Shalom (שָׁלוֹם)

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

دمت گرم که صاف زدی تو خالش!  هنوزشم، خداییش اخلاق و رفتار نحسمون شکل همدیگه هست.

ولی‌ یه نگاه به پرونده این خشایار چیزخل بنداز و بعد برو صفا کن.  نصف شاهای ما خل و دیونه بودند!  معمولا، پدرا با هزار بدبختی میساختند و پسرا میریدند توش.  مثال کورش و کمبوجیه یا همین داریوش و خشی جون، باقیشم تو پرانتز!


Tsion is a treacky Zion

by XerXes (not verified) on

Zions are always tricky. They will not show up where they might lose their chances to work along with those who they can "buy" their mind and "show" that they are friends.
Never under estimate Zions, they are running their country by having the most powerful country in the world bending backwards to satisfy their needs.
It's no joke. Zions know that they need those who sympathize with them so they can use them.
Know your enemy better than your friends

Zionism is terrorism.

Rabiis are worse than Mullas, they just know english better!



خاخام ژاکب (not verified)

هیچ ملتی برای یهودیها بهتر از ایرانیان نبودند! این کتاب الد تستمنت کلیمیها نصفش راجع به خوبیها و نیکیهای مردم ایران نسبت به یهودیهاس. حالا تو برو اینا به اقای نتنیاهو بگو! لا الله الی اله!!


Do you see? Do you see? bekhoshki shaans

by Mahmoud (not verified) on

What did I tell you? Listen what this guy says about Xerxes after what he did for them. Namak nashnasi ham hadi dareh khaakhaam joon. Maa irooniha dastemoon namak nadareh. be harki komak kardim az posht behemon khanjar zad. tof be in rozegar.


Who cares! I am not gonna waste my time watching prope-GANDHA!

by gol-dust on

by them. They caused all thesse hatreds around the world and they never loved anyone but themselves! Now they wanna try to braon wash us? He can get lost along the rest in the media! More division!


بازخواني اهانت به شيعيان در شهر پيامبر - ص

تهران (not verified)

دوشنبه شب مصادف با شب ارتحال پيامبر گرامي اسلام(ص) و شهادت امام حسن مجتبي (ع) هنگامي که عده زيادي از شيعيان شهر مدينه و شهرهاي شرق عربستان سرگرم زيارت قبور ائمه معصومين در بقيع بودند، مورد اهانت عده اي قرار گرفتند که معتقدند توسل به اهل بيت پيامبر و زيارت قبور آنها بدعت است.


Slaves and Queens!

by rainbowcountery on


tired old roles if not Slaves than Queens ...





حقوق فرقه ضاله - بهاييت

دادستان کل کشور (not verified)

دادستان کل کشور با رد ادعاي غرب از جمله آمريکا مبني بر تضييع حقوق فرقه ضاله (بهاييت) در ايران گفت: "جمهوري اسلامي ايران به هيچ جرياني اجازه نخواهد داد با فعاليت تشکيلاتي، غيرقانوني و غيرمجاز، امنيت ملي کشور را خدشه دار کند."

Shazde Asdola Mirza

All this guy's saying is: don't f*k with us, or we'll f*k u back

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

S.A.M (an official Khar Vazir)



by XerXes (not verified) on

Stupid rabii, instead of going out there and getting a job and work for living, sits and preaching bowl $hit like that to the people who are fool enough to listen to him


You maybe correct,

by Naysayer (not verified) on

But, this predates Islam, Christianity, and all the modern Middle Eastern countries.

The History of it is from the time of king Ahasuerus of Achaemenid Dynasty (Khashayarsha of Hakhamaneshian 550-333 BCE).

At the time, the Jews liberated by the Persian Shushanites (Sassanian) from the Babylonians were prosperous and rebuilding their destroyed temple in Jerusalem.

Nader Vanaki

Zion or Tsion Please Comment

by Nader Vanaki on

Please illuminate us with your knowledge on the subject.  I have a question to ask you once you post your usual brilliant commentary. 


Venezuela is democratic?

by Naysayer (not verified) on

You are the true son of IRI. You have learned when a dictator gets %99.99 of the votes in an election; it must be democratically elected leader.

The religious aspect of this aside, you cannot deny the history of it; it is not as ambiguous as the history of holocaust.

The History of it is from the time of king Ahasuerus of Achaemenid Dynasty (Khashayarsha of Hakhamaneshian 550-333 BCE), which predates Islam, Christianity, and all the modern Middle Eastern countries.

At the time, the Jews liberated by the Persian Shushanites (Sassanian) from the Babylonians were prosperous and rebuilding their destroyed temple in Jerusalem.


I thought the Muslims were

by nutcases (not verified) on

I thought the Muslims were crazy with their unbelievable fiction, turns out the Jews are even bigger nut cases!!!

PG, i am disappointed. Normally i enjoy your finds, but this one was SUCH A HUGE WASTE OF TIME.


Very Stupid.....

by Sialashgar on

 Nothing but Old Wife made- up stories.Get f#@=ing serious people.

This is why so many of us  hate each other,this baseless non historic

old wife tales.We're all one people under the same sky and on the same 



Old Propaganda!

by Payam S (not verified) on

This guy is full of it. He sounds like the backward mullahs who romanticized and told the BS stories of Ali, Hussein and Mohammad to the people in Masjeds. He is just another mullah with a biased style of story-telling with a fanatic purpose. His fanatic dedication to these propaganda stories is what actually prevents him from realizing the reality of today's world. This is why he ignorantly puts Hugo Chavez among dictators such as Hitler, Khaddafi, etc. If he had gotten his head out of his a** he would have noticed that Venezuela is perhaps one of the most democratic countries in this entire hemisphere. (Since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1998 that is). Stop victimizing the Jewish people.

No Gods No Masters (No Mullahs, Rabbis and Priests neither).



This is an old tactics....

by daiush (not verified) on

The Purim story might be the oldest instance of what Hermann Goring, one of the master minds of Nazim, was talking about:

Naturally, the common people don't want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship. ...voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.[42]




by bk (not verified) on



Nice fiction, invented to create bond amongst the Jews

by ramintork on

All people have their myth, the Jews are no exception.

This is a nice Romantic fiction embedded within the Bibles and therefore taken seriously by the devout. 

The 18th century Historians started questioning such stories when the age of Enlightenment let people ask proper questions.

For instance:-

A Banquet lasting 180 days, in 127 provinces!

Haman a non-Persian in an open minded yet still cast-based system is the Grand Minister

Xerxes a Zoroastian, allowing a complete destruction of one of the races of the Empire over their adherence to the festival?

This was probably invented to keep the Jewish people bonded even in places where they felt safe and protected by the Law, as the fate of an entire people could had turned under the rule of a half drunk king of a different dynesty or culture than those persians. It also created a Royal blood line for a strong charactered Jewish Woman, something that carried significance in the Persian culture.

The full analysis in this web site which is based on the 11th edition Britannica Encylopedia is even more interesting:-

... Mythical key can also explain Haman and Vashti, it is of no use. Jensen, now followed by Zimmern, is equal to the occasion. Haman, he says, is a corruption of Hamman or Humman or Uman, the name of the chief deity of the Elamites, in whose capital (Susa) the scene of the narrative is laid, while Vashti is Mashti (or Vashti), probably the name of an Elamite goddess. ...









Almost not quite ...

by Naysayer (not verified) on

His very folksy version of the Purim story is peppered with current analogies at the expense of some historical facts.

The story is from the time of king Ahasuerus of Achaemenid Dynasty (Khashayarsha of Hakhamaneshian 550-333 BCE), which predates Christianity, Islam, and all the modern Middle Eastern countries.

At the time, the Jews liberated by the Persian Shushanites (Sassanian) from the Babylonians were prosperous and rebuilding their destroyed temple in Jerusalem.



by ThePope on

Thanks Party Girl. I really enjoyed this clip even though I don't agree with everything TheRabbi says (i.e. King Xerxes the great wasn't a boozer! Or a "semi-alcoholic"; the term he uses...) 

As Maryam Hojjat has already suggested, the book of Ester in the Bible offers much more... and it's a fun read!
Esther is one of only two books named after a woman. Ruth is the other one. The book is kind of unusual (in the ORIGINAL version) 'cause God's name doesn't appear in it! This caused some early church leaders to question its inclusion in the Bible,,, BUT God's presence is clear throughout the book; with the purpose to demonstrate God's sovereignty and His loving care for His people. It was PROBABLY written around 483-471 B.C. (Esther became Queen of Persia in 479)  by possibly Mordecai (9:29), or maybe Ezra or Nehemiah because of the similarity of the writing style,, as some have suggested,,, although Esther follows Nehemiah in the Bible but the events are about 30 years prior to those recorded in Nehemiah.
All the action takes place in Persia, mostly at the King's (XerxesI /khashaayaarshaa) palace in Susa (Shoosh), the Persian capital.
A highly recommended read! Not only for history (Persia's) but also one learns to make a difference and act when the opportunity is given...  ;-)

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks party girl again!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I enjoyed the video.  The book of Ester is in Bible has more detail of PURIM.


PAyandeh IRAN