Carlo Venti: Vatan

Iranian-American singer dedicates Persian song to brave people of Iran


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Maryam Hojjat

Thanks, Carlo

by Maryam Hojjat on

for beautiful contribution to Iranian Hamvatan!

Thanks GS for posting.

Thanks Khar for bio of Calo. 


Carlo is one of my favorite

by Souri on

Yes, he is an Armenian-Iranian singer, yet to be discovered.

I love his songs. I have posted this one earlier:

but the best song lyric is this one:


"Ageh miri" from "Bavaram kon" albom

He is a very great singer.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

شهاب شهاب

Setareh Cheshmakzan

تو که ایرونی نیستی که اینطور هم تاکید می کنی ما ایرانیان!

توی اون پیامی که در باره سخنرانی مسیح علی نژاد توی سان فرانسیسکو گذاشتی زنان ایرونی رو عقب مانده می خونی و تعجب می کنی که چنین زن ایرونی شجاع و توانایی هم وجود داره!  در دیزی بازه و گربه هم طبق معمول تاریخی بی حیا.  این یکی که دیگه گربه هم نیست، از بوش معلومه راسو باید باشه!

ل وووووووو ل 


Thank you Carlo!

by shahabshahab on

Great song, lyrics, and video. Thanks for sympathizing with us Iranians.


Great Song and Awesome Voice...

by Khar on

But one correction Ghormeh Sabzi Jaan, if I may; Carlo Venti is an Armenian-Iranian and was born and raised in Tehran, please read more below:


Carlo Venti was born to a Mid-Class Armenian family in Tehran, the capital of Iran. At the age of 11 he started singing and playing the Harmonica. He also found that within his soul he would carry the passion for acting, and to travel a theatrical journey. Due to many circumstances he decided to leave his home land and travel through European countries to get to his destination...Hollywood. And so he moved to Los Angeles in 1992, and graduated from a few acting academies. After years of hardship he was honored by some major & minor parts in the film industry as an actor and a stuntman. Around his mid 20’s he would find out that his life had become a ring around the entertainment world’s finger. He would play the guitar and entertain his friends and relatives with his rather twisted rock and pop music. His voice was recognized by Bahram Amiri, a songwriter/lyricist, even though at that time he did not have the luxury to pursue his dreams; he still had the patience as an artist. Today Carlo Venti, Bahram Amiri, and Da-Chemist are working together to make his first debut album “Bavaram Kon” releasing End of September 2008. Carlo Venti is another example of someone who can achieve what they work hard for, he states “Nothing big comes easy, and so it takes many small roads to find the highway, but once you found it, all the hard work ends up being worth the sweat and tears”. Power Records Inc, a company that Carlo is very grateful to is releasing his album, and they are ready to bring the warmth of his voice deep into the hearts of people.

Organic NUTritionist

very pretty.

by Organic NUTritionist on

i liked it a lot.


  Universal decleration

by vildemose on


Universal decleration of human rights in Persian:


Ali P.

Awesome song

by Ali P. on

Ghormeh Sabzi jaan:

maa gofteem khodeh Carlo Venti baraamoon meekhooneh keh...!?

Baaz damesh garm.