Masih Alinejad

Iranian journalist

She has come to US, requesting an interview with Obama, against IRI regulations which bar Iranian journalists from interviewing American officials. She delivered a fantastic speech at San Francisco's Mega Rally last Saturday, and she was on fire. Here's her very powerful speech. Way to go, Masih! Her website: //

Masih Alinejad Speech in San Francisco from Behnam Nateghi on Vimeo.


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Kaveh Nouraee

American Dream

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Yet another incarnation in the seemingly endless stream of web personalities of the individual who has brought us such unforgettable characters as; John Carpenter (Numbers 1-4), Davood Banayan, Luigi Milani, Richard Tehrani, Cyrus Tabatabai, Jacob Cohen, James Smith, et al.


American dream is Ahmadinejad's dream

by Iran_e_abad on

American dream,

Do not be shy and change your name to Ahmadinejad's dream. You and the school thought that you represent are witnessing the last days of your beloved Ahmadinejad in office. Soon he will be flushed down the toilet of betrayers of our homeland, and go with him, the mentality that you and his supporters  represent.

Long live Iran, down with the betrayers of Iran.




You are our hero

by Iran_e_abad on

You are our hero, when you were in Iran and even now that you are among us.  Your speech was so energizing, eye-opening and powerfull that it makes the dictators shiver in their sleep. They are afraid of you. They are afraid of your honesty, courage and integrity. Steadfast. Be an icon of change and democracy for Iran and teach the betrayers of our country, such as Simin Royanian, how strong you are in demanding our basic right; Freedom and not even a penny less.

You have our support. Just keep shouting and fill the ears of the world about injustice in Iran.

Roshan Pourabdollah

a translation of her speech

by Roshan Pourabdollah on

As one of the organizers of the rally, I have to say we were sorry we did not have enough time to accomidate a translation.

here, however, is a link:




by IRANdokht on

What a powerful speech! Dorood bar shir zan Irani!


American Dream

How can you hear this speech and speak nonsense in the comment section? Would you like a translation? I'm sure someone has already done it, just google it.


Setareh Cheshmakzan

Shahashahab - مادر و خواهر تو عقب موندن، بدبخت ها؟

Setareh Cheshmakzan

"by shahabshahab on 

I am glad that we have people like her in Iran. We need many more. Very reassuring that unlike the multitudes of backward women in Iran, she is so outspoken with well-chosen words. Great speech young lady! Keep up the good work!".

تو یا سالهاست که ایران نرفتی و بی فرهنگ بار اومدی یا اصلا ایرانی نیستی و هیچ وقت ایران رو ندیدی که با این وقاحت  زنان ایران رو عقب مانده می خونی.  عقب مانده تویی بیچاره، نه شیر زنان ایران. 


Setareh Cheshmakzan

American Dream - thanks for the info :) LOOOOL

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

دست مریزاد به این کارآگاهی با با!  پس همینه که سلاح های اتمی صدام ذلیل مرده رو هم  پیش از بمبارون پیدا کردید (که البته این ایرونی های پدر سوخته از هرج و مرج استفاده کردن و اومدن همشونو بردن ایران توی قم قایم کردن).   من هم حدس زده بودم  که رنگ سبز رنگ اسلامه و در اذهان مردم ایران  اسلام و محمد رو تداعی می کنه ولی گفتم نه   نباید سو ظنی باشم !خوب شد که  پیش از اینکه ما ایرانی های  خارج از وطن بیشتر انرژی حروم کنیم، شما با این ذکاوتتون مچ این حقه باز ها رو باز کردی!

 ولی نفهمیدم آیا نگرانی شما از اینه که ممکنه مردم ایران  هم این کلک محمدی رو درک نکرده و گول خورده باشن خدا نکرده ، یا اینکه دارید فکر فریب خوردگان خارج از کشور رو می کنید که طفلکی ها شکماشون رو صابون زده بودن که این یه انقلاب مخملیه و وقت بر افراشتن پرچم ستاره داوودی؟

 راستی فکر می کنید که مردم اسرائیل و طرفدارانشون در آمریکا و ممالک پیشرفته و متمدن می دونن که ستاره دیوید علامت دین یهوده یا گول خوردن و خیال می کنن پره های هلیکوپتره؟

خواب دیدی خوش باشه عزیز!   

American Dream

The Cult of Mousavi

by American Dream on

The Cult of Mousavi has been created.  One thing that history must teach every Iranian everywhere and anywhere the Reform movement in Iran just prolongs the life of the Iranian theocracy.  For 8 years Khatami promised a lot yet, he delivered nothing.  Mousavi, the green flags and the yellow t-shirts down mean a damn thing.

It is high time that everyone wake up and understand that this Mousavi movement is a smoke screen.

It is high time that people know that the green flag hoisted up by Mousavi supporters is an Islamic symbol.  The color green was and is a color associated to the Prophet Mohammad's family and has been so for over 1380 years.  The color green was used for the Mousavi campaign because Mousavi is related to the Prophet Mohammad.

The Yellow T-shirts worn by these supporters is the color of Lebanon's Hizb'Allah.

It is high time to un-mask these people.



Thank You!

by Yana on

shad zee



I hope you guys mean the other Mehdi

by mehdi2009 on

I guess I have to change my username, as I think the Young women of Iran are the Magnificent flower of this AVALANCHE which will BURY IRI once and for all. These events must have made men like the other Mehdi shiver with fear, as he is a man so unsecure that he hates the brilliance of this wonderful woman.

As for the other Mehdi, it should be noted that he is entitled to his ideas (allthough twisted and outdated). Cowards and bullies always act the same way, once you stand up to them they will run to their mommies.

To even suggest that this Marvellous woman has any agenda other that freedom and equality is not only ignorant but completely misses the point.

Keep up the good work. The victory is close.


Salutation to all the Young Women and Men of Iran.



Former journalist died three

by vildemose on

Former journalist died three days after disputed presidential election

Reporters Without Borders is saddened to learn that former journalist Alireza Eftekhari died on 15 June, three days after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad"s disputed reelection. The exact circumstances of his death are still not known but we have been told he died as result of a cerebral attack after being beaten. His family was not given the body until 13 July.

Aged 29, Eftekhari worked for Abrar Economy, a newspaper owned by the Abrar publishing house, for five years, leaving in 2008.



She is marvelous..

by faryarm on

I met Masih at te UN gathering in NY. She came across as passioante and dynamic as she went around with a microphone getting interviews.

All I can say is,  Standby and watch, She will Soar...


Best Wishes to her 



I loved her speech -- very powerfull -she has my 100% support


One recommendation:

It would have been helpfull to speak in English or had a translator.

The thing is we need the international support therefore we need to speak in the international language.

We Iranians know what we want we need to convince the world what we need.





دمت گرم آبجی. خیلی خدا بود این سخنرانی


دمت گرم آبجی. خیلی خدا بود این سخنرانی


Very Nice!

by shahabshahab on

I am glad that we have people like her in Iran. We need many more. Very reassuring that unlike the multitudes of backward women in Iran, she is so outspoken with well-chosen words. Great speech young lady! Keep up the good work!

David ET

and what are you Mehdi:

by David ET on

A screen name with a borrowed icon. 

David ET

Masih : Daughter of Iran

by David ET on


I am doubtful but I sure hope President Obama meets her. It takes a courageous leader to do such thing, one that does not forget his roots and one who does not sacrifice the civil and human rights for politics as usual.

The cliché speeches are valuable if they are followed by actions such as meeting those such as the traveler (Masih) Messiah of Iran.  

Mr. President meet Masih. She is a reporter from Iran. It is your historical duty to do so!"




Mehdi is talking about Dr. AN and Kahmenei

by cyclicforward on

They are the ones with peculiar characters. Mehdi, we will overcome and defeat your evil ways. We will claim our country back once and for all. Only then you will understand.
It is heart warming to see how educated and aware the new generation of Iranians are. They make me proud every time.


lol....little mehdi

by Benyamin on

At least she is somebody, but you are a nobody, you are a criminal by association since all you have done is supporting the IRI.


Unbelievable! No wonder IRI wants to cover them up! scared of em

by gol-dust on

Wow! She is so smart. Talks without reading. This is the kind of women the IRI has to confront? No wonder they use force, since they cannot beat them with smart words! Go girl!

If we have women like this, there is no way Iran is going to stay like this for long! She makes me so much more hopeful about the future of Iran! These are the Iranian motheres? God bless them!Very inspiring! Future president?

tandis alizadeh

Amazing, Inspiring, Awesome!!!!

by tandis alizadeh on

Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless! 


What a Rousing Speech

by mehdi2009 on

The Adjectives to describe this marvelous speech are "Awesome", "inspiring", "Magnificent" and finally "Incredible". Women in Iran have been in the forefront of struggle for freedom and equality for the past 185 years. These young brave women along with Young Brave men of Iran are the ones who will finally bring the people of our nation the great destiny that they have been desiring for all of our history.

Be proud, ver proud of Masih, Neda and all other wonderful and intelligent women of Iran. Don't listen to "Nay Sayers" and morons who are still living in the stone age, because like their masters they are shaking in their boots. Victory is very close and within reach.

Salutation to all the Young Women and Men of Iran.



Great speech

by ahvazi on

I have read her blogs for awhile its great to hear her. She is a shirzan, like most of the iranian women today....


So funny

by Mehdi on

Her manerisams are actually a combination of the mannerisms of a mullah (especially the way she raises her hands for emphasis), a Mujahid-E-Khalgh/Cherik-E-Fadaiee (when she talks about blood, martyrs, etc), and a poet reciting a poem (intonation in her voice). I actually find it quite funny how her character has developed from these very different elements. But the whole Che Guevara mentality (revolusion-mentality) is very amusing to me. I actually think it is some type of mental malady. The individual sees a world around himself/herself, that is quite far from reality. Such individuals also see themselves as having absolutely no responsibility for the condition they are in - it is ALL someone else's fault (an imaginary evil entity). Quite peculiar.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

bar iin sheerzaneh iraanee!

I have a feeling, the next President/Leader/Queen/Supreme Leader/General Secretary of Iran will be a female.




(Not that there would be anything wrong with it!)  :-)



by Patriot on

Excellent speech. Enjoyed it.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Natarseem Natarseem Ma Hameh Bah Ham Hasteem !



 journalist, not a

by vildemose on

 journalist, not a lecturer, investing in words, this is who I am.  As described by Mir Hossein, a few scribbles on a piece of paper, now reading them with knots in my throat.
I am a traveler.  Just came from Iran.  The same country where, up until a few years ago, the gate keeper of a mosque could tumble the nation if he doubted ones belief in God, superiority of Ayatolas, and the prayers for deceased.  This gate keeper’s doubt could hinder one from going to school, having a job or living a regular life.  But today this doubt is changed; held by the very same nation questioning the result of the election and tumbling the government.  This is how our doubt stays on top of theirs.  They can’t hold a government, sell their authority or maintain their power.  Even though prison guards, they are incarcerated by our prisoners.  They are yet to deal with dead bodies of Neda, Sohrab, Masoud, Ashkan and other sisters and brothers who have been martyred over the past few weeks.  They don’t know what to do with them.  Up until yesterday we didn’t know what to do with the government, and now they don’t know what to do with us.  This government’s extreme dizziness is the result of our treasured presence in the election instead of boycotting it.  We voted and now they owe us in this struggle.  Without our presence the government would come to power with little vote but too big of a pride claiming a democratic election and selling it too expensive to the world.
I am a traveler.  Just came from Iran, The country where people experienced how the government forged kindness to people on the nights of presidential debates.  Right in front of Tehran University, Ahmadinejad’s supporters threw flowers at our face but just a few nights later the very same crowd targeted my sisters and brothers chests with their bullets and beat them up harshly with their batons.   They wrote letters to Imam Zaman and told him bogus stories just like their other lies.  They claimed they were not armed and we believed them.  As we were still in the voting precincts, they started breaking the law, one after the other: Closing the voting precincts too early, announcing the final votes too early, confirming Ahmadinejad as the winner of the election too early and before the final announcement of the Guardians Council, and recently announcing controversial Masha’I as the vice president too early and before the inauguration.  Wow, all this fury and rush!  What is it, if not a coup d’état?
I am a traveler.  Just came from Iran… the country of harmony!  Quiet congress making noise only against people; councils with no people involved; and on top of it a short president with our long boredom!  But from now on,  what is the harmony between a liar government and its honest citizens who trusted the voting polls?  What is the harmony between the crying mothers who have lost their children and crying politicians at the podiums?  Sohrab and Neda with my other sisters and brothers just had a short life but offered it to the Iranian in cry.  Their small pride, too, became the nation’s pride.
Just came from Iran… I am a traveler.  Maybe I am wrong.  I must say, I own Iran.  Those who are in power now are the traveler.  They are staying for a short time while spreading their reactionary, proprietary, us and them attitude.   Travelers are those who can’t tolerate diversity, other ideologies, dialogue, dreams, and no religions other than their own.  They ruin “non-compliant” mosques and praying locations.  Travelers make a big deal of a German woman’s assassination for wearing hijab, but in their own back yard they hide bodies of the executed prisoners in the morgues.   In their dreams these travelers think they own Iran.  They are ruthless, cruel; so cruel that they put people against each other and watch the fight of gladiators.  Well, we are patient; we will teach them hospitality and the manners, using the same broken law lose on their bodies.  Rules of the game are the same.  Struggle in the streets of Tehran: struggle of armed men with fire guns against people armed with their cell phones, struggle of gunfire against Allaho Akbar, batons and screams, tear gas and loud chants, struggle of lies against truth captured by cameras, national TV against Twitter, indeed a struggle imposed by the government and that’s why people are chanting in the streets:  “Struggle will continue as long as Ahmadi najad is the president;” continuum to the same slogan of “war until victory” during the 8 years of war with Iraq.
You ask what will be the future.  The answer is clear.  History took its path.  Election in Iran and its consequences were bitter sweet.  No more comments on the bitterness.  Just look at the eyes of the mothers who lost their children and the families whose children have disappeared, going from one prison to the other and one morgue to the other still looking for their loved ones.  There is a hole in our hearts.  But for the sweet part look at the whole nation that through a wise switch is now in fact governing the country.  Until not long ago every walk of life from women, youth, teachers, students, journalists, weblog writers and even ordinary people in the streets were afraid and felt drastically insecure as soon as they voiced their opinion against the government in public.  From now on, however, this is the government and the authorities that feel insecure when they see us protesting.  Ahmadinejad’s administration has nightmares of dissent.  Sepah, Basij and their intelligence organizations are even afraid of our silence.  They can no longer rest.  When the youth goes to the Friday Prayer, the elder in power have to pray for their supremacy.  They hire thousands of special task force groups, body guards, and anti riot police for the smallest event in town.  The house of power is insecure.  Feeling insecure is worse than insecurity itself.  These days, however, insecurity has moved from the body of the society to the body of the government.  They are afraid of Allaho Akbar and people congregating at the graves of their loved ones.  Authorities have ordered “No Allaho Akbar” and no congregation by the graves of martyrs.  They are even afraid of our mourning.  I am sure if Shamlu was alive and saw that our mourning is ruining the authorities’ power, he would write another poem


Wow. The symbol of this movement is already a woman

by oktaby on

But Neda was only the beginning. I was there on that beautiful Saturday but am impressed yet again. The Iranian women have already made history in the front lines of this movement and history of street protests. Looks like the next kaveh Agangar and Babak of Iran will be an Iranian woman. If this is a sampler, I can't wait to see the next woman leader of Iran show us the way to a bright future. If I were the islamic regime, after this, I'll just pack up, put my tail between my legs and get lost in history's garbage can.



by Khar on

Great speech, Thank you!