Iran in 1959

General footage

I don't know whether I have stumbled upon something completely worthless or a treasure chest! Look at these. They are newly released stock footage of Iran from 1959. There is no audio, but the images and colors are crisp and the subjects are fascinating.

* This one shows a ladies' tea party in an upper class home's yard:

* Tehran Aerials:

* Kurdish Girls:

* Farsi Typewriter:

* Shah of Iran receiving guests:

* Camel Powered Machinery:

* Qashqai Tribe:


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by Parham on

And for me, the second thing was they didn't work out or have liposuction in those days. :)

At least they knew how to pour the sugar from the tray...


Yes spot on ,, Parham , that

by Dana (not verified) on

Yes spot on ,, Parham , that was the first thing I thought of two .. ppl had better noses :--^)


farrad02: footagefile

by Peykan on

Apparently, the clips are being made available by a company, called footagefile on YouTube.

Company Profile: New York based Footage File Research specializes in film & picture research and clearance needs for documentaries, television, commercials and feature films. The Footage File Archive collection includes archival images from the birth of cinema to original high definition production. Additional services include DVCPRO HD production & editing, location scouting & permissions

I  assume you can get a copy without the annoying counter if you pay the fees!

To search their archive, go to: //


Great footage, but can you provide more information, please?

by farrad02 on

Great footage, but where did it come from?

You say these video sequences have just been "released"! Released by whom?

Is it from a private collection? Is it from government archives and if so, which government?

And the footage is ruined by the annoying counter right in the middle of the screen. WHy is it there and whoever "released" the video, could they "release" a version without the counter?



Correction: Parham

by Hassan Danesh, phd (not verified) on take on the nose is different from yours...
Mine is that if you combine the untrimmed nose with tact, class and high culture in great elegance and manner (slow motion instead of fast in hurry and in devouring), I bet you get the most attractive persons walking on earth winning even Monroe granted that the attraction big nose legend beauty dies early in life....

Yes! Mr. is all about class!

Darius Kadivar

WOW Ghormeh Sabzi Great Find ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

You Made My Day !

Merci Ghormeh Sabzi aka Party Girl ;0)


Tea party in Telemundo?

by darius45 (not verified) on

The tea party looks like the soap-operas you see in the Telemundo station.


Kissing hands??? No Swine flu those days

by shirazie (not verified) on

Nice clips.. Shah's stuff is like 17 century European kingdom courts


The Typewriter Clip

by Peykan on

Thanks GS for sharing this great find! It's interesting that the original footage was flipped over before digitization by someone who probably had assumed that Farsi is written from left to right!


Regarding the Tea Party footage

by Parham on

I guess you can tell there were no nose-jobs (and other type of "jobs") available in those days... :)