Mousavi speaks to Al Jazeera

Speakms about U.S. relations, Israel, nuclear technology, hejab...

Mir Hossein Mousavi, the leading reformist candidate in Iran's presidential election, speaks to Al Jazeera in an exclusive interview. He details his views on issues such as nuclear technology, Israel and the role of the religious police to Teymoor Nabili.


Darius Kadivar

IRI asked Journalists and Foreign correspondents to leave

by Darius Kadivar on

VOA announced that Journalists and Foreign correspondents are asked to leave the country.

Special Editions on VOA PERSIAN All day Long ...


Darius Kadivar

Hey Guys Does it Hurt ? ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Cheese won't work, you will need Butter !

Four More Years ! ... Noosheh Jaan !



If Ahmadinejad wins, what will happen?

by Benyamin on

I believe after what Ahmadinejad did and named names before millions of Iranians, things wont stay the same wether he wins or loses. On the other hand Rafsanjani and his gang wont be sitting and do nothing! I think Iran is going to be a dangrous place. I say that because at this point I just know the current government has cheated! how do I know this? well although Iran is no longer a tribal country but there are many that cast their vote that way. For instance: people in Azarbaijan usualy vote for the Azari speaking person if there is no one then they vote the one that at least has someone who speaks Azari or his wife is or something.  I know Mosavi is from Khameneh which is a village around Tabriz and he clearly speaks farsi with Azari accent. his wife is a Lor and Rafsanjani which pretty much ownes Kerman is a big supporter of him. By my calculations that counts for 6 provinces that Mousavi would win over Ahmadinejad and those are most populated provinces. So, this raises a "question" of how Ahmadinejad is getting the vote he is getting? who is voting to this guy? after all the long lines and so many people casting their votes how is he winning "overwhelming" majority of votes? I think if the IRI wants to cheat, they arenot good cheaters since by just a simple calculations I can find out the results are "not" real!


Ahmadinejad is winning

by Abarmard on

He seems to be the president. Well, four more years...


Can you smell the Coup d’etat?!

by Khar on

But the Social Revolution which has begun will go on... and on...



by secular on

No doubt Iran will gradually change which is partly due to the fact that Iranians are far more intellectual than their leaders...However, not sure how realistic or achievable these changes will be since it must be done within the context of religious laws!



by Abarmard on

Unfortunately some people have unrealistic expectations. Iran will gradually change but this single term won't be the ultimate shock.

Some of his policies will become realities after two years when Majles election takes place. At this time the majles is conservative and will fight him hard.I am still curious to see how thing play out.


Spoken like a true politician...

by secular on

"Police should not interfere with the private lives of people" OKAY! 

Not sure what in the world he means by this...So, is he trying to say: police won't raid "private" parties, and that gays and women can practice their equality in "private" yet follow the same oppressive laws imposed on them in public?   Perhaps, we should start singing kooombaayaa especially since he is planning to change the Religious laws by making us all equal since police can no longer interfere!


TALIBAN is a concern

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

Something that no one has been talking about the presence of Taliban in the region. They already have great presence in Afganistan and Pakistan, and guess which country could be next? At some level Iran and US will work together to address this issue. I don't think either one wants Taliban in Iran.


Dear Ali P.

by Abarmard on

"Cultural issues can't have a prescriptive nature"

He is referring to the idea that you can't inject an idea to a norm. A culture is not made by design but rather by natural development. He is referring that dress codes and moral police will not give the answer to make the society "healthier, Islamic" or things in that nature. Does it make sense?


Let People Be

by sarasepidzadeh on

Ali JAn

I think that is his way of saying that if people want to take their scarves off then the police can't tell them no - that there are personal rights and it is not the business of the komiteh.... he has disguised it in BS language but that is what he is trying to say...



ISara Sepidzadeh - All Things IRAN

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

What the hell does he mean by 'cultural activity'?

"Cultural issues can't have a prescriptive nature"?

Can someone translate this please?


He side stepped the freedom issue

by Mehrban on

He said (I could only hear the translation) that police should not interfere in the private lives of the people.  It is my understanding that this is exactly the stance of the present government.  He also said that the Police must not interfere in the cultural issues (whatever that means).  If for example madatory hejab is the law then its enforcement is a matter of law or is it a matter of culture it seems to me law and will be enforced by the police. 

This was a not a reassuring interview.  Sorry.