Nehzat Azadi: VOTE

Iran Freedom Movement encourages people to vote (against Ahmadinejad)


Darius Kadivar

IRI Apologists Enjoy Your Hangover After the Party ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Enjoy the Hangover while it will last after your Favorite Candidate's Victory.

AFTER the Partying ( without Alcohol), hugs and kisses of naive enthusiasm Comes the Hard Work: DELIVERING !

Good Luck !

As for the Gorbatchev Anology He Still ended up with a Coup on his hands and was expelled by another die hard communist turned capitalist: Boris Yeltsin.

History Never Repeats itself But it Does rhyme Often ...

EVEN with Millions of Votes for Your Favorite Candidate ( and his dubious past record) YOU WILL NEVER take away OUR LIBERTE DE PENSER !





This proves my point about Ahmadi-Nejad and Israel

by aynak on


Ahmadi-Nejad, inspite of his rethortics has been the best friend of Israel.  Which other country can go attack/massacare unarmed civilians destroy UN buildings ban journalist while it is committing war crimes and yet not get a simple condemenation?   Thanks to genius of Ahmadi-Nejad the best friend to Israel (and dont just take my word for it, that's what the head of Mossad said as well), not much has come in terms of world outrage against Israel.

Now by that token, if there is an insane person is representing Iran in U.N and elsewhere, simple logic dictates to change that if we can, which makes Mr.Kadivars stand an intriguing one.   Perhaps he would like Ahmadi-Nejad in charge?

The simple question that Kadivar (who was more outraged by Palestinain rockets than clear war crimes of Israel) and apprently now finds massive partiticpation so reprehensible (which will in all likelyhood result in Ahmadinejads ouster, if people vote):


What if Islamic Republic is still in power after 4 years?   would you want another 4 years of Ahmadi Nejad?   As far as I can see there are 4 very different programms each candidate has proposed.   It is time to critique the porgrams rather than boycott the election.




I find it...

by Mazdak (not verified) on

really interesting that some of the same people who have always whined about the opposition during the Shah's rule, or at least late in the Shah's rule, not having shown flexibility in trying to change the system from within and instead having opted for an all or nothing approach, now, reject particiapting in an election that potentially promises a Gorbachev like figure in Iran as the president. You are hyporcrites.

Fouzul Bashi

Good to know

by Fouzul Bashi on

Thank you Dr S.


Big Boy

Grumpy pants!

by Big Boy on

DK, I know you have a heavy heart and you're passionate about all that you say.  Most of the older generation exiles are the same, and it is okay.  But unfortuinately (for you and them), Iran has moved on.  Descendants of Qajar Shah are also looking to be Shah once again...ain't gonna happen.  Pahlavi...well, same story.

As for the exceptionally scientific poll you quoted here...well, you can base your arugement on that, it's fine with me.  On Friday, when millions and millions of Iranians vote in an effort to take back their country is what I'm looking forward to and looking to belive that change is on the way.

Good luck to you, to Pahlavi, and of course to the Qajars who will return to the throne really really really...any day now...soon.  Don't hold your breath!




Darius Kadivar

Big Boy WE (25 %) Beg to Differ ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Feel Free to Highjack Our Votes we don't really care about the IRI's Ballot Box's, or its distorted results BUT You WON'T Highjack OUR PATRIOTISM !

But since you want to play ball, I would simply observe the following:

According to the Statistics below 25% ( pending changes) of the would be voters dissagree with Your Assessment (albeit currently your majority):


With 18 % going to the other candidates that adds up to 43 % (against Moussavi) vs YOUR 57 % majority.

Which does not mean that the votes of Ahmadinejad, Karoubi or Rezaei translate as being against the Regime like what seems to be the 25 % who either are undecided or refuse to vote under these illegitimate and undemocratic conditions.

But then Your Job is to Convince them ... Not me !

Good Luck !

Also without Regime Change you will have to keep Your Arab Flag and I refuse to swear Allegience to this Illegitimate Symbol which has Highjacked OUR Patriotism and National Identity.







Big Boy

You ask the wrong question!

by Big Boy on

They are not voting against Ahamadinejad or the IRI.  They are voting FOR more freedom, more openness, and a better and brighter future for their country and they believe Mousavi (if he wins) can deliver.  Once again, you are a prisoner of ideology and simply cannot understand that Iran can and will reform from within and without R.P.  The sooner you realize this, the better you will feel about Iran and its prospects for a bright future.  Or you can wait for R.P., but you will be waiting forever and will be disappointed.

Darius Kadivar

Big Boy A Legitimate Vote to an ILLEGITIMATE Regime

by Darius Kadivar on

First Of All Let me say that I do not consider anyone who votes in these elections as traitors to their country. I simply say that I WON'T VOTE. And the Reason is that I Contest all together the Elections themselves, the candidates record as well as the Legitimacy of the Regime. You are free to think otherwise. But You are also calling for people to Vote. Fine its your right and I won't hold it against you.

HOWEVER I do and will question the SIGNIFICANCE of this eventual electoral Landslide the same way I questioned the SIGNIFICANCE of Khatami's election back in 1997.

I predict that there will be Big turnout in these elections and a Moussavi victory. To what degree only the Friday Results can say.

But as other commentators on this thread have also rightly noticed, If the condition for voting in these elections is to merely Beat Ahmadinejad rather than sanctioning the regime in its entirety, then I do not see the point of voting for Moussavi or any of the other two candidates who are standing against Ahmadinejad.

If On the Otherhand, Voting for either three remaining candidates is to sanction the regime, I am afraid that I won't find any slightest claim of such a kind in ANY of the Candidates programs or speaches or promises to date. None have questioned the Velayeteh Fagih or the secular separation of State and Religion in Politics. Given that people are asked to participate Only to beat Ahmadinejad then indeed I suppose that the only opportunity left for Iranians inside Iran can Only express their discontent with the policies of the past 4 years and Not on the NATURE of the regime itself.

So regardless of the victors or losers in these elections what matters is THE SIGNIFICANCE of THIS SHORT TERM VICTORY in Reality and Not in the Victory Speach of the Candidates or the Regime's Press in interpreting it. In otherwords what you will Not read in the Iranian controlled  Press is that the People did not vote for merely governmental change BUT for Regime Change.

THE FRIDAY VOTE will NOT be an ENDORSEMENT of Moussavi or anyother candidate other than Ahmadinejed, regardless of ALL THE PARTYING AND CHEERING he will get.

So here is my Question to You:  

Do you consider that those who will be voting for Moussavi or the other two against Ahmadinejad, are actually voting for Ahmadinejad's departure or for the departure of the Islamic Republic ?


The conditions underwhich these elections are run as well as the non democratic nature of this Chomagh Joo Regime will not allow the real choice of the people to be expressed. That can ONLY Be Done in an internationally supervised Referendum with ALL Political parties represented.

So When people are going to vote Friday what matters is to ask themselves this question which no one but they themselves can answer: Am I voting Against Ahmadinejad or Am I voting against the Regime ?

As far as I am concerned if I were to VOTE here is my choice:


Apparently Khatami who supports Moussavi has already given his answer: Democracy Yes, Secularism No !


Lastly Farrokhzad and Martyrs in General be it for or against the Revolution do not belong in Museums, They Belong to OUR COLLECTIVE MEMORY. They will remain Alive as long as we remember them for good or bad.

Otherwise their death will be in vain and History no more than the concept of nation and nation building would have any significance or justification.

In ancient Rome before crowning the Emperor they reminded him that he was Mortal ... 

Democrats or People who claim they are democrats should also learn to be more modest when it comes to closeting the past in a basket on grounds that there are no lessons to be learned from it or that todays generation is much smarter and alert than the previous ones.

To quote Steven Spielberg when he finished his superbe movie the Schindlers List:

"Each time an Old man or Women dies, The World loses some of its Truth"

Feel Free to Vote or ask others to do the same. I won't Vote and my Conscience is Clear regardless of the Results Friday !








by Anonymouswow (not verified) on


The same Nehzat Azadi, the same group/people way of thinking who supported the Revolution. Just as bad as MEK, they got the country in this mess.


It isn't as simple as that

by BK (not verified) on

Iran Freedom Movement encourages people is too simplistic and naive.

The inference here is that vote against Ahamdinejad (itself fundamentally the wrong reason to vote, i.e. against rather than for a candidate/ideology) and all will be alright. It won't!

What Iran Freedom Movement either chooses to ignore or simply cannot see is that the problems in Iran are not just down to Ahmadinejad. The problems stem from the entire system and hierarchy that inflicted the likes of Ahmadinejad as the country's president and gave backing to him.

The likes of Mousavi, Karubi et al are the instruments of the same fundamentalist, corrupt, self-serving and intolerant system that has made this mess in Iran. They pretend to distinguish themselves from the abhorrent AN in order to fool the people into believing there is genuine choice and alternative in Iran. Do not buy this.

We went through this exact same cycle before when this regime, after years of brutal oppression, gave us the smiling but totally ineffective Mullah, Mr. Khatami under who supposed presidency the oppression continued. Every time Mr. Khatami had the opportunity to stand up to the Supreme Leader and the rest of his gang, he backed down meekly and kissed the feet Mr. Khomeini. And in any case, who did the people end up with afterwards? That’s right, Mr. Ahmadinejad.

If anyone genuinely believes that by voting out AN and voting in one of the others Iran will achieve fundamental and lasting change in Iran, they are deluding themselves and are in for a major disappointment not to mention ignorant of history.


Kadivar, you act like a 5-year old

by 1L on

Big-Boy has asked you some legitimate questions, it seems like you dont have the ammunition to counter or debate and you resort to calling everyone "Hamas" etc. Pathetic.


نهضت آزادی زرشک

Ayatoilet (not verified)

نهضت آزادی ‌بيشترين سهم را در به روی‌كار آمدن اين سيستم ‌جهنمی‌جمهوری‌اسلامی‌و نكبت سيه روزی‌ملت ايران در سی سال گذشته داشت



by Anonyed (not verified) on

When a regime is FUNDAMENTALLY an ARABIZED FASCIST RELIGIOUS one, it would not mater who becomes president...

Wake up and smell the crap...


I wonder what Mosadegh o

by kofri (not verified) on

I wonder what Mosadegh o Kashani are thinking on donya??????


Funny stuff

by MRX1 on

IRI must have reached to such a desperate point  that it has brought out the old but reliable scum bag yazdi to lecture about virtues of democracy!!!! He constantly repeats the same none sense: if you don't vote you have no right to complain? what a bunch of hug wash, since when?  Now let say you do decide to vote, who are your choices? bunch of sheikh pashemdin who are few degrees left or right side of Ahmadinejad!  at least we know this cockroach.

Do us a favor IRI lackies and islamists: if and when you go to occupied Iranian emabssies and consulate in Evil western counrties that you reside at, vote for rest of us as well. This way we might end up owing some thing to you guys.


Thank you Big Boy!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

This website is filled with people like Kadivar, who live in the past. They will never change the regime, and are simply out of ideas. Don't mind them. Fortunately, although there are tons of idiots or users who support Ahmadinezhad, the general public understands the reality on the ground.

Big Boy


by Big Boy on

So the issue is my name?  I thought the issue was Iran's politics.

Like I said before I will never say you are reading from AIPAC speaking points or that you are on the Israeli payroll, because it is irrelevant to what we discuss.  However, anyone the disagrees with you, your favourite line seems to be "go pick up your passport from Hamas".  A rather sad and pathetic retort to discussion about Iranian politics.  One would expect something a little more intgelligent and a little more profound from the man whose picture is shown...but of course pictures can be deceiving.

I miss Farrokhzad too, he was a smart man.  His speaches and comments will one day end in an Iranian musuem as part of our history and heritage from a bygone era.  Do you have anything recent?  You do know what year it is right?  2009...please join us. 


Darius Kadivar

Big Boy Insults ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Where Did you see me Insult you ? I am simply stating the Facts ?

 You Are Just An ANONYMOUS ENTITY writing and taking no Responsibility for what you preach !

You were the one who turned it into a personal issue. In addition if You Want to Debate seriously. I am willing to do so politely if you wish Anytime.


Even MON Q is Brave enough to do so under his real name if not face.

You want to Stand for your Opinion DO IT IN THE LIGHT OF THE DAY !




Darius Kadivar

MON Q and Big Boy ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

You Two Make a Pair, Really I should say.

Keep them Comming ;0)




Kadivar, who has Alzheimers?

by Q on

You seem to suffer from not just Alzheimers but acute senile dementia!

At the same time you are saying people like Big Boy are powerless to affect change through voting, you are also saying the same people are responsible for electing Ahmadinejad?

How convinient. It's always everyone else's fault, while you do not have any responsiblity for anything.
roo ro beram!

Big Boy

Why the Insults?

by Big Boy on

Kadivar, we're having a discussion about Iran's politics.  No need for insults, no need to say things like you have alzheimers, or you're Hamas, and that sort of nonesense.  You must regain control of yourself.  In your picture you seem like a distinguished gentleman.  Your comments make you sound like a petulant child.

It's a classic and rather unfortunate Iranian trait.  If you disagree with someone, insult them.  Good thing you don't have any power, otherwise you would have, oh I don't know, have SAVAK throw me in jail and torture your Shah or Ahmadinejad (see, classic Iranian trait no matter who is in charge).


Darius Kadivar

Big Boy You Suffer From Alzheimers ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

YOU Invented Ahmadinejad ! 

He was YOUR CHOICE to begin with. You Guys Supported his Holocaust Denials and His Adventurism on the Nuclear Issue and in GAZA by Supporting HAMAS and YOU PEOPLE HAILED HIM  AS YOUR NEW MOSSADEGH


Or YOU Suffer From Alzheimers

Regardless of the Results in these Elections


Fereydoun Farokhzad dar London 1983

Down with the IRI !

Good Night,


Big Boy

Is Kadivar right?

by Big Boy on

Should Iranians boycott the elections and hand Iran over to Ahmadinejad and the future Ahmadinejads so things get so bad, that Iranian in Iran suffer so much, so conditions become so unbearable that Iran implodes; or should all Iranians ROCK THE VOTE for change?

I'm beginning to think Iranians will turn their backs on the Kadivar's of Iran and ROCK THE VOTE for change and a brighter future.

Parham, would you please tell the story about bed-wetting and how you summarized Iran and Iranians to a bed-wetter (your insights are a source of pride for Iran and Iranians all over).  Thanks.

Darius Kadivar

Yazdi Loves Kentucky Fried Chicken ! ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on



مفهوم آزادی


سه تا از هشت نفر از خاندان توسلی و مابقی متوسل.  فیلد مارشال گروهان  هم که یاد دوران سین جین کردنی که از بخت برگشته ها پیش از اعدام میکرد افتاده  و با همان لحن آمرانه میگوید اگر در انتخابات شرکت نکنی حق نداری اعتراض بکنی . بنازم به درک دبیر کل نهضت آزادی  از مفهوم آزادی.  


Ebrahim Yazdi

by 1 Hamvatan (not verified) on

Ebrahim Yazdi is a Traitor, He must be charged with treason.

Mark my word. Islamic regime is about to fall.

Therefore, before another terrorist organization try to fool the people again:

We must support REZA PAHALAVI- even if we didn't like the Shah.

That is the bottom line. 30 years of experiment is enough.


Please follow Ebrahim Yazdi !

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Pictures of Sanjabi, Mossadaq, Taleghani and Shariati, that's good one! Rahbar wants the same thing "sherkat dar entekhabat"! Be my guest, please follow Ebrahim Yazdi! Some people will actually not vote after watching this.

ps! who was the dame in the clip?


Darius Kadivar

Cheshmeh Ma Roshan Agha Yazdi ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


Ebrahim Yazdi at General Rahimi's Trial

The Freedom Movement of Iran (FMI, also Liberation Movement of Iran (LMI), ) is an Iranian political organization which was founded in 1961 by Mehdi Bazargan, Mahmoud Taleghani, Yadollah Sahabi, Mostafa Chamran, Ali Shariati, Sadegh Ghotbzadeh and some other political or religious figures. Despite being outlawed by the prevailing regime in Iran, the group continues to exist. The group's current leader is Ebrahim Yazdi, a former aide to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (the political leader of the Iranian revolution) who later became the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic for a brief period before falling of the Interim Government of Iran. LMI is one of the major parties in The Alliance of Nationalist-Religious Activists of Iran ("Etelaf-e Nirouhaye Melli Mazhabi-e Iran"). Musa al-Sadr was also a close associate of the movement and of its founding members.