Farda to miaaee

In memory of my father who used to sing it

This is a love song, Aghili's "Farda to miaaee", ("you will come back tomorrow"). My father used to sing it for me every time I came back to Iran after a long time. So, in his memory, I adapted it to the case of Iranians living far from Iran, and the the hope of their parents to have their children near them in Nowrooz (the Iranian new year).


Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Thank you! What a lovely way to remember one's father

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

I can't remember my father singing. He used to whistle and write lyrics.I was the one who used to sing.

You just reminded me of my father's wit. I once asked him what he thought of my singing and he said: "meslee bolbol avaz mikhooni - mesle bolbole derakhte nargil."


Funniest is that it took me years to figure out what he had said!

Anyway, thank you for the lovely song and the memory.

Happy Norooz


اینهم یه مدل دیگش!

حسین اقا، از سر پل (not verified)

عید همه مبارک:


My dad passed away two weeks

by me too (not verified) on

My dad passed away two weeks ago and this is one of the songs he loved when it first came out. It brings back sweet memories of all of us living in Tehran back in the early 70s.

Thank you for posting.



by Arashekamaangir (not verified) on

duste gerami, merci az tavajohe shoma. Akhare klip moshkeli ke shoma matrah kardin ro tadai mikoneh, vali agar Aghili migoft ke "farda to miaaee", va "pasfarda barmigardi", taraneh ziabaai khod ra az dast midad.!!!


Farda Ki miad?

by Irandost (not verified) on

This song, at the time was not so meaningful as it is now.
Really, farda tu miai?? koja? to the messed up country called eyran? ?? where every word that comes out of that government is a lie? where the government is the criminal?
No, I don't thing so...

Farda tu nemiyai, man ham nemiyayam...

One man left (Shah) and the whole world fell apart.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

This song was on all the time in my house. It brought back a flood of memories.

And tears to go with them.


Nice song!

by Anonymous44 (not verified) on

That is one of my favorite songs. Thanks for sharing with us.


one of the most memorable for me, ever

by Monda can'tlogin (not verified) on

Dear Arash,

My younger Dayi performs this song beautifully...this song brings back to me memories of our old family gatherings in Iran,...I have tears down my face just like every time I hear it0.

Thank you for sharing this with me!