Fardin sexy scene

From the early 1960's movie, "Mardi Az Tehran" (A Man from Tehran), starring Mohammad Ali Fardin. I think it was filmed in Beirut.


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I love this one

by jemsluis on


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Nudity or Sex

by keithff45 on

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Here is Sabah

by Valadi ya habibi (not verified) on


Fardin ,Fardin .........

by bj (not verified) on

what was that i mean the acting.She needed some acting lessons and typical middle east woman all her muscles not moving.I think our iranian woman are the most beautiful and sexy in the world.Fardin JAN i know you are gone but next time go with the iranian woman


Mr.atabak azam, Damet Garm!!

by farshadjon on

That was such a sweat response, man!

Damet garm!!

Mr. Danesh, just remove that PHD from your nick name, Dude! It is so weired, beh khoda!!




Her name is صباح



And she is a real blonde

Here is an old hit song ... Yes Beruit was a LOVE city and very nice place to visit ... a long time ago!


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Iranian men such suckers for the blondes, even the fake ones

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

S.A.M (an official Khar Vazir)


to Danesh Phd

by atabak azam (not verified) on

Fardin's eyes were not carrying a black circle around them. Black circle that you see around his eyes, that's a very fashionable pair of frameless glsses that he is wearing and it was popular in 2000 decade. The famous brand is called Opium.


* )

by Danesh, Ph.D (not verified) on

To protect and preserve the stars in and of itself is a religous practice for it is the treasure of the country.

Although you should not ask ladies for their age but see for youself this young star, like many of the other stars, who has been preserved to make sure the dust of time leaves no or little impact on one's fabulous skin that later on that can translate to factual cash flow fo the country.

But poor fardin at the age of sixty something looks like a zambie that has been overkilled over and over again with swallen eyes covered with blackened skin all over it and then followed even with more swellen nose for an utter distortion of the "Collective" image when he was a young handsome man as everyone remembered him--

Nothing is personal! It is all business!

After the fountain of youth at once!



by puss on



so rare!!

by facts (not verified) on

it's so rare!
this man was one of the most sexiest man i have ever seen!... not only sexy but so kind and gentleman..
is there more of such creature among Iranian men..?
all that beauty of inside and outside are gone... forever!


واقعا آقا ست,

عشق نگهبان من است (not verified)

واقعا آقا ست, یادش بخیر من که دانشجو بودم میرفتم تو شیرینی فروشی در میدون ونک, پنجشنبه شبا خودش هم اونجا بود , خیلی آقا بود مرد مردان


That was very steamy!

by Monda on

Party Girl jan thanks for the great finds that you post for us here. I had no idea women were allowed to touch men's bare chest, like that, even back in the '60's! 

Mr. Kadivar thank you for your share as well.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/فردين Fardin at Ali Tabesh Memorial Service

Darius Kadivar

"فردين Fardin at Ali Tabesh Memorial Service ... in 1992.

Fardin was one of the guest speakers. As you can tell he is not happy with the treatment of actors or actress after the revolution. Fardin passed away in 2000 and at his funeral, a crowd of over 20,000 mourners gathered to pay their respects

Ma Dareem Har Rooz Meemeereem !



روح این  مرد پر


روح این  مرد پر اوزه شاد  که قلب همه زنها را به تسخیر در اورده بود

Darius Kadivar

They Used to call Beirut the Paris of the Middle East

by Darius Kadivar on

Now I understand why ... ;0)

Those were the days when Hezbollah did not exist, No war on the frontiers with Israel and christians and muslims lived side by side with the Jews and other minorities.

All Good things come to an end don't they ?

Afsoos ...


Barbra Streisand oonja cheh kar mikoneh?

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

Anyway, I like Fardin's saro sineh; sufficient amount of pashmo pili :)


Arabi songs by Lebanese singer. Did Fardin understand a word?

by gol-dust on

Ajab filmayee boodan! High budget.


I loved Fardin!

by gol-dust on

I just liked him for him. Nothing to do w/actinng or singing, wrestling.