Farhad Mehrad

Documentary "Az Koochini Ta Paris"

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Ruhesh Shad

by verjik (not verified) on

Last week he was singing for us all the way back from shomal to tehran and I did'nt feel the passing of time. I have to thank Diana to take me to his Irvine concert, yadesh bekheyr and God rest his tired soul.


To Dear Farhad

by verjik (not verified) on

Last week we returned with Farhad singing from Shomal to Tehran, Thanks to my dear Diana for taking me to Irvine to his concert, yadesh bekheyr and may God rest his tired soul.

Adib Masumian

Roohesh shaad

by Adib Masumian on

Although I did not have the bounty of growing up in Iran in the 60s and 70s, I love Farhad and his music. Him and Fereydoon Foroughi are among my favorites.

Farhad was a strong and highly courageous individual. He spoke his mind through his songs and appealed to the people, and because of that his memory will continue to live on.

Roohesh shaad.


Farhad never dies as long as we are alive

by mirzakhan (not verified) on

When I was nine or ten, I "sequestered" myself with his LP in my Grandfather's "otageh Mehmooni" with the Gramaphone, I must have listened to his songs for at least a hundred times over and over again. How magical. He cetainly had a tremendous influence on all the 40 year old Iranian boys out there. LOL

I saw him in concert at the Place of Fine Arts in SF before he died. I am glad I made it to this concert.

What a talent. I miss him. He lives forerver in my mind.



by jaram (not verified) on

but one of contributor to Iran's missouri a pop molla or seyed.


Farhad lives forever

by Farhad e Javidan (not verified) on

IR was afraid of his influence (mahboobiat)among the youth and university students so the mullah shut him down regardless. Now all of his revolutionary songs really describe the suffering under the mullah regime and not the Pahlavi. That’s how I feel when I listen to his songs. There will be only one Fardad forever. listen to his songs:



Vaghean, Farhad beenazir

by A Fan (not verified) on

Vaghean, Farhad beenazir bood. Yek estesnah dar Iranian Music! Roohash Shaad baash.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

فریار عزیز، میگه:

Shazde Asdola Mirza


ای پدر ما که در آسمانی

نام تو مقدس باد

ملکوت تو بیاید

اراده تو همچنان که در آسمان‌ها ست، بر زمین نیز جاری شود

نان روزانه ما رو بده

و از سر تقصیرات ما در گذر

چنان که ما نیز دشمن خویش را میبخشاییم

... آخرین جمله نامفهوم است


Can anyone please write Farhads words from 3:12:00 ???

by faryarm on

from the last clip Can anyone please write Farhads words from 3:12:00 ???

What he is saying  is perhaps a dying man's open prayer....




Shazde Asdola Mirza

هنوز که هنوزه، نمره اش بیسته!

Shazde Asdola Mirza


بوی عیدی، بوی توپ، بوی کاغذ رنگی‌ 

بوی تند ماهی‌ دودی، وسط سفره نو

بوی یاس جانماز ترمه مادر بزرگ

با اینا، زمستونو سر می‌کنم

با اینا، خستگیمو در می‌کنم


Not for me

by Not for me (not verified) on

من هر دفع تصاویر آدمای وحشی‌ در حال انقلاب میبینم با آهنگ محمد به عنوان سوندترکش، به این فرهاد لعنت می‌کنم . صداشم مثل صدای یک قصاب هست . ضمنا آهنگ یو گوت ا فرعند مال کارول کینگ هست و اجرای جمس تیلور باز خونی‌ بود . من هیچ الاغ به این قصاب ندارم. ولی‌ شما ها باید خوشحال باشید که این قبرش
تو پاریس هست که اگر در تهران بود همون دوست آیه انقلابیش قبرش را خراب و خورد میکردند ، کمانجور که این کار را با قبر خانندهای دیگر کردند .


God bless his soul!!

by Alan Farvardin (not verified) on

I grew up listening to Farhad! What a talented artist. He had a class of his own! Dorood bar to ey honarmane azim! Noone can replace you!! LOVE!!

Cameron A. Batmanghlich

Honarmande bozorg.

by Cameron A. Batmanghlich on

One of the greatest artists in our time – and not only for Iranians.   He is in the same category as Tom Jobim, Gilberto Joa, Jacques Brel, Vysotsky and hell … even Astor Piazzolla (even though the style is much different) and many others. 

A very capable pianist … fully understood the magic of marrying lyrics with melody …   Yadesh bekheyr, az bachegi behesh goosh midadam.  Omidvaram ke in bache sosool haye ‘Quasi-artists’ ba dambooli dimbooleshoon in L.A. hadeaghal kami az in honarmande bozorg maanaye mooseghi va sher ro yad begiran … and stop polluting our ears and souls.Khoda biyamorzadesh.      

Shirin Vazin

Yaadesh Bekhayr!

by Shirin Vazin on

Yaadesh Bekhayr!


To Farhad e Mehrad

by Benyamin... (not verified) on

Sometimes, I don`t know which father to praise or which to be angry at!
Sometimes, I don`t know who to agree with or who to blame, for all that has happened to me and we!
But I certainly know I always praise and agree with Farhad e Mehrad. I don`t believe that Fahad e Mehrad is buried in Paris, I don`t believe he is alone, I don`t believe he is dead!

I know, I believe, he is still alive and well. He is still singing like a Gonjeshkaki any where and any time that any one of us sings along with him or listens to his songs he does the same with us he sings along.

He is still living in everyone of us who believes in him and his art and his believes. He is not dead in paris, but lives all over Iran.