Hague talks

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell interviews Clinton on Iran talks

THE HAGUE (Reuters) - A senior U.S. diplomat met Iran's delegate at an international conference in the Hague on Tuesday in a sign of tentatively improving ties after decades of hostility between Washington and Tehran. In a rare diplomatic exchange, the United States also directly gave a letter to Tehran seeking help to resolve three separate cases involving Americans, one a former FBI agent who went missing in Iran two years ago. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomed Iran's participation at the Hague conference on Afghanistan, which she proposed and personally had urged Tehran to attend. "I think the fact that they came today, that they intervened today is a promising sign that there will be future cooperation," Clinton said.



Iran equal phoenix

by Iran Sarbaz (not verified) on

Iran well stay - first regime of islam and how outhers they have to GO Iran well be the land of free Aegean.{payandeh Iran}


AIPAC & Israel don't want peace, they want domination!

by gol-dust on

Of course, US & Israel are desperate and semi defeated that's why they need Iran's help in the region. You have to play your hands right. We can be independent and free while we work with other countries.

We should not fight the world! Look at damn China! They hate americans, but they are using them to beat them in their own game! They trade with them, but they are going to be the most dangerous regime! I don't mean we should be jerk like china, but learn to deal with your enemy!

 Look at Turkey, they are not US pupet, but they work with them while they maintain their independence and prosper. That's why they call it politics! It is the game of evil minded people. You have to know that to be able to deal with them. It's skill, fox, dishonesty and art! Let's see what happens! Iran has been used all the time by US just to be discarded like a whore. I am sure Iran has learned her lesson.


Mutual Respect or Disrespect?

by Dariush (not verified) on

Same old ignorant attitude. we want this and we wants that and they call it reaching out for peace.
U.S. army has kidnapped several Iranians from Iraq and thousands of others from around the world and she doesn't say a word of their release.

U.S. openly allocated millions of Dollars to hire terrorists to kidnap, kill and blow up bombs in Iran and create chaos. Has U.S. stoped that? They speak of peace, but their action hasn't changed.

They apologize for Mosaddegh and congratulate Norooz, but they want to auction our heritage. Auctioning our heritage will only create more hate by all Iranians toward U.S., regardless of our different political views.

They speak of peace, but they are try to destroy our economy and industries.

Based on this attitude and history, speaking of peace is a typical lie to use Iran to fight the enemy for them. Once that is done and Iran is safely circled, they will not be leaving Iraq or Afghanistan.

We call this disrespect, not mutual respect!!!


Wait for it...

by KB on

There will now follow a series of negative comments from our zionist friends headed by "Prince Of Darkness" himself, Fred.