Mohammad Reza Khalatbari

Shines in Iran's 1-0 victory over Kuwait

Mohammad Reza Khalatbari is a pacy winger with good dribbling abilities. Came to prominence while playing for Abo Moslem where his goals and assists attracted the interest of several top league clubs. However , Khalatbary eventually signed for Zob Ahan in Esfahan and his good form in the season won him a call to the National Team. Selected for Team Melli squads and eventually made his debut as a substitute against Zambia in a friendly match in Azadi. --



He needs to practise his finishing

by OmidKarimi on

Daei could'nt dribble, but he could put the ball into the nett when it was a obvious goal. Karimi could dribble, but he missed alot of obvious opportunities.


He made it look so easy

by KB on

This guy has unbelievable skill. His pace, accuracy with the passes and dribbling is exquisite. He is a great playmaker and should be given the role of the team engine like Fabregas in Arsenal ..


Need team players

by shirazie (not verified) on

He looks great, however this is a TEAM sport. since 1998 team Melli has not been a TEAM. they can not put string of passes together.

Practicing together just 2 days prior to the Saudi or Korean game with the euro based players is not going to get it done.

I worry now-drawing Korea In Azdi??. The game with Saudi is a do or die.

Game will be shown on Fox Soccer Channel 7:30 am Pacific. Tune in and enjoy

Ali P.

What a player!

by Ali P. on

Another star born! 

Another impressive player was the Kuwaiti goalkeeper.

Thanks for the footage.


Aafareen ...

by Concerned-Iranian (not verified) on

M.R.K. is a great young Iranian Footballer who works very hard on the pitch and shows real Iranian Ghayrat for his country and people... I just wished he could have worn a true "Iranian Team Melli" shirt on!!!
May Team Melli Iran be qualified for 2010 World Cup with great future success...
Aafareen bar Mohamad Reza Khalatbari, Team Melli and Ali Daei for choosing him...