Photographing the revolution

Interview with The Economist

Hengameh Golestan and her late husband, Kaveh Golestan, walked Tehran streets, photographing the protests:


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by SALTY on

Every time I see pictures like this. I remember the old saying:

"keep Arabs well-fed, and Iranians hungry"

sadly, lately I am more and more convinced that there is a truth to it.


Invasion NOT revolution

by Bache Tehroon Forever... (not verified) on

Iranian people thought it was a party! Simple as that...

Ordinary ignorant Iranians demonstrated Yes. But it was just an excuse to be stupid and not go to schools and universities... Just to be a jack ass and have fun and be excited to create anarchy and chaos without knowing the tragic consequence... They threw some rocks, (and yes few even Got shot at with plastic bullets...) They yelled out some pre-made slogans made by CIA outside Iran , burned few tires, made sangars with sand bags & some Koktel Molotof with soaps, Benzin O fitileh that they never used anyway... Why? Because Shah ordered Iranian armed forces not to shoot the stupid people.... Meanwhile, CIA agents within Shah's regime and military opened the gates of all Iranian Military bases so the mercenaries trained by CIA and PLO previously in the western countries & also Lebanon ( Mullahs, Mojahedin Khalgh, Chereekhaye Fadaii, Todehia, Hezbollah, Sarallah, Pasdaran, Committe, basijis and etc.)to attack all Padegaans , take all the guns and weapons, take over the Capital and other major cities, declare victory for a fake and staged devolution on Radio Television for people all over the country and then right away Kill all innocent Iranians From Prime minister, Generals, officers and even Passeboone Edarehe rahnamaee va ranandegi bedoone dalil O dadgahe Ghanooni!!!

The rest you all know better! Any body (with the size of Gonjeesk for brains) by now has realized How badly Iran and Iranians got it in the past 30 years by all these I.R. criminals and their collaborators...

PS. Dameh Rajab O chanta bachehaye bahaale deegeh into garm...


Corruption redefined...

by Rajab. (not verified) on

Stupid arrogant egomaniac iranians fell for "corrupt pahlavis" slogan of deception to dismiss now-we-know decent shah, who reigned during the best days of iran in the past 200 years, and replaced him with the most criminal regime of iranian history. Even the shah haters and lovers of devolution and IRI cannot tolerate living under IRI anymore if they can run away and stage their propaganda from without iran. The same people who "were" living under their hated shah have no courage to take a sip of the soup that they cooked and live within iran.

Corruption is redefined by mullas:



Great times

by Ajam (not verified) on

What great pictures. Remind one of the solidarity and resolve our people demonstrated in kicking Shah and the corrupt Pahlavi dynasty out of the country for good and put the final nail in the coffin of monarchy in Iran. Great times!


Mrs. Golestan

by A1 (not verified) on

Does anyone have any information on this lady? biography?

I couldn't really be sure if Mrs. Golestan was being nostalgic. She sounded like she was which, if she was then that is really pathetic.

She didn't say why the soldiers shot at the demonstrators. Many of those demonstrators were breaking into businesses and looting, setting cars on fire.

As several people have pointed out here, those demonstrators got what they asked for.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Why don't you take a look at this documentary and then come back here and cheer IRI. 


Shame, shame, shame... 



Too bad

by MRX1 on

Too bad they are not protesting now to see them being killed by thousends in a day if not in an hour and then listening to islamic applogists justifying it!



by RBR (not verified) on

These morons wanted Khomeini....and they got Khomeini..!!

Darius Kadivar

Good Photos To Some but Talkh Memories to others ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Kaveh Gholestan was a Brave Journalist and War Correspondent who did his job and his photos are precious and part of History and our collective memory. I respect him for that and God Bless his soul.

As for his wife's comments well, I guess everyone has their share of the story. We all share a common history made by different memories.  

Fardin at Ali Tabesh Memorial Service


Hope both Fardin and Golestan are playing Takhteh and laughing at the comedy of Life and enjoying their well deserved place in Heaven and in our hearts and minds.




Marg bar Shah Marg bar Shah.....

by Sialashgar on

Dorod bar Maardom.Bravo the people of Iran.

Ya marg ya azadi.Freedom for me or death.