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Hate Islam

by savageislam (not verified) on

I hate Islam. I hate Mohamad va Al Mohamad. Persians and Iranians please read Quran in a language you understand. It thinks nothing of women. And the book is so dumb and savage you will wonder where is this religion of "peace"? It talks about killing, rape, stoning, murder , and some stupid stories that will make a 2 year old smile. Please Iranians wake up? In case past 30 years haven't thought you a lesson. Even with trying to persiananize Islam, it didn't work. the religion is just savage....just freaking savage....



by SarbazIran on

Javid SHAH.


With Shah we would today be seen as a superpower, a friendly and powerful nation with high standards.


Why the Shah left...

by Pars (not verified) on


You're intellectually dishonest when you say the shah created these tricks (torture and censorship). I hope you know better. Remember, liars are worst than prostitutes. Further, Hoveida was arrested, but he was allowed to leave during the last days of the revolution when all the prison guards abandoned the prison, and still, Hoveida remained in jail, thinking he would get a fair shake from the akhunds. What was he smoking?


As to WHY the Shah left? While he was in a New York hospital in 1979, getting treatment for cancer, the Shah was visited by a former US embassador to Iran and his wife. The Shah asked the former ambassador: Why did you, the US, why did your country abandon me? To which, the ambassador did not have a reply. His wife, however, had a question for the Shah. She asked, and this conversation is in the ambassador's book (Richard Helms) -- she asked the Shah, "Your Majesty, why didn't you stay in Iran? Why did you not fight for your crown?" To which the Shah paused and then replied: "A dictator gets his power from his ARMY. A king gets his power from his PEOPLE. What good is a crown that sits on a river of blood of the people."

In short, the Shah didn't want to stay in Iran at all costs and spill the blood of thousands so that he could save his crown. This is the exact opposite of the sheepishoo akhuns, who are ready to kill 65 million (the number of people in Iran who hate them) in order to stay in power.

Lastly, as to why the Shah did not reveal his sickness to the Iranian nation -- simple, as he said it himself, if he had revealed his disease, the West, he feared, would abandon him. In fact, there is some evidence that the KGB, through Tudeh spies, had found out about the Shah's cancer as early as 1976, and you can be sure that if the KGB knows something, the CIA does too, thanks to double agents. And of course, in the end, the Shah was abandoned by the West.


Dear "MRX1",

by MiNeum71 on

we don´t know what Shah thought during the 30+ years; also good people sometimes do bad things and bad people do sometimes good things. So we´ll never figure out if Shah acted for the best or in bad faith.

But there are these seemingly unimportant details which provide evidence: 1) His speeches in the USA and in Switzerland (embarrissing boastful and self-important), 2) enhancing the status of Savak in 1965(Nematollah Nassiri), 3) Persepolis ceremonies in 1971, 4) replacing all existing parties by the single party Rastakhiz in 1975.

Maybe he had a heart of gold at the beginning, but he turned to a paranoid and brutal dictator, totally out of control (interview with Kayhan, Tehran, September 10 1977: To those who are asking only for freedom, we ask, you want the freedom to do what?). Besides: Shah enriched his pocket, but it´s human nature not to be able to get enough (see present discussion about AIG managers).



Dear MiNeum71

by MRX1 on

I respectufyll disagree with you on a notion that shah did all those things for himself. I mean here is guy that works 12 to 16 hours a day for twenty some years. if it was all for him self,  he could have just done what many dicatators did/do in Africa for example, enrich his pocket and then leave  the counrty. He didn't do that. he did want to make Iran a better and special place and in some ways he did.

I agree with you that the land reform was not that successfull, but then again I never said the guy was god and every decsion he made was 100% correct. You may be right with economic stat. I do think his best years was from 1962 to 1973 becuase accroding to the info that we know now, in 1973 he finds  out that he has cancer. sensing the end will be coming soon he tried to speed up the development of which caused the ecomomey to over heat with the infra structure that was not capable to absorb rapid change  and the rest is history.......

I do think he made a big mistake by not telling the public about his ailement. He would have got so much sympathy from common men that it might have worked in his favor and disarmed his critics.


Shah Raft.......!!

by Ahmad M. (not verified) on

Whether it was a Revolution or a Conspiracy of west (mostly European union) to depose Shah as he was becoming a Menace to their economic future, People of Iran got what they wanted in 1979.
Shah returned to Iran when he was only 21 years old and saw his father sent off same way as destiny sent him off, 35 years later. This time by the wish of his people.
Yes..."Shah Raft".
On that day, Mansoor Khan at the office of the most circulated Daily newspaper "Etelaat" in Tehran was angry at the Press supervisor because the Lettering for the two words "Shah Raft" on first page was not large enough. 4 times he tried and got rejected, because it was too small..
Mansoor Khan, insisted it must cover at least Half of the page. "Don't you guys understand..!!!??. This is the greatest day in Iran's history and the day we our finally going to embrace democracy and the glory of Freedom of Speech. We need to write SHAH RAFT as large as we can. This is a historic moment."
A few years later, Mansoor Khan went on to publish his own newspaper and started to realize, there was more opportunity to criticize some of the policies of the new regime they had fought hard to bring about.
and 3 months later.....Body of Mansoor Khan was found with slit neck and and full of blood at a remote home in south Tehran.
In a campaign, many of the press community who were writing against the regime were mass murdered.
Shah raft......and...Mansoor Khan raft....!
He was so excited to publish the page with large letters ....."Shah Raft".
Yes...Shah Raft..and with that..Azadi raft....Respect raft....Ghoroor-e Irani raft....Sherafat raft.....and the only thing that remained....and still breathing...
Those who never realized what we really "Az dast dadim"
and they still "live in their Ideological captivity".
In Gooy va een Meydan.
30 years passed after you wished that "Shah Beravad" and now claiming he should have done something about it so, he should have not left.
In any case , he is/was at fault and we the people of "Iran" had no part in creating this mess. We, the Simple and easy believers.
Why don't you go now in the streets now and shout " Jomhoor-e Eslami Beravad"?
Ask what you have done for your country and not the other way around.
The 21 years old son of Reza Shah....did everything he could. And everything or anything we have is from his era.


Dear Ashamed80 and rest

by Pissed off Iranian (not verified) on

Seems we're thinking in the same frequency.
Same comment different mouths.

Iranian "ex-revolutionaries" still are giving us their excuses and bla bla's about how corrupt and dictator Shah was. This is "exactly" what western media's(particularly europeans) are gurgling through our ears for more than 3 decades(they always were, are and will be jealous of Iran-US partnership). They "still" say he killed "thousands" of opposition(back then they called it terrorists) and how many are tortured and killed by both sides in the name of terrorism these days?

Our beloved hamvatans still sticking to their bla bla's after 30 years and do not have the b.lls to admit that they committed the crime of the century.
You know why?
Let me whisper it; GUILT, ARROGANCE and BEING ALL INTELLECTUAL and now they believe everything has to have its natural and political course, while sweeping toilet floors in SF, NY, London, ..., or camp ashraf. Nooshe Jaan!

Everyday I say a prayer for those who brought us this hell, like; wish your offspring's offsprings keep tasting what we have tasted!
You're welcome.


Dear "MRX1"

by MiNeum71 on

I often come across your comments and enjoy them, and also because of them I don´t understand your THIS comment:

* Shah didn´t work to make some thing worthy of Iran: No, he did all those things just for himself.

* He was on top of the game, politicaly, economicaly and socialy: No, his landreform was a failure, he had no idea about the political, economic and social progres in Iran.

* He had great vision and aspiration for Iran but the society was way backward to underestand all these: No, he was stark raving mad and his great vision concerned only himself and not Iran, he even didn´t know Iran, otherwise he had known the backward Iranian society, and a good leader leads a team the way it can succeed and not the way he thinks it must work.

I appreciate your time and effort, but at least the facts should be true:

Economic improvement in Iran was dependent on Shah´s goodwill
(personal expenditure, military expenditure, widespread corruption). The Shah era problems were not the generic 3rd world country issues.

From 1975 till 1980 Iran's Human Development Index remainedstagnant at 0,569 (lowest limit for developing countries). This was quite an embarrassing performance (even today´s Iran has a better value of 0,777).

GDP per capita, annual growth rate in %:
1973: + 2,4
1974: + 6,1
1975: + 2,5
1976: + 14,0
1977:  - 4,4
1978:  - 10,4

Yes, he was much better, thousend times better than the IRI scumbags, for you and me and some others. But for many of the Iranians he was a failure, they wanted something religious-conservative. And maybe they got what they wanted, at least what they deserved.

The roots of the Iranian revolution were economic ones, the tools were political ones. Who could know, the promises of economic and political justice that helped spur the movement would remain unfulfilled ...



چی‌ بودیم و


چی‌ بودیم و چی‌ شدیم. افسوس که از ماست که بر ماست ( خاک تو سر همه کسانی‌ که خوشی‌ زد تو دلشون و انقلاب کردند).


Something called; KARMA

by Pissed off Iranian (not verified) on

Through this thread I've come across the following clip:
Worth watching. Professionally gathered. And sad.

If I was a Pahlavi, I definitely hated Iranians, because of;
Those who blindly participated in revolution,
Those who were against and cowardly sat home and did nothing to stop.
My coward parents and family all were against revolution but didn't take a single step, like the rest of Iranians. All action I saw was my mom participating in that one-time women demonstration( a thread was blogged about,few weeks back). Btw, I was 14 and enjoying the closed school. Adults seems were doing the same, I reckon.

Shah should be flatting the stupid revolutionaries; those who didn't know why they are exactly revolting(yeah I know; Shah! very funny)?
Back then it was fashionable being a revolutionary among uni trash intellectuals. All those who received thousands of toomaans subsidized high quality education and finally without realizing what exactly they're doing; hand in hand with some lashee characters, ro'zekhoons and traitors like Zahedi, back stabbed the guy.
Funny thing is, the very same revolution is torturing and executing the very same revolutionaries' offspring's. Nooshe Jaan.
This is called; Karma.



by ahmad80 (not verified) on

I love Iran and all Iranians, ama vaghan ridam too harchi Irani ke alan senesh hast 40-70...i dont think you can scan the globe for a more spineless generation by any race...ive never seen any other people give up a complete country to a bunch of thugs without even a fight...hala takhsire shahe, takhsire inglise, takhsire amricast, takhsire hamas bejoz khodetoon...aghalan too south america harchi bisavad bashan they dont go out without a fight, guerilla warfare or something...

maro negah, baad as 30 sal hanooz dombale inim ke ye nafaro blame konam...delam misooze chon aghalan u had the chance to live in a "free" iran, you got a chance to enjoy it, hal konin, ma bachehaye enghelab akhe che gohi khordim baad as shoma bedoonya oomadmim, vaghan fekresho ziyad bokonam badjoor hersam migire...khak bar sare hamatoon



by SHAHRAZAD (not verified) on




Shah Predicted The Revolution In His Speech

by Amir Khosro Neyrizi (not verified) on

As the late Mr. Hoveyda once said, something to the effect of "statistics in Iran is like a bikini, it never reveals what it's supposed to show!". The statistics that Shah rattled off in his speech were as accurate as they could be given the constraints at the time. What is interesting is that Shah listed the economic ills that would lead to his downfall almost three years later: the massive explosion in demand, hyper-inflation, etc.
Shah's so called land reform 15 years before this speech, caused the collapse of many small family owned farms which in turn lead to mass migration from villages to towns.

Shah's list of increases in agricultural output was mostly due to massive agricultural projects and agri-businesses, the majority of which were owned by his extended family and friends.

The village migrants having moved to the cities, due the collapse of small farms, kept their traditional and religious views, making them very vulnerable to Mullah's speeches.

This hotbed of religious fervor, higher expectations, increased demand, hyperinflation, no democracy and no avenue to vent, lead to the collapse of the regime. It wasn't the Mullah's or the mass demonstrations that lead to the Mullah's victory, it was the total collapse of the regime, its paralysis and inability to provide alternative solutions, adapt to the socio-economic changes and in short change its course. This inability to adapt to the changing world has been the most important, if not the single reason for regime changes in Iran in the last millennium

The only way to ensure we adapt as a nation to the changing world, improve economically and remain stable politically, is to have true representative democracy. Shah could have saved us all from this hellish nightmare, had he obeyed the constitution that he himself had sworn to obey and defend. The Senate and Majlis were filled with obedient and sycophantic technocrats who were more in touch with social changes in Europe than in Iran. Shah's ridiculous and maniacal idea of a single party (Rastakhiz) so called parliamentary representation was the final nail in the coffin for his rule.



by maziar058 (not verified) on

kaash that speech was made last week and we were still in 1976............
wasn't the world and our daily life a better place to breath ?
roohesh shad . the one thing these thugs accomplished foolishly was to make sure no generation will believe their karbala craps any more.


Ravan Shad Ariyamehr

by Iran Sarbaz (not verified) on

Durood bar ravne shad Ariyamehr Nang bar anIranian Anan ke khod ra Irani neshan midahand vali Doshmanand - Degar shoma ra mishenasim.


You are darling. I am so

by Parvin (not verified) on

You are darling. I am so sorry for the idiots of our generation. WE all owe it to you and the generations after you.


Marble :)

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

Table Rose

They came to me and they said
O sir what is that you are wearing in all white
White pants...
White Sweater...
And then a wide thick white scarf
Wrapped all around your neck like wide tie
Coming down long
All the way until few inches below your belly button
I said well in addition that they keep me warm
With minimal light clothing in windy cold day
It is actually a walking white marble stone
Waiting for you guys do some nice inscription on it
So latter on to be used as the carved up stone
To cover my resting place for the visitors
Or is it that too difficult for you too
So I must roll up my own sleeves to help myself

--Dr. Abol Danesh


Work ethics

by MRX1 on

He worked 12 to 16 hours a day for 25 years to make some thing worthy of Iran. Till he became sick in 1973, he was on top of the game, politicaly, economicaly and socialy. He had great vision and aspiration for Iran but the society was way backward to underestand all these. all and all he was one of the greatest king in the history of Iran. Roohash shad.



by ganselmi on

Just the fact that he acknowledges and tries to explain economic problems -- as opposed to the IRI officials who never claim less than presiding over paradise itself -- shows you that the Shah was not the brutal autocrat his enemies have tried to paint him as.


Why was Shah a coward

by Alborzi (not verified) on

I thought I had given my last word on the subject, but it seems there is a valid question about his bravery.
The reason he was a coward idiot, was the two times that he was challenged he escaped the country and would not dare to take on his opponents. He used really "undemocratic methods", like CIA deposing Mossadegh, like abolishing all parties and installing his own Rastakhis party. He also used torture and censor. (these are still being practiced today) however he was the inventor of these tricks. You have to be a coward to resort to these
methods. Also leaving people like Hoveida and his own loyal generals in jail to be executed the next day, is the ultimate idiocy. In the end anyone who abandons his people is the coward. ooo


To: ALborzi

by Abol (not verified) on

For years (or at least the last couple of years before your magnificant revolution) people like you, asked, requested, demanded, wanted, the Shah to go.

You wanted it, and expressed it by saying, yelling, screaming,shouting, your great Leader's famous slogan "Baayad barah".
The Shah finally said:"Fine. I'll go", and left.

Deev raft o fereshteh beh dar amad...
Our dear Imam came and did to us what he did.
Sh*t hit the fan and the rest is history.

Now, of all people, you, pedar-amorzideh, are coming forward,and have the nerve to bitch , and call him "coward Shah" for leaving?
100 rahmat be sangepayeh ghazvin...


Chera hame vaaisaadan halaa?

by GOTTI (not verified) on

LOL...baba ke chi beshe? Vaaris gereftan.


Thats the point

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The fact that you miss it is not the point. The point is that these dictatorships by nature are unstable. There is this Dr I work with from South Africa and all day he complains about how SA has gone to hell since they abandoned apartheid. By any measure Rhodesia (current Zimbabwe ) has done much worst that when it was under Ian Smith, but the measure is not why some one likes it, they are people who love Stalin and Hitler, the measure is if they are stable. Shah is dead in Egypt and his son does not dare to even travel out of USA. You are welcome for free education. oo



by ali33 (not verified) on

with all the 'problems' during his reign, he was head and shoulders above these bloody akhoonds....
i wish he had taken care of the treasonous mullahs back in 63....
gen pakravan saved that scum khomeini's neck, and he was among the first to be executed....that tells you what kind of looney overtook our homeland

javid iran


Lies were made

by AnonymousX (not verified) on

So many lies were made about the Shah. It was the only way to brainwash the people. Even now, more lies are manufactured by the same people who brought us the IRI.

In order for people to understand the Shah's services to Iran, one needs to study the details of the state of Iran in the 1920s, and how in only 50 years, from being among the top 15 most backwarded countries of the world, Iran became one of the top 15 economies of the world.

I don't understand why he just left though.

God bless Shah's soul.


Cyrus was freedom, Pahlavi was a child of Cyrus

by Hunter (not verified) on

Reza Pahlavi brought Iran from Islamic Dark Ages into modern world, and the mullahs made him pay too high a price for his patriotism. May Reza II save Iran from the backward falling of the revolution.
As for the "crimes" of the Pahlavi Dynasty, blame the British, the American government, and the Israelis. They taught SAVAK to be inhuman more than the mongels, while telling Shah these things were necessary. Then they used what they had done to work against Shah.
Why should I learn to live with Islamic Republic? How may revolutionaries were Palistine imports, Arabs, and CIA and not children of Cyrus?


I want dictatorship

by A1 (not verified) on

If that was dictatorship, then PLEASE bring it back.

Shaha sepas.

Rouhat shaad.



by Alborzi (not verified) on

This is interesting. People like Hitler, Napoleon, ... have had grandiose dreams , there was even this guy in the bible who built the structure to sky, thats what the dictators do. The thing to ask is where the hell is he now, what happened to his "mein kompf"? He built his dictatorship on lawlessnes (ignoring even his own laws and constitution), suppression (closing the papers, banning books), torture ... . The guys now are just following his precence, He was a coward, escaped Iran twice, was put in place with the help of CIA. Left his supporters in jail to be executed by khalkhali. He was superficial, like changing the calendar was critical or having a son was such a big deal. The 2500 year ceremony was just too superficial (even the British king and American president) thought it was stupid. In all he is cherry picking HIS ideas. He was just a two bit dictator, not even as good as Stalin.


Pride Goes Before a Fall

by MiNeum71 on

This guy was absolutely out of control. More common sense and less pride ...

These clips insult my intelligence.



interesting speech, listen and judge for yourselves

by Fatollah (not verified) on