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And you are

by Souri on

Very nice and a sweet narcissistic member of this site :0)

Thanks for being here.


Dear Souri

by Love Souri Even More (not verified) on

I admire and honor your honesty as well as insight.
If we all could exercise such valuable characteristics then Iranian.com would have been an Iran-based website.
But we ain't. Sighhhhh
I want my mUmmy! :(

In just a single thread, Souri converted my narcissistic self-love to Souri-love!

But Seriously;
She is one the few here with a kind, mature and down to earth mind. Very similar to Party Girl. I miss her.


Love souri

by Souri on

All i can tell you, is that I wasn't aware of the extent of this pornography's fever as you just described. I must go and read more about it. When I don't know enough, then I zip it ;-)

thanks anyway,


Dear Souri

by Love Souri (not verified) on

In 18 century, sexed literature and painting was very popular among artists, poets and writers.
Their works extensively were exchanged or sold in artsy cafe's where they used to hang out and promote themselves, as well as debate and discuss other topics.

Anyhow, as the unrest began to build up, artists started to add political touch to their works which itself gradually has shaped and transformed to pro/pre-revolution full-political literature and art. This is The Fact and once challanged requires deeper digs than just a Canadian library.

The royal family pamphlets were just a fraction of pornography fever back then and work of more biz-minded artists(tabloid in nowadays term) who happen to seek more publicity and cash and of course they easily could claim the authenticity of their drawings! no camera's back then!

Now tell me, are you a pro politic-pornographic-revolution or con? ;)



by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

Have you ever heard of artistic license? The artist does not need to explain anything to you, and you don't have to like it, or understand it. It is the way it works with art. His art, only has to mean something to himself. Now, if others like it, then there is connection.

Art does not have to necessarily be objective, draw a parallel, or even make sense. It only has to be meaningful to him, as interpreted with his artistic license.

I think Iranian brains are too much into representational art. A few days ago, someone posted her so called representaional paintings, and everyone went, WOW, WOW, WOW! I was like,..... WTF?!?! Those were some awful, cliche, technically suffering paintings, and people didn't see through the flaws.

As far as this art, I couldn't really understand the nudity symbolism, but,....it happens with art, specially if someone tried to express themselves differently. I wish him good luck.


To: love myself

by Souri on

"The French revolution started from pornography and ended up in what we see today."

Not exactly!!! You are taking a fact and inventing a new image of it. When you bring an argument like this, it would be wiser that you give more explanation about it. Your argument is too short. Here's the real context of that "pornographic" status of the past-revolution era in France:

"The height of the use of pornographic materials to denote social unrest came just prior to, and during, the French Revolution.

Numerous prints depicting Marie Antoinette engaging in subversive sexual activities such as incest, bestiality and various orgiastic rendezvous, could be found circulating throughout the streets of Paris, as illustrations to full texts on the subject of her sexual behavior to single images circulating.

Peddlers and merchants would sell pamphlets made up of privately printed texts with illustrations aimed at damaging the reputation of both the Queen and her husband......"

As you see, the context of pornography in these two cases, are completely different.




Thanks for the rise. Please; be seated.

by Love Myself (not verified) on

I've read all the posts and am amazed how perceptive Iranians are.
So, I thought, I should be leaving mine as well. I consider myself highly "important", "intelligent" and an "intellectual" too!

Here we go

Women are Iran's future leaders. The next reform will be planned, organized and led by them. Mark my word. OR, at least it'll be written in their name! Like they* did in khomeini's case.
* By "they", I don't mean Iranian women.

Persian symbol is a lion which ofcourse is "male"(even a blind can see that) BUT after revolution "we" the "male Persians" parked our balls in tampon boxes, gone menstrual and act as a pussycat which is metaphorically presented in the clip.

"At this point my comments on the clip is over and I'm just addressing you. Yes YOU.
Oh man, it sure feels good, talking down to people!"

The French revolution started from pornography and ended up in what we see today. So, what's the deal with you guys getting all excited and gheyrati by a naked abjee. Please do dislamize yourselves and be a real Iranian, as protecting my mom and sis's organs haven't done any good to homeland for 1400 years. I guess it's time we protect something else instead.

Also, there are tons of artists whose work are made spontaneously and their inspiration story comes once the public and critiques comments have been brought to his/her attention by their affiliated publicist!

With all my intelligence, insight, IQ and vanity, I wasn't able to de-puzzle the link between the thread and your tube. Wise me up s.v.p.

Mola Nasredeen

و درکِ من از این ویدیو کلیپ

Mola Nasredeen

کورُش آسوده بخواب که ما با عینک دودی بر چشم, دستکش سیاه بردست, ماتیک سرخ بر لب, شلنگ در دست,  با مقنعه بر سر و دندان های سفید, لختیم و قنبول کردیم.




by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

simple and i enjoyed it


Nat aleef

by Parsi - Sanskrit (not verified) on

A b P ..

Multiple Personality Disorder

درکِ من از این ویدیو کلیپ

Multiple Personality Disorder

کورُش آسوده بخواب که ما با مقنعه لختیم.



Cheap video

by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

Another cheap video product by an iranian who is obcessed with nudity and will go to any distance to express i don't know what.


Ali P

by Anonymous-USA (not verified) on

Watch it a couple of times then you'll get it. It shows our misfortune. It shows the transition of our culture and people from being Iranian to being a mix of Arab/turk/mongol culture. Nacked women with Hejab! What does it tell you?

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Clever Artist...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

In my humble opinion and feelings, This clip is simply a clever manifestation of the Artist's feelings and views about what has been happening to our country, civilization, culture and our women. His representations of sarcasm, contradications and ironies are artistic parallel to what has been happening to Iran and Iranians...

Besides the very clever artistic sarcasm on women nudity, I personally liked many other ironical symbols and signs in this clip such as the four Persian alphabetical letters (Peh, Jhe, Geh and Che) ! That was smart... Congratulations to the artist for his clever imagination and presentation, Aafarin...

Persian/ Iranian identity today more than ever before is perhaps one of the most disoriented, complex,split and contradictory identities on the face of this planet to such extend that we can't even figure ourselves out let alone for Americans, Israelis,Europeans and etc. to figure us out!!! We have been carrying thousands of years of experiences and baggages (good and bad) with us through out our glorious and also sad history and cultural existence... We currently are going through a massive transformation in every aspect of our lives (Including artistically  ...) and hopefully will come out of it stronger and wiser in the future...

Some wise soul once said: "The only thing in life that you should not be prejudice against is ART!"

So there you go...

Peace and Love,



Thank you Nazy jan ;-) man hey be in Ali P migam digeh...

by Souri on

I knew it !! Hey be in Ali P migam baba in kare moderne !!!

but he doesn't want to understand it ;-))

Hopefully, I am smart and educated and intellectual, enough, me!!

I did get the point of nudity, right away!!!

But not this Ali P.

Nazy Kaviani

Beenteha's Art

by Nazy Kaviani on

Aref-Adib Jan, you are so funny and so clever!

Ali P. and Souri Jan: Amir Beenteha's collection of works in these series all seem to be art aimed to protest the mandatory hejab for Iranian women. Elements of modernity, such as fancy sunglasses and makeup, and the more strict religious attire, such as the maghnaeh, are shown together to reflect the artist's view on the conflicts and contradictions that surround the identity of today's Iranian women.

Likewise, the extremes of a maghaneh (instead of a simple head scarf) and nudity, in my humble opinion, symbolize the artist's views on sexuality versus the imposed appearance of piety through mandatory hejab.

My two cents!

Darius Kadivar

That's Why The Lady Is a Tramp ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Pas Mal ...


I get it women depicted as lioness hence the nudity I guess?

by Fakhri Tolombeh Va Gohlombeh (not verified) on

I like the concept it's very original, and the music is really great!! Very nice Job Indeed. But I don't get some of the images. Not sure what they are

Ali P.

این ویدئو چیست؟

Ali P.

Now am I the only idiot who did not understand what the hell this video was trying to say/show/discuss/articulate?

Can someone, who 'got' this,enlighten me?


Very nice job!

by Souri on

But why the women are nude?



by Aref-Adib on

It's more like Striptease-Nour!