Abdolmalek Rigi

Jundallah leader

Wikipedia: Abdolmalek Rigi (also spelt Abdul-Malek Rigi or Emir Abdulmalik Rigi) (Persian: عبدالمالک ریگی) is the leader of Jundallah, a terrorist organization based in the southeastern area of Iran. He was born in 1983 into Regi tribe, one of the many Baloch tribes. He never went to school though he attended a sunni religious seminary for a few years. Before founding Jundallah, he had been arrested for an assault attack with a knife for which he was charged, imprisoned and subsequently released after serving term. Many believe Jundallah is linked to Al-Qaeda. Jundallah claims to be fighting for the rights of Sunni Muslims in Iran. Jundallah is a militant group that according some international sources has had contact with the US government and receives funding from Baluchi Iranians abroad >>>

Dan Rather report:


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Omid & Setareh

by HollyUSA on

How funny! I watched the video before I read the comments and all the while I'm thinking he shouldn't by all stretch of imagination even have a toothbrush in these conditions so how the heck does he have such a bright white smile!?

Setareh I agree with you completely on the underlying causes of what makes their existence and success possible.


If this regime

by MRX1 on

as incompetent and corrupt as is, spent billions in improving life's of the people in places like Baluchistan, Kurdistan you name it and in the process brought people hope, jobs, decent standard of living , and basic social freedom instead of wasting it away in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and god knows where else, then the local population will eagerly fight likes of Rigis and others like him themselves as they see their life being impacted by their actions.Frankly I am surprise we don’t have more people like him popping up all over the place.......


It's easy to divert his hate

by XerXes. on

Just show them the clips of Israeli forces treating Palestinians and there you go. We got another terrorist trained by the US, reborn!

American Dream


by American Dream on

Regarding zoroastrianism.

There was no official religion in Iran until the Sassanid dynsty.  The Sassanids forced Zorastrianism on the Iranian masses by sword.

During the Sassanid dynasty communistic teachings of Mazdak flourished during the 5th century.  Mazdak used to be a Zoroastrian priest.  The followers of Mazdak were persecuted by the Sassanid dynasty.

With the Arab invasion and coming of Islam Iranian soldiers refused to fight due to the lack of freedom of religion in Iran.  Islam was embraced by Iranians as a liberating force.

I agree with your point that a future Iran should have no state religion.  There should be freedom of religion. 

Setareh Cheshmakzan

The whitest Colgate smile in Baluchistan LOL

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

Omid Karimi, You are absolutely right.  Jundollah and this Rigi gigolo get their weapons and training and shameless Colgate smiles from Washington and elsewhere in the Middle East.  But as with Taliban, they will be disposed of like dirt when their sell-by-dates eventually arrive.  And as the gigolo himself shamelessly gloated, this group too served Saddam in the war against Iran, alongside the traitor MKO.  

However, the reason that such traitors can operate and recruit amongst the local population, and yes, enlist their support, is the groundswell of discontent and deprivation amongst the people of these areas.  IR's propaganda that these groups have no support and sympathy amongst the locals is simply a lie or wishful thinking at best, because in so far as there is huge and justified grievance about discrimination and poverty, this material reality and these emotions can always be channelled into supporting those who fight the perceived enemy (in this case the IR regime).  The only way Iran's integrity is protected is through recognition and addressing these ethnic/regional and religious inequalities. 


American Dream Dear

by Bunyip on

If there must be a religion for Iran, why stop at a time when Iran was a sunni moslem nation, let's remember that Iranzamin's true roots are Zartoshti.

Better still, let's not have a religion, any religion, forced down our throats, let's get rid of all arablovers, and all become Iranians.


Amazing, drive your own kidnapping business in the mountains

by OmidKarimi on

Kidnap and kill people, sell and traffic drugs, and you are called a hero by US news outlets. Btw Rigi, business seem well,  for a goat herder you shure know alot about weapon models and have the whitest colgate smile in all of Baluchistan.. I wonder how you were able to get all these things.


Btw, a man hiding in the mountains, striking small patrols and planting bombs that kill civillians should not be holding lectures about bravery. I hate his disgusting face. 


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change names?

by FarhadS on

Does Muhammad Ali has to change his name too.  I wonder if     someone forgot to tell him that when he converted to Islam.

American Dream

Abdolmalek Rigi, may be the force that give Iran a facelift

by American Dream on

Mr. Rigi, the Iranian of the day may be the only person who can give Iran a facelift.

He turn back time and return Iran to its Sunni Muslim roots.

Before the Safavid dynasty Iran was a Sunni Muslim nation.

If he achieves victory the national religion of Iran will become Sunni Islam.

No one knew who Khomayni was in 1977.

Very few know who Mr. Rigi is today.

Mr. Rigi is flying on the wings of eagles.

He may once and for all make Iran a democratic republic made up of 100% Sunni Iranian Muslims.

One thing must be said all people who have names like Hasan, Husayn, Ali, Jafar, Reza, and Musa Kazim will have to change their names to Abu Bakr, Omar, or Osthman.  And women named Fatima or Zahra will have to change their names to Ayesha.

One can never tell where the future will lead us.

Like sands thru an hour glass these are the days of our lives.



Mr. Benyamin

by capt_ayhab on

Once upon a time, Osama Bin Ladan was a abhoremt  wh----e like this Rigo. USA created Osama as well as this criminal Rigo.

Just wait and see which US high rise this lunatic is going to blow up.




by Benyamin on

He proudly declares that he gets help from Araba and Pakies, I am so disappointed in him for letting himself used by Arabs and others alike.

 What a waste.