Bitta Mostofi and Sadra Shahab

Hamid Dabashi interviews rights activists

Bitta Mostofi, Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer and Sadra Shahab, Pratt University student who discuss the role of youth in the civil rights movement in Iran:


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Hamid Dabashi and the Iranian Greens

by khengali on

Interesting Hamid joon Dabashi wants to become spoksman for the Green movement in Iran.

At one time our Hamid joon was a disciple (no'che) of that world famous Kholestinian charlatan,professor Edward Sa'eed, also of the Columbia.Recalling the often anti-Jewish, anti-Persian utterances of that charlatan, one would understand the fascination of Hamid joon with, Edward Sa'eed.

Hamid joon adores our president anchuchak, because among other things, the president wants to wipe Israel off the map.How is wipping Israel off the map help Iranians find jobs,feed and house their families and educate their children you ask?

Well don't bother professor Hamid joon with such trivialities.

Nowadays professor Hamid joon wants to remain an adoring fan of Ahmadinejad's and simultaneously become spoksman for the anti Ahmadinejad (Green) movement in Iran.

Ye masali daareem ke mige:Yaaru kheili khosh chose dare khazeena ham mishine.


Farah Rusta

Thank you Darius azizam

by Farah Rusta on

You are a guiding light in this dark and turbulent sea. I was not so familiar with Hamid Dabashi's stance on the Green movement but seeing this interview and thanks to your explanations, I now know where he is coming from. 

On the same issue, there are people like our friend (!!) Q who have a fear of seeing the monarchists or Reza Pahlavi joining the "popular" Green movement. I say "popular" because I differentiate between the  main body of the Green movement which is beyond and above Mousavi , Karroubi or Khatmai and the "Alavi" greens who are after these three Islamists.

Now Dabashi and Co. are trying to further divide the Green movement and turn it into an exclusive club. Fat Chance! 

Thanks again


Darius Kadivar

Farah Jaan that's Dabashi's Patronizing habit... Bebakhshesh ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

He thinks he is everyone's teacher and he is the Only person to have discovered what is taking place in IRan today and sees upon himself to analyse and define everything in an upcoming book I suppose ...

Unfortunately for Dabashi not all his viewers are Fresh innocent graduate Students he can patronize so easily as if they had just discovered the history of Iran or the events that led to this ultimate Backlash in the Face of these So Called IRI Apologists turned Reformists.

His goal is to downplay the Green Movement by claiming it is merely a Civil Rights campaign as opposed to a Revolution Boiling to free itself wild.

The Civil Rights Comparison is simply his way of saying to the West: "Look the IRI is actually a Democracy and All we Want is our Vote to be Counted"

How Convenient for a man like Dabashi to reduce what is taking place in Iran to Academic and politically correct definitions, particularly that He was hardly able to predict the Post Election Protests and violence unlike the opposition groups he dismisses and demonizes regularly and not just here.

I think he is trying to cover up his own embarrassing comments on the Gaza Crisis that most Iranians don't even give a damn about except this Edward Said Wanna be ( who hardly lives up the the latter's reputation). and his admiration for such Radical minded IRI apologists like George Galloway  who hosts programs on the already controversial Press TV:

George Galloway Comments Iran's Presidential Election - Part 1 of 7


Hamid Dabashi and George Galloway:


And Now People Are Answering to Mr. Dabashi and Galloway's Crocodile Tears by shouting "NAH GAZEH, NAH LOBNAN ... JANAAM FEDAYEH IRAN" :

17 Sept 2009 - Tehran. No to Gaza No to Lebanon, I die for Iran:


It Seems it's a slogan that has escaped Agha Doktor Dabashi's Analysis by Miracle ... LOL  

Anyway Fariba Amini ( With whom I know you have differences, so no need to argue here for that is not my point nor the subject of this blog ) summed up best this character in her article here:

Meeting Comrade Dabashi
A relentless effort to cut down “inorganic” intellectuals
by Fariba Amini

Fortunately Farah Jaan Not Everyone has Alzheimers nor is an innocent graduate student like these two kids ...



Take Care Farah Jaan and Keep Up with your insightful comments,


PS: Recommended Watching:

Abbas Milani: Lost Wisdom Rethinking Modernity in Iran

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Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism by Darius KADIVAR



Farah Rusta

What an absurd opening statement by Dabashi

by Farah Rusta on

Why Mr Dabashi can't  contain and control his divisive political opinions for a change? How on earth does he know what the people of Iran think about the Greens abroad and why can't the MKO and monarchists be supportive of the "popular" green movement. Isn't the popular green movement supposed to be an inclusive rather than an exclusive movement?



Hamid Dabashi

by pedro on

Afrain, good Insight.

Thanks for sharing.


youthful leadership


Forget the fossils like myself... the youth are leading the way!

Maryam Hojjat

Thank you GS

by Maryam Hojjat on

for posting this nice video.  I enjoyed it.

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