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Wedding in Washington DC


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This is

by Iraniandudeee on
































God bless, be paye ham pir beshid.

by Tehran on

Mahsa khanoom va Agha Kambiz, first and foremost, congratulations, "May this moment last".

You two certainly had the PERFECT gown and Tux, hair, rings, shoes, carriage, cake, sofreh aghd, flower arrangements guests, music, champagne, video and photography, beginning and ending to your ceremony…which is nice.


After all this is over, it is just the two of you who has to make this marriage work, no money, no cars, no chandelier earrings(I personally thought they looked a bit "Hendi") no perfect smile,,,etc is going to help you make each other happy and your love to last.


So, be patient with each other and when one of you is feeling up and screaming the other one needs to stay down and calm,,,

--Do NOT let people out of your house learn about what is going on in your 4-divari even if they are your parents or siblings.

--A good marriage needs hard work I hope as much as you prepared to have the PERFECT WEDDING you did think of the necessary ingredients for the perfect MARRIAGE too.


You will see in your life a lot of jealous people who suffer from seeing you happy, ignore them and don’t let anything come between your love for one another..

God bless, be paye ham pir beshid.



Give us a break....

by Haleh on

I don't see why this post should be here..Iranians get married
every where, under really bad conditions...this is ridicules.
Honestly...its embarrassing, I am sick and tired of watching this
kind of shallow, "I really should have been a model and actress"

Give us a break....

Ghormeh Sabzi joon, find us some more interesting "down to
earth" clips, please!



by MiNeum71 on

So embarrassing, so embarrissing, she's a typically Dokhtare Loos ("Tamame Donya Begin Man Cheghadr Khoshgelam"), he's a Mr. Nobody. Iranians can be proud of having those Hamvatanan.

PS: Being Iranians of the Day shows the low standard of this site again. Maybe this is the publishers secret desire :)


Fish Here


by Fish Here on

Nothing is out of place.  People are born, they live, they get jobs, they get married, they have children and they die, not necessarily in that order. A young Iranian died a tragic and avoidable death yesterday and that makes many of us very sad. Two Iranians got married and they had a beautiful wedding and that makes some of us happy for them. An Iranian said something funny, another Iranian drew something funny, somebody gave a fiery speech, another played the tombak, and another one won a prize and dedicated it to someone he respected. An ordinary day in the lives of Iranians worldwide. Just because we mourn Behnood doesn't mean that there should only be sadness in this world.

Congratulations to the newlyweds.Be paaye ham peer sheen.


mobarak bashe..

by puss on

Agha doomad,  keep her happy and be loyal and you will live in heaven forever..khaili mobarak bashe..



by yolanda on

Good looking couple......the bride has beautiful chandelier earrings....wishing them unshakable love and long-lasting marriage!

thanks for sharing


Very Nice

by Parsagarda on

Beautiful bride; handsome couple. Wish them love and hapiness. "Love is grand" especially Persian style!!!

Anahid Hojjati

I was noticing this execution note close to bride picture

by Anahid Hojjati on

I was looking at the home page and top left is picture of "Behnoud Shojaee" and caption that he got executed.  To the right, there is a picture of a bride and caption about wedding in DC.  To me, it just looked a bit weird.  I don't know, what do others think but I just felt something was out of place!!


What is the deal with all the wedding video's all of the sudden?

by پیام on

Heum? Why? What's going on?