Persian Accent Reduction Class

Improve your English pronunciation

Iranian man being coached to pronounce the "Th" sound:

While on that subject, take a look at this: "American Accent for Farsi Speakers:"


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Persian teaching

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have been trying to teach an American born Iranian proper Persian. It is amazingly hard to get the sounds "kh" as in "Khar" and "G" as in "Ghormeh". Has anyone had success with this? I am getting desperate and am not joking.


You may be right, first

by gordman on

You may be right, first generation immigrants are not getting the right English accent but there are accent reduction classes that are specially designed for these kinds of people. Most of the immigrants need them specially those that run their own businesses. There is always room for improvements for these people.



by capt_ayhab on

Just joking ............

There is almost no way that the first generation of any immigrant group will ever get it right[yours truly an exception HAHA]. I am an educator and I have dealt with first generation of most every nationalities that there are. Unless you have migrated to US at a very early age, it is just not going to happen. You [I included] will always, at one point or another will give it away.

Reminds me of my blessed father, he never could get rid of his Azari accent when speaking Parsi[not that he wanted  to ha], and it was so cool.


Ghormeh zabzi Jan.......... As always, delighted by your posts.


Accent Reduction Training

by relaxandspeak on

This video is an excellent example of how to learn the American Accent. I am happy to share.

For more info, visit:

Noosh Afarin

Afghani man leaning

by Noosh Afarin on

Afghani man leaning English










by Iraniandudeee on

The accents of Iranians really depends on what city or province they're from.... we have more than dozens of accents in Iran.


Stop making fun of your OWN accents

by Iraniandudeee on

it's not funny... you're only degrading yourselves.


Do they

by Iraniandudeee on

think we're retarded or something?


Comparatively Iranians pronounce much better!

by farrad02 on

It's true that Iranians have a few problems when it comes to pronouncing English (and other languages).

But it is also true that Iranians are usually much better than other nationalities when it comes to pronouncing foreign wods.  This is because of the fact that we use most of the muscles in the mouth when speaking Farsi and our language has almost all the sounds that could possibly be found in other major languages (as opposed to French or Arabic that lack some of the main sounds).

Just compare the English accent of a average Frenchman, Chinese or Greek expat with an Iranian; no comparison!





by HollyUSA on

Eh! ki deleto 'koon' kardeh? begoo bokoshamesh (NOT! more like send them a Thank You card lol) And I know it doesn't have anything to do with being suspicious but since the other beh-log is banned I had to get u elsewhere ;)

You know the accent doesn't concern me as much as the GRAMMAR! I demand to know what the excuse is there!


Ooohh... scary there

by KouroshS on


I don't even care:) male... female.. It is all good,

That had nothing todo with being suspicious. that was a fact. I mean do you Know or can you claim to really know anyone's intention based only on talking to them online? That was my point.

You know. it is funny, I have that quite the opposite exp. among adults. To me it looked like men picked up faster than women.  


I think a lot of iranians in those professions have got the accent thing down. given that many ofthem have gone to school here at younger ages. As for those who came to US as adults, well, mostly work in Eng or COmputer fields, in which accent really does not matter.


Delam ro Koon kardi LOL Yep. I have had that experience, not the same line but with different expressions. But you have to admit they are good at learning to pronounce cuss words, without an slightest efforts. I have tried that on Mexicans and AMericans and got good, reliable results:)


At the risk of getting e-slapped...

by HollyUSA on

My observation has been that among Iranians who learn English as adults, women master the language and accent better than men. Has anyone else noticed this?

Ari Siletz

Seriously though

by Ari Siletz on

A lot of Americans, especially older people have a hard time understanding foreign accents. This would be a good course for Iranians in the medical or legal professions in the US. Also if your job requires public speaking. I wonder if there is a study on how many freshmen flunk Dr. Ostaadpoor's class vs. the kids who take the same course with Dr. Jones.  

Ali P.

Improving your communications skills...

by Ali P. on

...increases your chances of success in the country you live in; that includes improving your accent.

And every foreign national has his/her own obstacles, and difficulty with certain sounds and words of a different language.

Try teaching an Arabic speaker to say" delam ro khoon kardee" in Persian. He'll probably learn to repeat it in no time.

Try teaching an English speaker to say that statement, and you most likely keep hearing "delam ro koon kardee"!

By the same token, we tend not to differenciate between "ch" and "sch" in German- and instead of telling our German Girlfriends:"Ich liebe Dich", we say "Eesh libeh deesh"- or "w" and "v", in English, as in  "I am vorking", instead of  "I am working".



by HollyUSA on

Don't be so sure. You never know online who's a man and who's a woman. Remember your own suspicious minded advice on the other beh-log to another beh-logger. Reminds me of the Elvis song! What's with all the songs and me today BTW? But it's a good one anyway.


LOVE the ad lib line :P


Red Wine jan, khooneto kassif nakon janam. In khanomeh khodesh esslo hast fekr kardeh hameh messleh khodeshand. Yeh livan Cab bezan beh gisesh bekhand ;)


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

صد سال سیاه نمیخواهیم لهجه عمری کاری به خود گیریم... ارزانی‌ خود آن آقا باشد که ما لهجه خودمان را دوست داریم.

صد زبان سراغ داریم که به مراتب از زبان اینها قشنگ تر است و رمانتیک تر.



Bah bah

by KouroshS on

Wow. I am speechless.

So now you are the saheb khoone and i am the dozd?

You are da man. i mean da woman:)





by HollyUSA on

Man o geer dadan???? Migan dozde por roo yakheye saab khoonaro ham migireh ha, rast migan beh khoda.

Excellent point about the natives learning proper English first. 

Alan yekishoon miad kotakemoon mizaneh :)



by KouroshS on

Hala hey Geer bede ha... I was just thinking about going  and put the 200th comment in. Hala ke gofti...

Good point. They should learn how to speak proper english. Learing to speak a Foreign Lang. bemaanad.



by das on

these are useful  for farsi speakers


Iy vas vell imperessed by dis vidio

by ramintork on

Iy vas vell imperessed by dis vidio. I only veesh dat vee cee more of dis kind aaf education lessons.


This makes me wanna sing...

by HollyUSA on

Pink Floyd's We don't need no education.

And what's with the rubber band? Is she teaching people with a learning disability? Someone ought to tell her to take a poll and see how many Americans even speak a foreign language.

besides all that, I am all for speaking properly if u're gonna :P


p.s. KOUROSHS - Couldn't respond to you on the other beh-log. It looks like it is shut down. I told you tobe quiet. Now see what you did? ;)

Ari Siletz


Ari Siletz

Not Dewg! Trade ya speech lessons.


EYE aggree veet aleee

by KouroshS on

Dees voman teenks shee eez somebodeee esspeceeal.

Vee no eengeeleesh and esspeek it better dan enybody een de vorld.


Someone tell this lady it

by Javadagha on

Someone tell this lady it is Persian not Farsi.

Moreover, how about Southern accent or New York accent?  Correct yours before you correct mine.  Mine is my third language, how about you American lady learning a foreign language?


lol, when she is teaching the TH sound

by Abarmard on

She sounds like the Tasmanian devil.

Thanks for the post.



by yolanda on

Wow, the guy worked soooo hard! I am deeply touched! I like his work ethics! For him, no hurdle is insurmountable!

The elastic band scared me. The lady is over-dramatic!


loved it

by rtayebi1 on

I loved this video. It took me back to 1984. Gormah Sabzy I guess this made up for UR stupid comment HOPEFULLY FOR IRAN NUKE THEM thingy. at least for me

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Ve don't neeeed no stincking aksent teecher!!


(TTThhh)anks Ghormeh jaan!

by Aref-Adib on

Now I need an elastic band!