Fun Iranian soldiers

Dancing at their base


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American Dream

Dear Azadeh

by American Dream on

As a man who has been a freedom fighter for making Iran a democratic republic for over 37 years I don't take offense at Mr. Fatollah's comment about the humor in the Iranian soldiers dancing.

I was in the United States during the 444 day Iran hostage crisis.  

In November 1979 after President Carter had allowed the deposed shah of Iran to enter the United States for medical treatment, a group of Iranian revolutionaries stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehrān and held 53 Americans as hostages.

You know what happened in the United States?  Every Iranian immigrant, Iranian in the states with a visa, and American of Iranian lineage was held hostage for 444 days.

I have a friend from my University days who did his PhD in the States.  He was from Rasht.  He fought 2 years to overthrow the dictatorship of the Shah.  After that he served 8 years in the Iran-Iraq war.  After all those battle scars for freedom he was permitted to do his PhD in the U.S.A.

At a Nowrooz Persian New Year Party he picked up a beer and was so happy.  The first thing he said was, "I fought for over 10 years for the freedom of my country, and those S.O.B's didn't even give me a beer."

Military service in Iran for males is mandatory.  It is the only way to be issued a passport.  Without a passport one can not leave that country.  Before you blame all the security apparatus in Iran, you should think about what the alternative would be.  Iran occupied by Saddam Hussein.  A dictator who attacked Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Israel.  Let us not forget that Saddam also used chemical weapons against Iraqi Kurds and Iraqi Shias.  Saddam even ordered the murder of his son in laws.

That being said, soldiers or security forces that commit crimes against humanity should face justice.  And they will.

Yet, attacking Mr. Fatollah is just not cool.

This is a site about freedom of speech and expression.

If there is something wrong with laughing at Iranian soldiers then it is useless to want change.  Such mind control is used by the theocracy and has no place on

All the best.

Peace out. 


Dear Fatollah

by Azadeh on

I know people with missing family members since 22 Khordad who may very well be in one of the masses of unmarked graves, and NONE of them are singing/dancing!! I wonder what they will say when reading your comments.  I'm well aware of the daily suffering of life in Iran, and I am involved in personal aid (via people I know and trust) back home to families in situations that make you cry.  NONE of them are singing or dancing either, especially now that they're under incredible duress.  I'm sympathetic to your need to see people blowing off steam back home, but now is just not the time for it either in the country or abroad by Iranians.  But ofcourse, that doesn't mean people refrain from usual concert-going or mehmouni...after all, if such a large percentage of Iranians were not so "bi-gheirat" (both within the country and abroad), we would not have a country run by murderers for the last 30 years.  Say what you want, but I just don't feel like seeing people dancing when my compatriots' blood has not yet been washed off the ground in Iran.




by Fatollah on

just imagine, those kids doing 2 years of mandatory service with a laughable salary and in harsh environments, remember many families can not even efford to send their kids to do the military service due to the fact that they are living in rented apartments, do you get the picture now!? perhaps not! and no, those kids are not basijis nor pasdars! and remember it is easy to criticize! last time I checked, most people commenting here live in the comforts of their homes abroad!

p/s I loved the clip as well. :)



Not funny!

by Azadeh on

Am I the only one appalled by the vision of dancing soldiers while young protesters are in prisons and being tortured? Regardless of whether these guys are part of IRGC or not, we have genocide going on in Iran now and for 30 years. It's this attitude that has kept the Islamic Republic in power. Let's dance and sing another 30 years. Khak bar sareh bi gheirat-haa!


Dont Ask Dont Tell

by iroooni on

I tell you we are so much ahead of the americans in this area. Every body fights side by side in IRI army :)


Great choreography :)

by پیام on

Broadway material.

khaleh mosheh

Oh dear

by khaleh mosheh on

Lets hope then that the Israelis dont attack.

I enjoyed the dance though. 


Gay positive...?

by Emil on

Looks like gay positive

American Dream

Great Dance

by American Dream on

Great Dance.  God Bless them.  I laughed so much.


YADESH BEKHEIR! Down the memory lane! Dameshoon garm!

by gol-dust on

Reminds me of my own days when i danced in front of the Iranian and American War ministry (Vezaarateh jang) employees in Norooz celebration. I really had forgotten that I was dressed as an army sergeant. Many asked me afterwards if I were drunk! In fact, I never drank, it was only the drunkness from music!

I am glad to see our new generation has managed to keep that tradtion, at least it appears in the north. One thing people forget about our army is that we are purely a defensive army that is only interested in protecting our motherland, unlike the israelis or other aggressive armies that are offensive armies.

We have much more humility in our soldiers than theirs. we don't train them to hate! The best part of the video is that they are not drunk! Love our culture where it has maintained its pure form!


Manly Soldiers!

by aaminian on

Funny video, nevertheless.

ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on

Sepaas for sharing.

Ebi aka Haaji

Jahanshah Javid

Me too

by Jahanshah Javid on

Loved it. And the salute at the end was a riot!


I loved it!

by Aref-Adib on

I loved it!