Kamran Daneshjou

Iran's science minister accused of duplicating science paper

NATURE: Large chunks of text, figures, and tables in a 2009 paper co-authored by Kamran Daneshjou, Iran's science minister, are identical to those of a 2002 paper published by South Korean researchers, Nature has learned. Daneshjou served as the head of the interior ministry office which ran the disputed presidential elections in June, which returned Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power. Daneshjou is also a former governor general of Tehran.

The paper by Daneshjou and Majid Shahravi from the department of mechanical engineering at the Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran is entitled "Analysis of critical ricochet angle using two space discretization methods", and was published in the journal Engineering with Computers in 2009. In many places the text duplicates verbatim that of an earlier paper: "Ricochet of a tungsten heavy alloy long-rod projectile from deformable steel plates", published by South Korean scientists in the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics in 2002. Other sentences in Daneshjou's paper are identical to those in a paper given by other researchers at a 2003 conference.

The scientific credentials of Daneshjou, who was appointed as science minister earlier this month, have been the subject of controversy, with the Los Angeles Times reporting in late August about question marks over his PhD. According to his university webpage at the time, the PhD was awarded by the 'Manchester Imperial Institute of Science and Technology.' The webpage this afternoon has changed and says that the PhD was awarded in 1989 after working at Imperial College in London, but that the defence of the thesis was held in Amirkabir University of Technology in Iran >>>


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این کامران


این کامران دانشجو ست

هست آدم دروغگو

مثل اون یکی‌ لجن

آقای محمود ا.ن

میگن که توی زندون

و هم توی خیابون

منافقین بودن

که آدما رو کشتن

هر دو تو روز روشن

دائماً دروغ میگن 

مدرک دارن هر دو شان

از اون چاه چمکران 

خیال نکن دکترن

جفت اینا شترن

میخوای بیشتر بخونی

برو سایت حسینی 

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The web of lies and its main actors

by fatemeholfati on

Kami has no dignity, no honour, no decency; he is a lier. Once good and educated gentelmen like DR Eghbal and Dr Ranema hold this office. The joy is we know he will not be there too long!


“Dr.” Kamran Daneshjoo, nominee for Minister of Science, Research, and Technology, we’re really sorry.

We gave you a chance last month when other media were excitedly running the story that you might have lied about holding a Ph.D. from a British university. OK, so your university profile lists, for your Ph.D., the non-existent “Manchester Imperial Institute of Science and Technology”. We thought that maybe there had been a mis-translation back from Farsi to English of “University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology”.

And when no one could locate a Ph.D. thesis under “Daneshjoo” in the University of Manchester system, we thought that catalogues are not always complete and they might not have checked alternative spellings like “Daneshjou”, and we did find one of the articles (from 2005) that you claimed on your profile.

In short, we were happy to give you a break because, if you couldn’t prove you had a Ph.D., we couldn’t prove that you didn’t have one.

But then you had to mess it all up and make us look foolish. Seems your university profile has suddenly changed (the new profile can be verified at the website of “Iran University of Science and Technology”, which does exist).

Now your Ph.D. is from “Imperial College London”. Which does exist, but is about 200 miles from Manchester. And which cannot be a simple transliteration mistake from “Manchester Imperial Institute of Science and Technology”. And which also does not seem to have a copy of your doctoral thesis.

Gosh, it would have been so much easier if you had just changed the entry to “UMIST”. Then you could have been approved by the Parliament tomorrow with whatever diploma you have hanging on your wall, and we could have ignored this little incident.

As we tell our own Ph.D. students: “First rule in writing a thesis: if you’re going to lie, keep it simple.”

che khabar e

an unfortunate comment

by che khabar e on

by Mahmoudg in my opinion.  Deceit is not limited to Iranians dude!  And it's for damn sure it's not because of Islam.  A poorly disquised attempt to bash Islam unfairly.  I might not agree with Islam but it's kinda silly to blame it for everything!  You're creating a barrier for legitimate debates.  What?  It's the cause of the common cold as well?  :-)

Ari Siletz

Good report

by Ari Siletz on

Gives reputable links with documents supporting the accusation. Thank you.


Dear Mahmoudg

by Demo on

Please read Quran at least once in your life. Read it in Farsi or English. Nowhere the “Islamic” title mentioned there before any of its commandments. There are no “doctors of religion” in the book and the term “Ayatollah” is used as the power signs of the creator if you are a believer. The simple Quranic language does not need all these self entitled “Mollahs”, “Hojate Islams”, & “Ayatollahs” to teach their own inventions as “Islam” to us. Cheating & lying in our "Iranian" traits are the cultural impurities and Quran prohibits both. Khomeni’s own inventions of “Islamic Republic” & “Velayat Faghih” were just made to damage the Quran & Islam altogether.


an unfortunate Iranian trait

by mahmoudg on

We have been taught from an early age to cheat and cajole to get what we want. Islam has been a major part of forming our collective psyche.  Unfortunate, but true.


Nagin Daneshjou...

by ahvazi on


Begin Daneshcopy!!!!!