Zane Sorkh Poosh: Maydan Ferdosi

Masoud Behnoud's 1976 interview with Yaghoot, the woman in red dress frequently seen at Tehran's Ferdosi Square

Originally posted on // Thanks to Milad for sending this audio clip. And thanks to Robert for making the video.



Wonderful Clip

by HollyUSA on

Thanks for posting. She's been around as long as I recall! I remember the story being the same...she was waiting for 'him'. I can completeley understand if that was the case and she chose to lie. Wouldn't most people want to save face if they had literally spent a lifetime waiting for a lover who was by all indications not going to show?

We probably will never know what happened to her. I choose to (for once!), be blindly optimistic and believe that he finally showed and she has to wait no more :)


I saw her too.

by Vdashti on

After revolution I returned to Iran and on every trip from my hometown to Tehran, I made sure to take time and go to see the "Ashegh Sorkh Poosh". Due to force of "baradaran hafez fat va namoos" she was also wearing a red chodor, but one could see everything else under the chodor was red too.But I think I saw her in Khiaban Mosadegh, north of Takht Jamshid. I doubt if there was a second "Zan Sorkh Poosh". She may have relocated after the revolution or my memory is failing. 


Marjan Zahed Kindersley


by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

I opened up the website page and saw the headline.Even I, who is rarely "in the garden", had heard about her and started to remember .... 

Really taken aback by this clip.

Why say, in such an abrupt manner, that she was lying? Maybe she wasn't, or maybe she was, but wanted to keep it private. For whatever reason. But why assume that she was lying and make up some urban myth?What a sad thing to do.


Support real Iranian Patriotic

It's true

by Support real Iranian Patriotic on

I saw her my self many times.

when I was student I lived in vosogh thehran nov.

I change bus at maydan ferdosi for college.

I remember once woman's day magazine had an article or interview  about her.

hopefully after the downfall of this regime which is imminent,I will go back to Iran after 26 years. I will walk all the way from maydan shahnaz to shahyad and mydan rah than ta myadan tajreesh.


Thanks Mr. Behnoud for a trip down memory lane!

by benbagheri on

I never saw her but I remember hearing about a woman who would appear at a certain place in Tehran, wearing a red dress. I guess a lot of people smiled after hearing that and thought it was an "Urban Legend"!

Nice memory!

Behnoud has been a top notch story teller from the beginning. And it's amazing how his voice has remained the same after 30 some years!



Thank You

by yAghi on

It is a reminder of a beautiful memory. My dad had an store in theneighborhood and I used to ask him about this lady in red. his answer was thesame. Thanks again. A true love story. 


Thanks Milad; I Bet You Are In Love Too!

by hamfekr on

من نیز او را از تهرانمان در آن روزگار دوری  که محصل دبیرستان بودم به یاد دارم.انتساب دروغگوئی به او نارواست.مگر نه اینست که همه عاشقان پنهان کارند؟


I saw her.

by O. on

I remember this women. I was very young and hardly knew anything about Iran or Tehran's geography. It was sometime in late 1970s  and during a short visit on a busy day, with my mother and aunt, waiting for taxi or something like that,  the two talked about the woman in red and I turned my head and saw this woman. She was  standing at the far corner and holding a sort of bag in her hand. I remember she was wearing a sort of red raincoat with a belt  and this image shaped in my memory for ever. Now it seems others have also been curious about this modern piece of mythology from Tehran of 1970s. Thank you for posting this.


Wow, how poetic!

by پیام on

Reminds me of the time when I was a child and listened to "ghessehye shab" at Iran's radio.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

The inset photo is Masoud Behnoud.


The front page shows JJ mural on the building?! right?

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.