1980: Man on the Street

Interviewing an Iranian about the revolution


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Things Are Not As They Seem.

by AlexInFlorida on

This interview was so Funny.

The man says, "Sure, I'm talking freely"

"Here is... I think... you have liberty here..." ha. ha.

He was momentarily reflecting on the last 30 years of ongoing development and Freedom he and other Iranians had just enjoyed during the monarchy of the Shah and dedication of SAVAK.  

The ...I think... was cute considering the hostage crisis situation had begun in Nov 1979.  The increase in staff at the US Embassy, which were all CIA brought to help overthrow the shah and install the Fundamentalists, with the goal of imposing tyranny on Iran by giving intelligence to the radicals in order to kill and capture anyone that was prodemocracy/prorepublic procommunist or proIran/Monarchist/Nationalist.

It's a pity that Freedom with out Responsibility ALWAYS leads to Tyranny.

It means that Ignorant, Self serving, Negative People have a hard future ahead of them.  

Do you remember the thousands of books that were written that said, SAVAK Tortured me? ... or... The Shah is stealing Billions of our Money and Running our economy into the ground? What a Joke.  In fact, what an Irresponsible and sad Use of Freedom.  

I wonder if all Liars/Muslims ever learn?  I mean in the end, y'know when they realize they wasted their entire lives, instead of creating some beauty, goodness or truth for themselves and others?  

I hope so for their sakes, so that at least at some point in their lives they can have fun and enjoyment.  I know that some Muslims/Liars do learn, considering less than 15% of Iran is today practicing Muslim from 53% in 1979 means that the need for honesty does force many muslims/liars to learn and even change, but I'm not sure that ALL Learn.

Cute when he say's after his eye's glare up... "My government will, you know, from England they will get a copy and.... (you can see it's the first time he considered the possibility) and then he realizes he is speaking in favor of the New Fundamentalists and says, " I don't care about it, because I know my government will not harm me."

Isn't that the truth.  It's always about number one, pure negativity. They call themselves muslims but they are just Takers. 

Hossein Zahedi, I think today in 2010, now that most of Iran is under 30 years of age, as much as 80% would physically Kiss the Shahs ass if they could bring him back and bring an end to the cycle of poverty, war and tyranny they have suffered for 31 years and will suffer for many more.


I liked Demo's comments

by bahramthegreat on

Jahl (ignorance) is the mother of all problems. This guy was in the bottom of it (jahl morakab).



by Demo on

The JAHL Virus is thousands times more dangerous than the HIV. It is extremely contagious & spreads by the words of mouth & it slowly makes its carrier blind & deaf.This JAW-HELL was proving to be JAHL positive and is for sure DEAD & RAW-HELL now. 

Darius Kadivar

Jacobin Cynicism of the Early Days ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Which continues to linger amongst some IRI apologists today even on this website ...

I'm wonder  what the fellow if still alive thinks of these statements today ? ...

Definition of Jacobinism

The Early Motto of the French Republic: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death. The "or Death" part, too strongly associated with Reign of Terror, was later dropped.