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BBC airs "Barf" (Snow), a documentary on legendary singer by Mehraz Zinatbakhsh

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What happened to tombstone?

by Datis on

Dear PersiangirlinParis,

You can use this google service to type Perglish(!) and have it translitrated to Persian. Then you can cut and paste it wherever you wish: www.google.com/transliterate/persian

Thank you very much for your brilliant idea about the tombstone. I will surely be more than happy to chip in. Does anyone know how come he was burried in France since he lived in Iran all these years?

I would assume that his family are in the best position to decide about the design of the tombstone, etc. So, even if we manage to collect money for this purpose, how would we run it past them? Does anyone know his family or have any kind of relation with them?

Like I said, I am all up for it and will definitely contribute more than the amount suggested (1 Euro).

I too have always loved his songs. My wife who does not speak Persian very well loves his Gonjeshkak e Ashi Mashi and even made an effort to learn the words. When my little daughter was a baby, she wouldn't eat her breakfast until we played this song for her every morning on the Youtube. She now sings a few of his songs along with me whenever I hum them. This is enough proof that Farhad will never die in our hearts.




by Ensan on

Lovely Clips. He is a legend.


زمان در من خواهد مرد و من بر زمان خواهم خفت


Excellent tribute... and not remotely enough for his greatness.

Persiangirl in Paris

Farnoosh . Majid

by Persiangirl in Paris on

Chand mah pish vaghti mesle hamisheh baraye didare pedaram be cimetière Thiais raftam, dar mohavatei keh mazar haye irani ha hast, jaygaahe aghaye Farhad ro didam, va taajob kardam

Man ashna be kar haye ishun nistam, gar che baazi az un ha momkene be gusham ashena basheh, va zendegi ishun ro ham nemishnasam

Faghat in ro midunestam ke sal 2002 fot kardaand va be tazegi be cimetière Thiais amadand

Hamishe fekr mikardam ke chera 1 irani e mohtaram ba in hame fan dar donya, bayad ghabresh bedune sang bashe

Ebteda fekr mikardam ke chon mamoulan mah haye avval vaghty adame jadidi be cimetière miad, aval hesar e kuchiki dore un khak mizarand ta baad sang paye gozari besheh

Vali mah ha gozasht, va har bar ke be unja miram, na hesari mibinam, na sangi 

Akharin bari ke dar unja budam, 18 juillet bud. Nemidunam aya az un tarikh ta be haal, taaghiri ijad shodeh ya ? 1shanbeh hafteh ayandeh mitunam motmaen besham 

chandiiin  bar be fekre messagi dar in zamineh dar 1 site irani oftadam 

Hatta be maghazeh sang forushi kenare cimetière raftam ta gheimat haye 1 sange ghabr e sadeh ro ragham bezanam .. va aya in keh be faarsi ruye sang minevisand ... ?

Man nemidunam aya ishun famil darand dar France ya jahaye digar

Aya in message e man va bayane in keh agar shoma ya digaran mayel hastin nafari 1 euro ya 1 dollar/ fan jaam konin (vali be che surat, hich idée nadaram) ta sangi bar ruye khake ishun nasb besheh, be onvane dekhalat va bi ehterami be aghvaam e ishun bardasht mishe ya na ?

va be hamin dalil hich eghdami nakardam

Dishab ba khundane name ishun dar site, in afkare chand mah pish baraye man zendeh shod

Man fekr mikonam kasani ke ishun ro mishnakhtand (keh ba khundane message ha dar inja motevajeh shodam kasani hastand ke guya shakhsan ba ishun ashna budand), tahghigh konand dar morede in keh aya famili ya ashnai az ishun hast, hala che dar France ya jaye digeh, ke be kar haye ishun residegi mikoneh

va agar khedmati az man barmiamad, ba man tamas begirid

Ba ehteram


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Roohesh shad I saw him too , once close in person @ cuccini near poli d'ore and his "come down jesus" and all his other memorables plays througout our life ringing in my ears.

P.s  that head stone replacement and  all can be done directly through thiasis commune and the paris municipal.        thanks  Maziar


Farhad went through the same journey that most of us did

by JavoonDeerooz on

from grieving the young men killed in Siahkal (Fanoos khamoosh),  to dreaming about a solid roof,  to elation of a coming revolution (Khabeem o bidar), to nagging doubts about the intention of the Islamists ( Jaa hast beesh o kam azadeh ra?) to cursing the grand master of deception ( To ham ba ma naboodee ay avar , ay sail e mosibatbar). But rather than taking the next plane , or next herd of sheep out of Iran like most of us, he stayed in his beloved country and suffered and sang his heart out. He was the most noble, talented , intelligent and humble singer in the history of persian music. One  of the very few who broke the mold of crooning about the coldhearted lover or dancing 6 and 8.  There will never be another Farhad.  



by Majid on

P.G.I. Paris


Let us know what to do and how to do it please.


شبانه... سیاه...سیاه...


سیاهکل...مثل یک خواب کوتاه... مثل یک کوه بلند...


Persian Girl in Paris

by Farnoosh on

Do you know to whom we can get the money to get a suitable tombstone for Farhad?  I'll be happy to contribute and to collect from others.  Does it have to be a family member who decides on the tombstone?  Can you find out what we need to do?



by Daadaash on

Farhad was truly one of a kind, The Best!  I also grew up listening to his music when I was in high school. In the cold and snowy days in Tehran, listening to Hafteh Khakestari, Reza Motori, etc., etc..  His voice and his songs live forever.


  با برو بچّه



با برو بچّه ها رفته بودیم «کوچینی»، فرهاد مثل همیشه پشت پیانو نشسته بود و بدون توجّه به احدی کار خودشو میکرد، احساسش رو میریخت روی کلاویه های پیانو و ....دیروز که جوان تر بودم (Yesterday when I was young) رو میخوند و ..........

رفتیم و ازش خواهش کردیم که هفتهء بعد که جشن معارفهء سال اوّلی ها بود یه سر بیاد دانشکده و ........اومد!

وقتی برنامهء سُلی تموم شد فرهاد رفت رو صحنه، جلد گیتارش رو باز کرد، یه سیگار روشن کرد و بعد از دو سه تا پک عمیق سیگارش رو گذاشت رو سر دستهء گیتار و خوند! فقط دو تا آهنگ! گیتارش رو گذاشت تو جعبه اش و ............

حتّی سرش رو بلند نکرد ببینه تو اون سالن ٥ نفر هست یا پنجاه هزار نفر! همونطور که بی سر و صدا اومد تو همونجورم سالن رو ترک کرد!

روانت شاد بچّه محل، واقعاً که «صدای بیصدا» بودی



by Benyamin on

It seems as if he really sang that song for himself. It is as if he knew  the real meaning of "mard e tanha= the lonely man or pehaps the last man" maybe, and maybe he meant himself. 


Persiangirl in Paris

Che khub mishod ...

by Persiangirl in Paris on

Che khub mishod ...

har Irani keh dar har jaye donya beh yade ishun hast, 1 euro migozasht ta ghabre ishun aalan dar cimetière Thiais dar humeh Paris bedune sange ghabr namouneh ..

makhsusan ba fara residane fasle barun o sarma keh khak o gel ruye plaque kuchiki ke esme ishun rush hast ro begireh va digeh neshuni az mazareshun ham namouneh



Thank you

by Mammad on

I grew up with his eternal voice and songs. God bless his soul. There will never be another Farhad who tried to express the pains of common people with his wonderful voice.



Thank you for posting this

by عموجان on

How I miss him he was one of the best. I can listen to him day in and day out and never get tired. Rohash shad