Hamid Dabashi

Speech in Portland, Oregon

Speaks on Green Movement as a civil rights movement, the youth, and threat of war on Iran. American Iranian Friendship Council is the host through a grant from the MRG Foundation.

Hamid Dabashi, Columbia University from Goudarz Eghtedari on Vimeo.


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Useless "professors"

by yousef on

Nothing personal about this guy, but I dont give a hoot about these so called intellectuals. The lazy non productive sods. They come all the way to the west at huge expense to daddy or pahlavi or khalifa. Instead of learning something useful for themselves and humanity, they learn and obtain PhDs worth less than the papers they are written on. Then if lucky , they get a teaching job at some western college, because they have their heads up some Dean's anus, and continue their lives by bitching with other like minded fat , old lazy professors. If unlucky, they become full time bloggers and commentators on Iranian.com. 

Darius Kadivar

BREAKING NEWS: Dabashi cast in Woody Allen's Next Movie

by Darius Kadivar on

Cast as Hamid ... Hamid Zelig ...




BREATHTAKING CAMELEON - The San Francisco Chronicle

WOODY ALLEN's NEW MUSE: Hamid Dabashi a Man of Great Talent and Modesty - Premiere

A STAR IS BORN - Chicago Times

OSCAR WINNING PERFORMANCE - Manhattan Chronicles    

Produced with the Generous contributions of MRG Foundation and the American Iranian Friendship Council.

In Exclusivity Get to see the Opening Scene of this Critically acclaimed movie:






He should stick to Comparitive Literature and stop

by Marjaneh on

the  "moral relativism" non-sense. I've watched him and so many others  come up with the dangerous drivel before and quite frankly I am really fed up with this in general. 


„Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera."- Pablo Neruda


Populist demagoguery

by Fred on

Nothing but  populist demagoguery by yet another NIAC lobby Board Member


He thinks he is so smart

by exiranian on

from the speech:

1- The population is young because of drop in infant mortality rate and nothing else: He is not mentioning that during the first years of revolution people were urged to make more babies so that "Islam's army" gets bigger and can fight Israel. May be it wasn't the only factor but also one of the important ones (if not the most important one). After a couple of years they realized what a mistake they made and they reversed the policy:


Yes! It was actually the then President Khamenei who urged people to stop having too many kids! 

Also should mention all the young people that got killed during war and political conflicts. If they were alive today, they would have been in their 50-60s. 

 2- CNN firing a person means that US is not a free country either?!!!

First of all, CNN is a private company and can do whatever they want. May I remind you of Ms. Zahra Kazemi's fate and what happened to her because she took a couple of pictures? There are many ways people can freely express themselves in US, such as weblogs, ...

Let alone TV shows such as The daily how, Real time  with Bill Maher, etc. which were very active during Bush years. Can you go to Iran and in any university have a speech that criticizes anything about government? 


And this is just from the first 3 minutes of his speech.

That's typical of the so called Iranian intellectuals. Just spitting out lies and bs without backing them with research and numbers. And unfortunately most of the time they get away with it since nobody challenges them.