Iranian Experts Abroad Gather in Tehran

Clap for Ahmadinejad calling Iran "land of justice, humanity"


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"Experts"? I think Not!

by yousef on

Anyone employed in the fields of Engineering or Applied Science in US or Western Europe  would be well aware of the strict "export License" requirements for countries like Iran. (I think Iran is only second to N. Korea on the list...). Basically it means that any western  technology or "intellectual Property" which could be used for military applications should not be transferred to Iran. Given the multiple usage of any technology and IP, this means almost anything. Also it is interpreted in such a manner that even sending a simple Email through company server to for instance china (way down on the list), would trigger a bunch of warning security messages. A visit to Iran, attending an IRI sponsored event, representing yourself as an expert in your field of employment would be certainly breach of these regulations. Anybody who breaks this regulations would at least expect disciplinary  action (dismissal) and perhaps a visist by local FBI field office. Add to that "all expenses paid by Iranian government", and it would trigger a whole new dimesnsion of events I amagine...

So nope, "Experts" maybe, not in science and technology for sure. Experts in khaye mali I'd say.  


Revenge DOES work

by barr2y on

I hope one day these disgusting traitors are on the receiving end of what Iranian patriots and heroes like Shapour Bakhtiar and Ferydoon Farrokhzad experienced abroad.  The Greens are too pacifistic in my opinion.  One must fight for freedom, set up underground governments, import weapons, initiate targeted assassinations of all Islamic Rapist Republic officials, judges, etc.  The time must come where they feel the fear to walk on the streets.  Ghandi-like resistance doesn't work in the face of a regime that STONES people as a matter of law and believes explicitly in the return of tooth fairy imams.  See the battle of Algiers, the fall of communist regimes, the American revolution....these all entailed serious fighting.


Good Article:

by thexmaster on

Soosan Khanoom

I am just too mad that I

by Soosan Khanoom on

I am just too mad that I have not been invited ... Damn .......  

who should I see now to make a complain ?  

I would have gotten that microphone and yell as loud as hell at Ahmadinejat , and Mosavi both ......  by no means Mosavi is better than Ahamdinejat in terms of respecting human rights in that country ... he just has forgotten his past and thinks we have forgotten too .   

As a matter of fact Ahmadinejat is a new comer compare to Mosavi ........ Had they both being brought to justice for sure  Ahmadinejat would end up getting less prison time than Mosavi .......  so how is it that iranian who defend Mosavi are welcomed but the one who defend Ahmadinejat are doomed ?  






by Fair on

I'd like to attend the next one.

Well, I guess even mercenaries are required once in a while to show up in person to get paid.  Can't be sitting comfortably in the great Satan forever:)

Now obviously this form of advocacy won't be attractive to the more hateful commenters here at IC, such as Amir, Fred and Fair. 

Let me see who is more hateful.  Your side (or as you call them, "law enforcement") do the following to those who peaceully protest them:


-execution without trial

-imprison without trial

-stick their heads in toilets

-throw them off balconies

-destroy their dorms and homes

-take their family hostage

(I can go on, but you get my drift).

Whenever you can prove that Amir, Fred, or myself have done any such thing to those who disagree with us, you can call us hateful.  Until then, why don't shut your fascist trap.

btw,  you have been curiously silent on the treatment of Mansour Osanloo and Mohammad Mostafaee.  Would you care to comment on them as well?  Or are you going to continue being a fascist hypocrite, and let people like them suffer and die so you can go to your dog and pony show "gathering" and "bridge gaps"?






I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC oriented website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles, this purportedly Iranian site's content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is
offensive to the vast majority of Iranians. Please do not engage with this site
except to warn other Iranians.


fooladie porroo, why r U anonymous?

by Anonymous8 on

r u a "sole lackey" like me?




A regime whos sole lackey signs in as "anonymous" out of fear

by fooladi on

and shame, has not got a very bright future. Dont you think?


he is passionate defender of iran

by Anonymous8 on

how many times have U defended iran against unfair lies? i wish more of us could be like that yong man.

Hoshang Targol

تاسیس ٢۸ مرکز جاسوسی در خارج کشور تحت نام خانه نخبگان

Hoshang Targol

تاسیس ٢۸ مرکز جاسوسی در خارج کشور تحت نام خانه نخبگان
معاون علمي و فن‌آوري احمدی نژاد از تاسيس 28 مرکز جاسوسی در خارج کشور تحت عنوان " خانه نخبگان ايراني" خبر داد و گفت: به دنبال اين هستيم كه امكان فرصت‌هاي اشتغال دانش‌بنيان براي متخصصان‌ را در قالب شركت‌ها و تعاوني‌هاي دانش‌بنيان فراهم كنيم كه در اين راستا بايد فن‌آوري‌هاي نو كه مي توانند نقش آفرين حتي در عرصه سياسي باشند، مورد توجه قرار گيرد.
 هدف رژیم از تاسیس این نوع مراکز، آنگونه که تجربه در سال های گذشته نشان داده است، شناسائی و کنترل ایرانی ها در خارج کشور و جاسوسی در باره آنها است.
 خبرگزاری حکومتی ایسنا در این باره می نویسد:  دكتر نسرين سلطان‌خواه در دومين روز از چهارمين گردهمايي دانشجويان فعال ايراني خارج از كشور كه در مشهد برگزار شد، خاطرنشان كرد: معاونت علمي رييس‌جمهور آمادگي دارد كه با كميته‌هاي علمي انجمن‌هاي دانشجويان خارج از كشور همكاري داشته باشد و به آنها كمك كند كه دانشجويان خارج از كشور موضوعات پايان‌نامه‌هاي خود را بر اساس نيازهاي داخل كشور تعريف كنند و در واقع ارتباطي دوسويه بين معاونت علمي و فن‌آوري رياست جمهوري و تشكل‌هاي دانشجويي خارج از كشور ايجاد شود.
وي تصريح كرد: از سوي ديگر بنياد ملي نخبگان وظيفه و ماموريت جذب و شناسايي نخبگان كشور را در هر كجاي دنيا را بر عهده دارد و در اين نهاد از اينكه بتوانيم با دانشجويان نخبه ايراني در خارج از كشور تعامل و ارتباط بيشتري داشته باشيم و آنها را شناسايي كنيم، استقبال مي‌كنيم.
سلطان‌خواه در ادامه افزود: هم‌چنين از سوي ديگر شوراي عالي ايرانيان خارج از كشور تصميم دارد كه 28 خانه ايرانيان در 28 كشور تاسيس كند و با مذاكراتي كه با شورا داشتيم تصميم گرفته شد كه در زيرمجموعه‌ي خانه ايرانيان، خانه نخبگان ايراني نيز تاسيس شود كه امكان و فرصت براي ارتباط با نخبگان ايراني در اقصي‌نقاط مختلف دنيا بيشتر فراهم شود.
وي با بيان اين‌كه تك تك دانشجويان ايراني خارج از كشور سفيران جمهوري اسلامي ايران در آن كشورها هستند و نماينده‌ ملت ايران محسوب مي‌شوند، اظهار كرد: كار فرهنگي كار بسيار ارزشمند و مفيدي است و البته براي انجام كار فرهنگي بايد در ابتدا خودمان را بسازيم و از اين نظر آمادگي كامل داشته باشيم


ahmaghinejad under pressure seeks the help of iranians outside

by choghok on

remember that ahmaghinejad and his supporters sepah saw expatriates and their influence under reformists as a threat, so it could have been one of the main reasons for the coup they made. but here we see again that they try to get to their nationalistic feelings. many of the speakers talked nationalistic nonsense.

it is interesting to see why the snakes want the help of expatriates now. they do for sure not want us have any power in iran, so they want us to do something for them outside. and all of them talked to were from germany, britain or usa, the 5 + 1 countries. do they want help with lobbying? 




در بین سخنرانان نام وزیر بهداشت، خانم وحید دستجردی، و وزیر علوم، آقای دانشجو به چشم میخوره. این دو نفر آبروی دانشمندان ایرانی رو با کپی برداری کامل از مقالات علمی دیگران و چاپ دوباره به اسم خودشون برده اند. اون آقای دکتر سعیدی، استاد دانشگاه هاروارد، اگر یکی از همکارهاش این کار رو بکنه دادش میره بالا که ای وای آبروی دانشگاه رفت! همین آقا ولی حاضره که کاسه لیسی اون دو وزیر متقلب رو بکنه! خاک بر سر هر چی آدم دو رو و بی حرمت!  

David ET

No Surprise

by David ET on

Every military dictatorship and human right violator regime in history (and present) from Nazi's to Saddam have had their supporters and agents. Traitors to humanity and countrymen who knowingly support inhumane dictatorial regimes of death, torture, imprisonments and lies.

Islamic Regime, these "Iranians" and their supporters on this site and other places are no exceptions.



List of Sandis-khor attendees

by IranFirst on

Here is the program, and names of some of the attendees



participation in any events likes this is just for propaganda purposes for isolated terrorist IRI and has nothing to do with  benefits to Iran and Iranians


Q, You removed all my doubts about yourself

by Khar on

You Wrote: "I came back early, otherwise I would have seeked an invitation."

Do us a favor, take that picture off as your avatar. At least Mousavi has enough decency not to accept AhrimaniNejad as the president and not to be seen with him in a same venue, but you do!  such a shame!

tehran e Azad

Iranians outside Iran

by tehran e Azad on

wow IRI is doing everything to make itself look good. Wake up!!! Iranians don't want you anymore!!


Grandiose Pirouz

by thexmaster on

You can clearly see the attributes which agent pirouz shares with IRI leadership in his own words: And really, that's the great potential for persons like myself, to potentially bridge the divide.


Pure arrogance and self righteousness.  I wonder if he is able to see how much he actually divides people with his lies, or is he just too deep in his delusions along with the other IRI sociopaths on this site.  


"Sargord", you agree with Abaramard?!!! I am shocked!!!

by Onlyiran on

The two of you think so differently!!!!  LOL!

Sorry, I don't think that you'll get an invitation, though.  Even the IRI doesn't like "mozdooriat" at your level.  



by faryarm on

As above...


Phony Sargord

by AMIR1973 on

And I reject the notion that you can't be accepting of Iran, today, as its it, and be pro-American at the same time. In terms of being American, you can be critical of ME policy, while not being anti-America.

Nice try, Charlatan. This regime continues to chant death to America and desecrates the American flag--which is a symbol of the U.S.--at its official Rapist gatherings (and even on public buildings in IRI). It has occupied the U.S. embassy, kidnapped Americans and held them hostage. You are a pathetic supporter of an anti-American, anti-Iranian terrorist regime. No one other than the other West-residing IRI Groupies will buy your garbage. Nice try though.


Ahmadi Nejad: the government takes it upon

by aynak on

itself to protect the right of Iranian everywhere:


This letter is from the one of the heads of revolutionary guards who turned against the regime after the coup:


He states his head was pushed into a toilet bowl 20 times, to make him confess to things he had not done.

Ahmad Batebi, had stated the same about his treatment and the toilet bowl.

Ahmadi Njead, should not worry about the rights of Iranian outside Iran.  We are safer here than unde Valeeh Fagheeh criminals.


Imam-e Zaman

I'm disappointed!

by Imam-e Zaman on

I was among the Iranians in the US who received the questionaire and the attached invitation from the Interest Section of IRI. I threw it away because I considered it as a propagana ploy by the IRI. My friend, another acadeemic , chose to fill in the questionaire (he's in no wau a supporter of the IRI, though). I understand that he did not get the final invitation, though. Which , makes me think that the attendees are actually selected on other merits beyond academic.

 I believe those who attended, if they are real academics, must be ashamed of themseleves to be a tool of a propaganada machine by a monstrous regime such as IRI. However, I realize that there is a great deal of ignorance, even among our best and brightest about the situation in Iran. We need to work harder in that department.


Artificial Intelligence

This is pure Propaganda

by Artificial Intelligence on

Iranians who are for genuine reforms for the country do not buy into this BS.


Mullah's Murderous Regime's Dog and Pony Show

by mehdi2009 on

My Dear True Iranians,

I have just come back from my fifth visit to our imprisoned land since last June to visit my ailing mother. I lost my father earlier this year, and let me tell you things in the country have become much worse than even 2 months ago.

Mullah's Murderous Regime in spite of all the repression, murder and physical intimidation is in bigger trouble than is being reported in the west.  The prices are sky high, and even some members of their Goon Squads' Rank & File from Bassij and IRGC are not being paid on time in a regular basis. This is very discomforting at best and highly dangerous at worst for the Mullah's Murderous Regime.

Therefore they had to put on this kind of Dog and Pony Show to their own audience in Iran, and their agitators and Agent Provocateurs abroad (such as the ones who blog frequently on this forum) that we have a great deal of support from Iranians of all Ilk.

However, people in Iran and specifically the wonderful young men and women know the truth and are not buying any of THIS GARBAGE.

Salutations to ALL the True Sons and Daughters of Iran.


Ari Siletz

Active solicitation

by Ari Siletz on

A friend who turned down the inviation received a phone call from organizers in Iran for some taarof and arm twisting. The organizers couldn't track her records in Iran and subtley probed her for her maiden name. She took this as an implied threat possibly to family members back in Iran. Prudent or paranoid, some of the attendees could have been motivated by the carrot as well as the implied stick.

mola in boshkeh

Sargord Pirouz, how many times a year do you visit IRR?

by mola in boshkeh on

Do you take the inside-the-boshkeh refresher every time you go there?

Be careful, there may not be such an event next year?

Remember that the deadline for the current sanctions effectiveness is right around the corner! Do you know what that means? It means escalation to the next level!!!!

Big bang boom baby! 

Sargord Pirouz

I agree with Abarmard. This

by Sargord Pirouz on

I agree with Abarmard. This is a positive event. I'd like to attend the next one.

And I reject the notion that you can't be accepting of Iran, today, as its it, and be pro-American at the same time. In terms of being American, you can be critical of ME policy, while not being anti-America. Likewise, being Iranian, looking forward to better economic management is something to be aspired to, while at the same time not being anti-Iran. However, the big issue is encouraged rapprochement between the US and Iran, which serves the interest of both peoples.

Are there anti-America people in Iran? Yes. And are there anti-Iran people in the US? Yes (some of them represented here at IC!). But I'm not anti either. And really, that's the great potential for persons like myself, to potentially bridge the divide.

Now obviously this form of advocacy won't be attractive to the more hateful commenters here at IC, such as Amir, Fred and Fair. These poor guys are too far gone with their hate. But perhaps the more moderate and mainstream of us can still see the potential for positive change, and help realize it. 



@ Q hold your horses there Sabzollahi, its not Evin in 67

by spatima on

I think a good diverse sample of Iranians abroad (here on this very website) answered your adhominem attacks. refer to posts by oktaby, foolad, amir, ghalam-doon, arthemis and many others...


You cant point at others and label them as deluded where you yourself clearly lack the initiative to do a simple youtube search on the tens of thousands of iranians abroad who not only protested the shame full iranian regime throughout the past year but did so by chanting "death to islamic republic". I think there a good portion of the abroad protests still available on youtube. 

it seems to me you and mahmoud have a similar set of vocabulary and conception of "peaceful" dialogue. 

i think what really hurts you is this comment:


A good portion of these individuals (ones found at the meeting) have
either went to the West on behalf of the Sultanate, have family members
in the regime or some other sort of patrimonial relationship with the
rotten corpse of the regime.

It seems to me you belong to this very small minority."

Akh zadam to khaal.



p.s: the name is Spatima

either way, movafagh bashi


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

The attendeeds of this event are those whom we call

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

"Ham Az Tubreh Meekorand Ham Az Akhoor!"

These shameless criminals who are all dual citizens enjoy the freedom, comfort, and tranquility of the West and bad mouth it at the same time.

These leaches praise the West when they are outside of Iran and praise IRR when they are outside of the West. 

Every attempt must be made to identify, round up, confiscate their Western passports, and deport them back to the IRR of toilet! 


Who will go?

by ghalam-doon on

I draw your attention to the adjectives used below to describe "us", Iranians. And you wonder who will go?


There are many Iranian refugees who come to America and other Western countries and the 1st thing that they say is "where do I go to get my 'ho-ghoogh.'(welfare)"

That's what we do. We go out of our ways for that free "sandis."

The people that you see in this video were PAID to go home for a tour of the country, and they did not have to pay for their hotel stay and airfare and as a bonus they visited their families too. How many of our "anti-regime" and "gheyrati" compatriots you think would pass on such an opportunity?