Iran's image in Hollywood

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your hypersensitivity is showing & you're missing the action

by bushtheliberator on

"300" has about as much relevance to Iranians' image as  the portrayal of Roman soldiers has to Italians.Not much.

"Persepolis" is the only movie I recall that depicts modern Iran/Iranians.

During the Cold War Westerners read "Cancer Ward", and  idolized those who resisted Communism behind the Iron Curtain.

Who will bring to the world the drama of the great struggle taking place today in Iran ?



mola is right

by Fatollah on

the movie making industry in Hollywood has been in the hands of a few since 1920's, MArlon Brando, an insider knew a lot more then the rest of the so called experts in the field, nonetheless, it's a fact Hollywood is in the business of making money and also more, look how history is shaped and rewritten and what happens to World leaders if they step out of line ...


Another example of Sargord's paranoia and obsession with Jews

by Simorgh555 on

Ben Kingsley is not JEWISH!

Furthermore, artistic integrity must be balanced with commercial realities. Kinglsey is an acclaimed NON-JEWISH Brtisih actor. The cast of a multi-million dollar film must be given to someone who is recognised by audiences as the name of the actor will pull in the audience. Do you think the film would have made any money internationally if an unknown Iranian actor was cast? 

Aneglina Jolie is NOT Jewish but was cast as a black woman in a Might Heart or Collin Farrel who is NOT Jewish as the Macedonoan Alexander the 'Great'.  There are other examples. 




This is why

by Iraniandudee3 on

I don't like the degenerate that is America and totally despise the islamic repub gov, cause The world isn't so simple.


America through out it's history has been very anti-Iran and Iranian, and the Americans are huge hypocrites. From the 160 million dollars from jimmy carters funding of khomanie and his shameless goons, to this demonization of our people and culture. Fvck both the islamic repub and the U.s.

Mola Nasredeen

I watched The Prince of Persia,

by Mola Nasredeen on

It's a mixture of Ali Baba and Lord of the Ring. It was not as offensive as 300 (the movie). Prince of Persia is a fantasy ala Walt Disney. But the movie called 300 is something else. //  

In this movie the Persians don't look like any other human beings, they look like animals, creatures who are killed by the hundreds and thousands and their death is celebrated in the movie.

"Like the graphic novel, the film depicted the Persians as a monstrous, barbaric, and demonic horde." //

The writer (Frank Miller), director (Zack Snyder) and producer of 300 are all well known defenders of Israel and they say so themselves. Hello!



by yolanda on

IRI has done more damage to Iran's image than Hollywood.....I have not watched "300" have to buy a ticket to watch "300"....I watched the post-election brutal crackdown with rest of the world for free on TV....I am pretty sure more people have seen Neda's tragic death than "300"!


Let us not exaggerate: Iranians in the U.S. are not oppressed

by AMIR1973 on

Are there occasional acts of vandalism and violence directed against Iranians in the U.S.? Yes, of course--and decent people should certainly oppose and denounce these acts. U.S. law enforcement needs to punish the criminals accordingly. In the U.S., we have rights and we should defend them. We should also be honest about the extent of such events and keep an appropriate perspective on their scale. It is an absolute fact that most Iranians (and other immigrants from Muslim-majority countries) live in far greater freedom, material wellbeing, opportunity, security, and dignity than Iranians who live under the progressive and advanced IRI. Sadly, an Iranian is more likely to be harassed, intimidated, and mistreated in the land of their birth than in the U.S. It is also an absolute fact that those who bray the loudest about "persecution" in the U.S. are often the same ones who defend the IRI. Coincidence?


this movie is based on a video game

by asefati on

i think we are over scrutinizing our image! 300 was based on a comic and this movie was based on a video game

i personally think hollywood isn't being fair or unfair to us they are out there to make money 

Mola Nasredeen

I don't know about Normandy but here in the States we can't re-

by Mola Nasredeen on

lax when are portrayed negatively by the Hollywood and media in general. 

Demonizing does effect the quality of our lives. You see, we have to go to school, to work and to mosques (some of us). You see there are those in America who throw rocks at our stores and our mosques.

A man in California entered a mosque and peed on its carpet. A muslim cab driver's neck was slashed in New York by a white American.

You see the list is pretty long should I say more? That's why it's hard to relax and observe the misrepresentation of a whole nation by Hollywood and other media in the U.S.A.


Relax fellow compatriots, more or less it is factual

by Amir Normandi on

Fellow compatriots; stop this super sensitivity, relax, more or less that is close to fact. After all, the Islamic Republic have given the world enough anecdotes to stereotype us "Negatively".

We need to be a bit more like Maz Jobrani when he is on the stage with da sense of humor, not like him when he talks as supreme leader. (Respect has to be earned)

Let them show us our negative points, we can learn from it and Maz Jobrani can make money from that.   

Amir Normandi

Sargord Pirouz

Well Darius, Hollywood

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well Darius, Hollywood usually puts in a token, here and there. Consider Aghdashloo in House of Sand and Fog. But who got the lead? Kinhsley, an ethnic Jew. (He was magnificent, by the way.) This is usually performed as a result of a formulaic approach to movie producing.

My criticism of Jewish control over Hollywood is not over it being Jewish- the controlling ethnic elite could be any ethnicity- it's the inherent shortcomings inherent where any ethnic elite controls an industry, in this case it happens to be Jewish.


Mola Nasredeen

Yes, it's true they own, operate and control Hollywood

by Mola Nasredeen on

"While Thomas Edison invented the motion picture camera, immigrant Jewish entrepreneurs (like Sam Goldwyn, Jack and Harry Warner, Louis B. Mayer) created Hollywood. Jews created the three major American television networks, William Paley's CBS, David Sarnoff's NBC and Leonard Goldenson's ABC.

Today about two-thirds of leading TV and movie producers are Jewish. Jewish domination of entertainment is little discussed in the mainstream media, which is also dominated by Jews, out of fears of arousing hatred of Jews.

[A very interesting account of an article that provoked the Jewish establishment into its usual charge of "Anti-semitism" whenever anyone does any kind of critical analysis of any kind of Jewish activity. The most interesting aspect is that quite frequently articles are written by free thinking ordinary decent Jews (unbeknown by their accusers). I read one such article the other day in Vanity Fair while waiting to seee a dentist! written by a jewish journalist about how socked he was to be attacked as an anti-semite because he had criticised Israel.]"


Hoshang Targol

The absurdities of these mullahs, including our very owm M.N.

by Hoshang Targol on

the very language they use, the word "ideology," where did they get that from: the age of enlightenment.

Almost every single technical instrument they use: from cell phone to sattelites to ... and I'm not going to even mention their "crush," for tall blonds and all that. Yet they "hate" the WEST.

They would not have been able to live for one single day without the WEST and all its intellectual,political,  technological contributions.

 So, who's the real hypoctite? You be the judge!


to the anit-semite posters here:

by Agha_Irani on

It is absurd to talk about "the influence of the Zionist ideology ruling Hollywood".

I'm sure that most of the Hollywood insiders are first and foremost concerned with one thing - that is the bottom line - making hit movies which bring profit and increase their wealth.

To imagine a scenario where the movie industry concerns itself with how to portray Iranians above worrying about the bottom line is absurd. Its a business guys - they make movies to make profits - if there is no demand for their movies they go bust - simple as that. 

The other thing I notice is that most of these islamist posters who are highly anti-western take their zionist and jewish world domination conspiracy theories from guess who?  None other than the western powers they so hate.  If anyone cares to examine the history of all these theories, they can be traced back to Europe or north America.  Further they have all been shown to be false.  It is the height of hypocrisy to spew anti-western propaganda and then use their redundant century old theories to demonize a minority.

I believe it is partially true that the root of Iranophobia lies in the ancient rivalry with Greece.  The roots of Islamophobia were probably founded when Islam expanded to take the Christian holy city of Jerusalem.

But in the modern context there is no doubt in my mind that the causes of both Islamophobia and Iranophobia lie in the brutal and barbaric ideologies of islamists and the islamist regime in Iran.

There is no conspiracy guys - if you are the bad guy - you'll be portrayed as the bad guy.  Perhaps if the islamists hadn't tried to export their revolution, hadn't taken diplomats hostage (against all international law), hand't consistently been involved in various terrorists acts throughout the globe and didn't sing death to America every week for the past 31 years they wouldn't be portrayed as the bad guys.   

Get a grip on reality islamist folks! 


Hoshang Targol

Mola ,N. snapp out of it, Hollywood , the US media, practically

by Hoshang Targol on

the whole country is run by WASPs. Check out the numbers, who owns who and what, and you'll see. Not to mention US history, geography,anthropology... 

And while you're at it, you might as well pay attention  to the points made by YOSEF.



Hollywood did a great job this time

by statira on

Prince of Persia was the first movie after almost 30 yrs to show Iranians in a good light. I hope to see the squels for the movie in yrs to come.

Darius Kadivar

SPink Jaan Funny You say this Given IRI Deprived Golshifteh

by Darius Kadivar on

"Still, I'd rather see Iranian actors portraying Iranians in film. But that will always be a longshot in Hollywood, for reasons I've already alluded to." -Sargord Pirouz  

SPink Jaan Funny You say this Given that it was your beloved IRI which Deprived Golshifteh Of her chances of casting for Prince of Persia And Not some Zionist Jewish Producer in Hollywood ! 

Golshifteh Farahani in Al Jazeera:

"Upon returning to Iran after filming Body of Lies, Farahani's passport was confiscated, meaning that she was unable to leave the country to shoot a screen test for what Mahdavi describes as "her dream role" - the lead in Mike Newell's upcoming Prince of Persia."

It is IRI's Stupid Cultural Apartheid  which was Responsible for Depriving our National Golshifteh Farahani from her chances to play in Prince of Persia because of her participation in another Hollywood Film which Ironically was Very Sympathetic and Fair to the Arab cause but Your IRI censors are too Stupid to understand this due to their own blind and ignorant prejuduce:

Banned Hollywood Dream by DK

Maybe You should Start Asking Your Masters to Do their Homework before Pissing Off the Whole Profession and pushing IRanian Cinema to the Abyss or it's best and most talented professionals to Exile:




Mola Nasredeen

"it's all because of those Gyros eating Greeks"

by Mola Nasredeen on

and then it Follows with the Esther story and the rest of the Majara.

But Greeks are not the ones who are running Hollywood right now, they'te more concerned with the buring of their streets and forests. Take a look at the movies that are made in Iran before and after revolution. Take a look at the movies made by Hollywood about Iran and Iranians. How are we portrayed? We are portrayed as any other human beings in our own movies but Negatively by Hollywood.

This has helped to create a negative image of themselves in some Iranians who live outside Iran. We as Iranians are as smart as and as dumb as anybody else, that's all there's to it. That's what we demand from those who portray us. BBC's report about demonization of Iranians/Persians by the Hollywood bosses is too kind (or scared) to mention the influence of the Zionist ideology ruling Hollywood.  

Sargord Pirouz

I have many favorite Jewish

by Sargord Pirouz on

I have many favorite Jewish actors/entertainers in Hollywood (they seem to make up the majority from which to choose from).

My criticism is that Jewish producers maintain a virtual monopoly on the industry. Take a look at the credits of any major Hollywood film and there will always be at least one (controlling) Jewish producer. Anytime a single ethnic elite controls an entire industry, you're going to see shortcomings appear. In Hollywood's case, this condition tends to stifle creativity and provide a formula based approach to what is considered by many an art form. Don't believe me? Look at all the lame movies that have produced recently.

As for a Jewish actor portraying an Iranian, from the posters I've seen, I thought they did an okay job of "Iranianizing" Gyllenhaal, particularly in the form of the Islamic approved beard and the bushy eyebrows. And, Hollywood's Jewish actors have for many years played Italians, Latins, WASPS, Irish, Native Americans- you name it-  I almost felt honored they now played a Persian. Still, I'd rather see Iranian actors portraying Iranians in film. But that will always be a longshot in Hollywood, for reasons I've already alluded to. 


Well said, Yousef

by Simorgh555 on

Molla Nasredin's attitude is like a helpless impotent man who blames his wife bcause he cannot conceive.

The absence of anicent Persia in history is largely owed to prejudice and anti-Persian sentiment passed down from Greek historians such as Herodotus. The West largley identifies with the Greeks because ithey ostensibly shares the same values as them. On the other hand, the Persians represents all that is exotic and threatening from the East. This is exactly what was depicted in 300. 

Jews have no reason to be inherently anti-Persian. Infact, quite the contrary is true according to the Book of Ezra and Esther. 

However, even if Molla Nasredin is to be believed that Jewish Hollywood sentiment is slanted against Iran, would you blame them under the current circumstances?

Imagine if it were the Israelis that burned our flag, funded our enemies on our borders to kill our citizens,  chanted "death t oIran" and even refused to recognise our country as a nation state what would your reaction be?  During the time of the Shah we never had a bone against Israel and Israel did not have a bone with us. 


Believe me, "Iran's Image in hollywood"

by yousef on

Is the last concern in the minds of the young patriotic iranians in torture chambers of the islamist regime, or the 8 year old tehrani kid having to skip school to sell items on the street corners for living, or the unemployed Iranian workers unable to feed their families... 

This "image issue" only concerns a west residing fat , old, lazy agent of Islamsit regime, who'd like to blame it on the jews. 


Mola Nasredeen - Oh ne, oh ne, oh jemine

by YeahLikeWhatEver on

There are quite a few big shot "Iranian" "non-Jewish origin" players in Hollywood....



"Last night I drowned in a puddle. And the puddle thanked me"


Happy anniversry DK

by mahmoudg on

keep up the good work

Darius Kadivar

It's true that Prince of Persia Particularly Demonizes Iranians

by Darius Kadivar on

That is why I prefer 300 ...



Now Pass On the Popcorn ...


Mola Nasredeen

Hollywood is owned, operated and controlled guess by who?

by Mola Nasredeen on

Lets read what Marlon Brando said on TV about who runs Hollywood:

"Brando made a similar allegation on Larry King in April 1996, saying "Hollywood is run by Jews it is owned by Jews, and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of—of people who are suffering. Because they've exploited—we have seen the—we have seen the Nigger and the Greasball, we've seen the Chink we've seen the slit-eyed dangerous Japs we have seen the wily Fillipino, we've seen everything but we never saw the Kike (negative image of jews). Because they knew perfectly well, that that is where you draw the wagons around." //

Of course Brando did not mention the treatment of muslims, Middle Easterns and Iranians by Hollywood but the role of the Zionists in demonizing us is very obvious.

Nader Vanaki

رقیه، نه سامانتا

Nader Vanaki

آیرٍینین، نه پرشین-------------- یاد سریال اختاپوس به خیر!



by yolanda on

Hollywood's goal is to make money thru they tend to exaggerate things and ridicule people to certain extent......Hollywood has ridiculed people of different races......

Many years ago, I watched a movie called "Rambo: 1st blood part II" by Sylvester Stallone & Julia this movie Rambo single-handedly killed all his enemies in Vietnam...he seems to be an amazingly capable special agent....but the truth is that US lost Vietnam war, even though US had way better weapons than the Vietnamese......

If IRI abolishes stonings, reduces hangings, stops child executions, Iran will have better image around the world.

IRI ruined her own image during the post-election crackddown.....IRI has made herself look bad by executing political firing Ali Karimi.....



by YeahLikeWhatEver on

I haven't been to a main-stream cinema in nearly two decades....I don't pay to be dumbed down, dumped on and bored to death....And I don't have a telly either....


"Last night I drowned in a puddle. And the puddle thanked me"

Darius Kadivar

As usual It seems the BBC is Ten Years Late ...

by Darius Kadivar on

When it comes to making a Pertinent Observation ...

My Very First Article for the published on August 28th, 2000:

Persia ? Ancient Persia's Virtual absence in Hollywood by Darius KADIVAR (

So Please Allow me to Wish myself a Happy Anniversary !