"Israel likely to act alone"

CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviews Jeffrey Goldberg of Atlantic Magazine

The Atlantic: For the Obama administration, the prospect of a nuclearized Iran is dismal to contemplate— it would create major new national-security challenges and crush the president’s dream of ending nuclear proliferation. But the view from Jerusalem is still more dire: a nuclearized Iran represents, among other things, a threat to Israel’s very existence. In the gap between Washington’s and Jerusalem’s views of Iran lies the question: who, if anyone, will stop Iran before it goes nuclear, and how? As Washington and Jerusalem study each other intensely, here’s an inside look at the strategic calculations on both sides—and at how, if things remain on the current course, an Israeli air strike will unfold >>>


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Hamid Y. Javanbakht

Something's Got to Give

by Hamid Y. Javanbakht on

A war is not good for either side, however both sides need to change their behavior, I am sick of all the gratuitous violence.

There will only be regime/policy change in Iran when there is regime/policy change in Israel, sometimes they only pretend to be enemies to give their citizens some type of necessary enemy.

  • the ‘doctrine of the periphery’, the idea that Israel’s natural allies are non-Arab states not adjacent to Israel, which Susser indicates is dead, is very much alive, applying now both to Turkey and the Kurds (an impossibility in the long run, which both Turkey and the Kurds are going to find out), and applies most of all to the Persians (Cyrus the Great was the liberator of the Jews!)
  • Iran facilitated the immigration of the Jews from Iraq to Israel in 1948-1949
  • continuing dealings between Ledeen and Ghorbanifar, who represents Iranian business interests (the real long-term power base in Iran)
  • Israeli support for Iran in the Iran-Iraq war
  • a little thing we like to call Iran-Contra, although the Contras got very little out of it, should have been called Iran-Israel, as it was primarily a deal for the Israelis to sell arms to Iran.




by Abarmard on

True. Israeli government thinking is not always logical.


Jeffrey Goldberg the professional liar.


He is a former Israeli defense force soldier turned "journalist"/neocon propaganda machine. He sold the lies that led us to war with Iraq and now he's doing the same thing for Iran.

For a good reply to this character, read these links:







Abarmard: You are wrong

by Bavafa on

You use logic in your argument and analysis. The Israeli hostility towards Iran and Iranians does not use or follow logic. It uses the rule of jungle mentality, "we are stronger we will take" and in cases that they can not take on their own.. they manipulate US to take it for them.



Israel is no threat to Iran

by Abarmard on

Israel can not attack Iran. It's interesting how Goldberg can talk with straight face. Then he goes on saying that Israel can't do it because they have no way to return!!! But hopefully president Obama will do it!

So it comes down to this. Israel can't attack Iran because they can't. It's as simple as that. however, they could try to use their terrorist activities, as Israeli regime is capable of, to start something that US will fall in to it. That is the only possibility for the time being. 

Even with that, the world and the region is not too trusting to Israeli or American politicians. That could still work against Israel. In any case, I don't see Israel coming out as a winner. 

The only way Israel can win is to truly and diplomatically get involved in ME community. With this system in place it's not doable. However, things can change if the need comes. Israel is in grave danger, and that's not to do with Iran!


Good going Israel

by mahmoudg on

Pay back the debt and free Iran from the clutches of the cock roaches we call the Islamic Republic Mullahs.


What is so amazing about

by Bavafa on

What is so amazing about all of these, is that they talk about what would be actually an illegal war which in any other case UN and the world would be blowing a gasket. Yet here they talk about it as if they are planning for the next Friday night picnic.


Immortal Guard

The question is!

by Immortal Guard on

Let's say they attacked and their attack seemed successful and Iran rebuilt the facilities after a year. Will the Israeli Air Force then schedule an annual flight excursion to Iran?

Sooner or later Iran will become a nuclear power and Israel cannot impede indefinitely the technological progress of Iran in the name of its paranoid national security. The inflammatory rhetoric is from both sides not only from Iran!



by Benyamin on

I for one truly believe that if Israel or the great USA attack Iran, Specially at a time in which the entire worlds economy is still not recovered and US`s debts are stacking up, It will be the end of the USA as we know it. I mean the US will beat the shit out of Iran I have no doubt about that. But what Iran will do or can do in return will pull down the US`s status as a super power which ironically will effect the protection of Israel as well. No one country can stand 200 dollars or 250 dollars oil per barrel specially if Iranians know that Saudies are going to cash in! Iran will destroy not only most refineries in Medeast but also will make sure there is no way to dig any oil out to export by any of her then considred traitor neighbours. I don`t think 200 dollar oil per barrel will go down satisfactory by chinese for long and USA "must" finish the job in less than 6 months which is unlikely if not, China which will be the "boss" by then wont stand for it.

See, The USA is already in debted to chinese but if the USA go to war with Iran their debts will increase even more.

I only see bad choices and bad moves before the west. And I only blame themselves. They raised the bar so high that they can`t back down. The west have no choice now but go for a head to head collision with Iran.

The USA is not ready for a big war which the best scenario would be what I just said earlier and no one knows of the worst scenario!

I just hope the cooler heads would take control on both sides for the sake of both sides.