Muscle flexing in Iran

Bodybuilding is fast becoming a popular sport

Al Jazeera: Biceps and six packs are not something you would associate with Iran. But some 6,000 bodybuilding clubs are currently active in the conservative nation, and bodybuilding is fast becoming a popular sport where it was previously frowned upon. That's led Tehran to host its first Asian Bodybuilding Championships. Alireza Ronaghi has more from Tehran.



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تنها چیزی که مردِ "زن ذلیل" ایرونی‌ کم داره، اینه که علیامخدره دمبل هم بزنه.


"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."



Monda, here is one Iranian woman bodybuilder

by IranFirst on




with no hejaab. Off course she is outside Iran, for now.

Immortal Guard

Bravo! Very good investment!

by Immortal Guard on

This is a very good and wise investment and renders the youth of Iran healthier!


here's to Female bodybuilders one day,

by Monda on

without Hejaab. If the federations can change decisions based on young population's persistence, maybe there's still hope for the other half of the Iranian population.