Ahmadinejad: Israel commits genocide

Welcomes relief envoy to Gaza

UPI -- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Monday accused Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians. Press TV reported Ahmadinejad made the statements while attending a ceremony in Tehran marking the departure of a humanitarian convoy to the Gaza Strip. Ahmadinejad said Palestine should be liberated, adding Israel's existence is an insult to humanity, the network reported. He called on the international community to join forces and end the Palestinian crisis, saying the freedom and liberation of Palestine is a "key issue." The convoy will head from Iran to Turkey, then to Syria and Egypt from where it will attempt to enter Gaza, the report said. Israel imposed a full blockade on the Gaza Strip in June 2007 after the militant Hamas took control of the area.




by Doctor mohandes on

Stop kidding yourself.

Had iran faced any type of an extraordinary harsh form of economic situation, By virtue of having the support of the international community , would have been showered with all forms of needed assistance in order to get back on its feet. Don;'t doubt thatfor one Nanosecond. I

I just do not see what you people suppose as iran's Strenght!! much less creditting it to the faith of the majority of population .


If any other country was

by norooz on

If any other country was threatened, attacked and sanctioned as Iran has been for the past 31 years, their economy would have been destroyed in a few months or years, but Iran has gotten much stronger despite the difficulties. Had Shah faced these difficulties, where would Iran be?  Iran wouldn't have lasted even a few months.  So that is a credit to Islamic faith of the majority, whether you like it or not.

Ahmadinejad said, When he opposes Israel, he is opposing an invasion, the crimes Israel has committed, the genocide, the apartheid, the oppression, the racism and etc. He had the same opinion on US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.  So he is right there. 

What ruins this statement is what many people experience within Iran.  That is what needs to be changed and not the support for Palestine and critisism of Israel and west. 


We are less than a khar.. As IRI existence should remind us all!

by AlexInFlorida on

Who cares about what Iranians want


Iran was not even mentioned in the koran.


And Koran is everything for some.


72 virgins in a paradise with 5 million khars in Iran who still believe in this, that's a deadly combination.  Meanwhile khameneii is going to screw some 5 year old boy after he has his after dinner opium tonight.  God save us from your followers.


Ahmadinejad is right

by norooz on

Iran should involve other countries in humanitarian aids to Palestine and countries should sanction Israel in addition to criminal charges for genocide. Iran should also file charges on US, Israel and any other country for making threats to Iran's sovereignty, supporting terrorism against Iran, the illegal sanctions and their other illegal activities toward Iran with United nations and any other international court. 

Sargord Pirouz

khar: another funny man

by Sargord Pirouz on

Got a good laugh out of this one, as well. You folks ought to go out for the "Axis of Evil" comedy troupe. You seem to be naturals. :) lol



by Khar on

I really think you support IRI just for the promise of the 72 virgins buddy, since you are full of Shi'ite you also get ulimited Seegheh on top of that. otherwise I dont think you care a bit for Islam or IRI ;o))


Gaza la aza

by Vattan on

in mamaheh lolo ro Khord :)


In light of what's happened to Iran

by azadi5 on

in the past 31 years, I have to say Fu*K Palestine. Iran has far more important internal issues to deal with than worrying about Palestine. AN should worry about economy, unemployment, drug use, corruption, human rights violations, sanctions, pollution, poverty, and the list goes on and on.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Not according to the WPO and IPI polls they don't. You're speaking for yourself and a vocal minority predominantly in self-exile.



by Simorgh5555 on

Israel will outlast Ahmadinejad and hopefully it will outlast Islam.

Death to Ahmadinejad. May his seed be wiped off the face of the earth...sorry....wrong transaltion......May Ahmadinejead's seed vanish from the face of the earth. 

Death to the Islamic Republic.