British in Iran, 1960s

Nigel Mail posts 8mm films made by his father

"In the mountains north of Teheran on way to Caspian Sea. Does anyone know if this place still exists or what it was called. The car is a Chrysler New Yorker.:"

"We visited the Karaj Dam in 1962. This is an 8mm film my Father took.:"

"We used to go on picnics beside an ice cold stream north of Teheran during the summers between 1960 to 1963. All members of the family appear in the film.:"

"The first picnic in the mountains north of Teheran during 1960. My fathers 8mm film:"

"More film of the first picnic in the mountains north of Teheran, Iran during 1960.:"

"8mm film my father took in a ski resort near Mount Damavand north of Teheran in 1960


"A family holiday trip to Isfahan in 1961:"

"My father and grandmother visit Isfahan in 1961:"

"My mother leaving Teherans Mehrabad Airport to visit the UK in 1962:"


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kheyli khub old films!

by jigsawnovich on

eyval!  kheyli mamnoon for upload! love the old film stock. fascinating bit of history! favorited all of them on youtube!

Darius Kadivar

Wonderful Clips ... Yadeh oon roozha Bekheir ...

by Darius Kadivar on