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Towns developed around the oil industry in southern Iran

جديدآنلاين, فاطمه جمال‌پور: هر وقت با پدربزرگم که کارگر بازنشسته شرکت نفت بود، از کنار محله‌ها رد می‌شدیم، داستانی برای تعریف داشت؛ داستان نام آن محله که همیشه آغازی یکسان داشت: "اینگلیسیا که اومدن" و بعد داستانی که همیشه به نفت و خاطره‌های پدربزرگ گره می‌خورد. با کشف نفت در "مسجدسلیمان" ودیگر شهرهای خوزستان و احداث پالایشگاه آبادان، شرکت‌شهرهایی ایجاد شدند که همه چیز آنها متأثر از صنعت نفت و امکانات مدرنی بود که نفت با خود آورد و بر تمام جنبه‌های زندگی مردم این شرکت‌شهرها سایه انداخت و در این میان مسجدسلیمان و آبادان سرنوشت مشابهی داشتند>>>


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my home....

by shushtari on

miss u

will be back soon, that is a promise 


Khouzestan, Abadan for Lovers at heart!

by Khar on


Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Ghormeh Sabzi, I miss booye naft dar Bovardeh

by Anahid Hojjati on

Abadan in late 1960s was a great city to grow up in. And then there was always staying with khaleha dar Ahvaz or go to see a relative in Aghajari, Masjed Soleiman or Dezful. For me, there are many memories of Khozestan but since I left Khozestan so young, my memories are not as sharp as someone who was there until later. But what a region, what warm people and kholasseh che safaee dasht Khozestan aan roozha. Thanks for your blog.



by ahvazi on


Great piece...brings back lots of good memories..Abadan will come back one day to its past glory...migi na nega kon!!! 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

yeah Amoo jan  agreed.

how about cinema Rex and the bistero Rex next to it where you would buy a hot kotlet sandwich for 20 rials and tagari pepsi for 5 rials before going in to see the movie  2 for 1 ticket 2 tooman ?            Maziar


Don’t go back to Abadan

by عموجان on

If you where born and grow up in Abadan before IRI, don’t go back.

It will wipe off memory of original Abadan. Just cherish the memory. With all due respect to Abadaniha ( I am one) the new Abadan isn’t any thing like the old one.  

 Cinama Taj was great