Press TV account blocked in London

UK pressure on IRI channel

Press TV: The British Foreign Office has tried to abuse UN sanctions on Iran to limit the operation of the country's news broadcaster Press TV in Britain, according to information published by the whistle-blower website, WikiLeaks US State Department cables published by WikiLeaks show that the British Foreign Office told the US embassy in London back in February that it was “exploring ways to limit the operations of… Press TV.” >>>


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Islam is by far nastier than Nazism.

by bihonar on

Islam is by far nastier than Nazism. Why is then Nazism illegal in Europe and not Islam? I believe this is a double standard.



by Parthianshot91 on

The same should be the done to the "Voice of America" channel.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


When free speech is not free speech

by divaneh on

Spreading lie is not free speech. Promoting hatred is not free speech. Broadcasting to the free world by the enemies of freedom and human rights is not free speech. Press TV can shout about free speech when IRI has released all political prisoners. Well done UK.


marry christmas!!

by tabriz_balasi on

Conjure Love; drop the shadow
“I”; focus; become a pure force; fly tangent to the holy unity; become “it”; do,
create, and prove; represent with the forcefulness of a tornado; whirl, curl
and spin out of the spiral of your habitat, he is your only home; have no mercy
other than his, fear only him; bear your pains, say NO to pleasure, fight anger,
envy NOT, regret NO MORE; pierce through as it is your single property; your
only concern is the path, path set to you by him; He is all-seeing,
all-hearing, all-knowing, and all-powerful; ask only him for help; depend only on
his forgiveness; take off the chains of falsehood; there is no rescue other
than the extension of his hand.  Take his
hand, get up; now.

be an act at all times in the name of Allah.



by tabriz_balasi on

it's christmass eve, take it easy, let's work on defeating IR tomorrow, take a break.. i feel depressed.. my american house mates are gone to their families, and I am sitting here and writing for  my life really sucks come to think of it.  can you call me, i'm really lonely. 



by Simorgh5555 on

Pretend Fox News never existed. Pretend there was no Guantanamo. No Iraq war. No invasion of Aghanistan. No George Bush. No Israel. No Neocons. 

You Islamist/IR/Looney Left Crowd are the same:Each time the IR is criticized you automatically compared to what the US or Israel does. So because Fox News is a nasty Tv channel it redeems any sins committed by the  Islamic Republic does. Didn't you teacher ever tell you 'Two wrongs don't make a right'?

Concentrate and unite behind our shared enemy: The Islamic Republic. Our only enemy which must be destroyed. 


anti islam crowd

by tabriz_balasi on

the anti islam crowd are little dictators and it's never hard to defeat them... they have big mouth and no spine... there is little freedom of speech in america... No news what so ever... if you have watch the nightly news or cnn news; it's a joke;  they reflect exactly what the system wants... compaired to iran of course there is more freedom of speech but it not sufficient.  i hated press-tv, one sided news, along the same line as FOX news, maybe little better than FOX news, but so what?  there is no good news these days any ways.


Q, where's the freedom of speech in your beloved IRI....

by Khar on

Sharm o Haya Ham Khoub Chizieh Haj-Seyed!

By The Way, did you know your Allah was a Bot (idol) prayed to by Pagen Arabs before satanic isalm! now that Makes you a Bot Parast.


Good Move

by masoudA on

and don't pay attention to Islamist "cry-fowl" gang..... you can't be politicaly correct and win against terror.  Terrorists don't play by any rules.......we do have rules, we have great rules - including the freedom of press and speech - but the rules apply only to those who play by the rules.   Islamist don't even know step one about freedoms of any kind. 


Islamic Republic doesn't have much claim to

by Abarmard on

Human Rights or freedom of speech in the face of the international community but Western countries that even go to war to bring democracy to other nations do. That puts a heavier load of responsibilities on their (western) shoulders.

At the bottom of the jar, the reality is that none of these countries including the Western countries, truly practice freedom of rarely a true opposition to capitalistic system (or whatever else) is put to discuss her or his ideas. Living in your neighborhood, you would believe that a country of 300 million people has no other voice other than what the system tells them. And if there are any opposition, it's within the range of partisanship rather than ideologically.

Freedom of speech? Internet it is and no government or media other than the WWW carries it.

I find BBC the most manipulative of them all, also because it is one of the mostly watched internationally.



Freedom of speech only for those who respect it

by Onlyiran on

The IRI does not deserve to be the recipient of free speech because it does not respect it.  I think that not just PressTV, but that all of its "news" agencies (propaganda outlets) outside of the country should be closed down until it releases all journalists, artists and bloggers from prison, cancel the "sentences" for those whom they have sentenced, such as Derakhshan and Panahi, and allow total freedom of press in Iran.  That way, they will show that they deserve to be on the receiving end of "free speech" for its journalists. 


they did the same thing to BBC! oon mogheh eshkaal nadasht?

by Fesenjoon on

Tehran has blocked the BBC many times. 

Givem a taste of their own medicine. Block the Press TV whores.


Bad move

by Abarmard on

And shows that freedom of speech is only fine as long as it follows the politics of the host country.

That is the main reason Aljazeera has trouble broadcasting as a regular channel in the US. I have never seen much of a difference between one brainwashing media to another. the flavors vary but the core is very similar.


Q, as you are avoiding my question on your avatar

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

consider using this as your avatar.Much closer to your mentality, and I bet there is good physical resemblence too :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


LOL Roozbeh,

by Q on

sure, change the subject. What else are you going to say?


Hypocrites are also predictable!


"Q", the label "IC hypocrite" suits you best here...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

You, the person who so eagerly defend every action of the fascist, terrorist islamist regime of Iran against it's own people and the world community, yet use the picture of Mr Mousavi,  the prominent opposition figure to islamist regime as your avatar! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


congratulations Roozbeh Gilani:

by Q on

those are the exact same reasons IR uses to shut down reformist papers!

Let it be said, that no one can ever accuse IC hypocrites of thinking before they speak!


"Press TV"= outlet for hate, lies & islamist fascism propaganda

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

It should be shut down and all it's staff arrested on charges related to  supporting terrorism.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Wow, what hypocrites

by Q on

what happened to freedom of speech? Not for views you don't like? LOL!


Of course. Just futher proof that the most fanatic loudmouthes don't understand the most basic things about democracy and freedom. Once again, 2 ra'kat namaz to thank Allah for making sure these born losers will never run so much as a baghali in Iran again!

Thank You, Ghorme Sabzi. It's obvious at least you sensed the irony here and posted this piece.


The world is turning the screw

by mahmoudg on

one entity at a time, until such time that this infestation we call Islamic Republic is no more.

Anonymous Observer

So, Niloufar Parsi is going back to Iran?

by Anonymous Observer on

Coooool!!!!!  Wow, perhaps that's why she uploaded three blogs in two days.  She was trying to get all the work done before the office was closed.  Makes sense. 

13th Legion

Good Job ;)

by 13th Legion on

should do the same in the U.S


About time too!

by Simorgh5555 on

They should bamn this mouthpiece of terror!