London Protester

Arrested in front of Iranian embassy on 22 Bahman


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she is on steroid

by rtayebi1 on

I know I sound like an idiot, but we can do better without people like her. Even that bachah hazboolahee in front of IRI embassy in  France didn't resist an arrest .


Speak English!

by shahabshahab on

Everyone! If you are  protesting outside Iran Speak the language of the country in which you are protesting. That;s not asking for too much.! Not even once she said anything in English so the Police had no real idea what she was saying even if she lost her loved ones.

At least she should tell the Police that in English. She was deranged anthe police restarined her. No problem there.

Darius Kadivar

Where was IRI Police when Italian Embassy was Attacked ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Where was IRI Police when Italian Embassy was Attacked by Bassijes just a few days ago in Tehran ?


And I am Not even mentioning of course the US Embassy being Stormed by Students back in 1979 with the Total Endorsement of the Country's Leaders.

But I don't find anything wrong with the Police intervention here. They have a job to do and it's not easy.

What were the exact circumstances for them to arrest her ? I don't know !

But whether we want it or not An Embassy and it's building, gardens etc are considered as part of the country's territory and as such the Police of the country that hosts the Embassy on it's territory has a duty to protect it from any violent actions.

It cannot however stop people from demonstrating and shouting slogans or even insults at the Embassy if they wish too.

That is different from deteriorating material or attacking the Embassy Personal. Something that the Bassijees in Tehran did not hesitate to carry out when they attacked the Italian Embassy in total impunity and without the slightest intervention of the Iranian Police to stop them.

My humble Opinion,



مرگ بر بی‌عرضه!


This is a non-violent protest that makes its point clear. On the other hand, the police has a job to do. The protest is not against the police.

It is typical of police force in such 'crowd control' situation not to show any sign of tolerance and leniency .. and even civility. One show of weakness will suddenly turn 'crowd control' situation to 'mob control' situation. What IRI bassij and paasdaar are doing is not improvising. It is following the textbook.

I vaguely remember, I guess exactly in same embassy, many years ago some protesters penetrated inside the embassy, only to be beaten up and chased out by in-house thugs of IRI. Then the thugs victoriously came out and shouted 'marg bar bi orzé'! 


Ari jan....

by Souri on

No, this is not like this.

There is a rule for the manifestation and protestation abroad. I don't know for the US but in Europe (and even in Canada) they are very strict about that. This is not up to us to determine the limits and borders of those rules, this is up to the host country policies.


UK Police protecting Islamic Terrorists inside the IRI embassy!

by Khar on

Reminds me of the Confederation (Konfedrasioon) actions against the Shah outside Iran back in the late 70s.  

Ari Siletz

Non-violent protest, and well done!

by Ari Siletz on

It's a demonstration, and she sure demonstrated where she stands, as in outraged. She didn't physically attack anyone or damage property.  Genteel just doesn't demonstrate outrage.   


You have the right to protest but

by jasonrobardas on

   You need to respect the guidlines set by the police and the democratic state that gives the opportunity to express yourself .   For heaven's sake , WHAT IS ALL THIS ENTANGLEMENT WITH THE POLICE ?. YHEY ARE DOING THEIR JOB .


Shame on us

by pahlevoonb on

This is why we are a third world culture! Saman how the hell do you know she has lost 9 of her family members and "Pregnant daughter in law", she didn't even look old enough to have a daughter in law! This is just emotional stupidity!

Even if she has lost family members what did the london police do to deserve this kind of reaction from Iranians, they are letting you peacfully protest in front of the embassy, when you run to doors of the embassy and break their laws (AS SHE DID) the police will pull you away and if you resist them, they will arrest you! 

Come on people grow up this kind of behavior is as shameful as the behavior your protesting about. 





by pahlevoonb on




Cindy Sheehan's milk would help

by Saman on

Monarchists use nasty curse words like US Marines in front of tourists in Washington.

MKO light themselves on fire and run like human torches across elementary schools across Europe.

IRI diplomats/sympathizers get their butts beat in Neauphle Chateau by French Police.

And now some green supporters behave like 4 year-old ADHD children on crack during 22 Bahman, then resist arrest in Berlin and London … only to have other supporters jump in and turn a “peaceful demonstration” into a complete cluster-f**k.

What's the difference? What's our excuse? Our culture? Should we hire Cindy Sheehan as our sergeant mother?




by Rendd on

I read your comment again bro!

Easy on milk!

When a woman has lost 9 members of her family including her pregnant daughter-in-law and her unborn child to a firing squad, looking good is the last thing she is going to think of.



Har ke ba

by Rendd on

in mellat dar oftad...var oftad...che khodi...che nakhodi...


Resisting against the police in duty

by Souri on

Is an infraction, every where in the world.

The lady must have been a "free protester" and she didn't know that she must behave herself. She lost herself and resist the police.

No matter what she thinks, the British Police is supposed to protect the foreign embassies. The manifestation should not go too close to the building and specially should not manifest any sign of violence (which the lady seemed to show) ...imagine if a protester goes too close and in a moment of anger, launch a bomb or something else toward  the building? The police is responsible for the security of the building and its residents.

She was resistant, when the police was trying to hold her, she shouldn't!

Believe me, the French CRS bit us for much less that this.

I believe the British had let her go.



by Rendd on

I got your joke but don't think everyone gets it. Your sense of sarcasm is untimely bro!

On the side note you could have said:

It is outrageous to see that the British police treats Iranians the same way Iranian policemen treat Iranians.

Let me say it again:

It is outrageous to see that the British police treats Iranians the same way Iranian policemen treat Iranians.

Wait a minute!....... I see a trend here:


British, Police, Treat, Iranian, Police

Hmmmmm I wonder what it means?

Maybe if we replace Treat with Trained we can solve this puzzle? W'ach ya' think? 


Trying to understand

by water. on

I try to understand as many sides as possible. Maybe this lady lost one of her best friends through one of the harsh IR-regime acts in the past period and that is one of the ways that she can let go of her emotions. Or maybe her best friend lost one of her beloved one's through IR and she is screeming on behalf of her. Who knows....?

And you are striving to have a silent and peaceful protest as possible because of some personal principles.... that is also possible.

What I am concerend now is the consequence of the lady's act against the policemen. Here where I live, this act (resistance against a policman in his rightful duty) has a sentence of a max of 1 year prison or a monetary penalty of 7400 Euros. Inwardly I wished that the policemen would have simply let her go. But understand that they, the policemen, are simply doing their duty to maintain the security.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

saman khan what did she do exactly ?that caused the metro police try to haull her like that, she was saying MARG BAR JOHURI ISLAMI .........

In a democratic countries police should know first hand " THE DUE PROCESS.

their action (polices) were unacceptable knowing upfront why the Iranian are there on that day.         Maziar


Democracy comes with values and responsibilities ... not this!

by Saman on

Control your self sis ... you're protesting in a Democratic country like a basiji..Dramatic and uncivilized. This embarrassing extremism displayed in London, Berlin and Washington really makes us look like ass. No wonder Europeans look down on Iranians.