Why Iranians became Muslim

According to Sheikh Mehdi Daneshmand


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


don't know what your are talking about. We have experienced an Islamic state first hand. Have you lived under Sharia? Or are you sipping your tea at Star Bucks and telling us how great Islam is? 

Sounds to me like you are going through the "normal" teen or post teen rebellion. I suggest you go to Iran and live an Islamic life for a number of years. Watch some women stoned and some men hanged. Then lecture us on how wonderful Islam is.

Please don't give me this crap on "real Islam". Iran is practicing Islam by the book, 100% as meant by Mohammad and Quran. That is the real authentic Islam as vicious as it was meant to be. The Islam in the USA is water down.



Iranian-American Muslim & Proud =)

by Javan on

I am a proud Iranian-American Muslim.  Just because Persians don't know anything about Islam (that is why you have abuse in the Iranian government) If Iranians would engage Islam and understand it, then they could stop the misinterpretations and abuse from both the religious fanatics and the athiest fanatics. 

I used to be an anti-Islamic Iranian, however I started to practice Islam 10-15 years ago after growing up in a very liberal Iranian family. Once I started to practice the religion of forefathers for the past 1400 years, my own family treated me the way the Iranian athiests do on this website.  Something interesting to note is that if "nothing is sacred" by this website, neither is Athiesm or Ultra-Nationalism.  Hate begets hate and love/respect begets love/respect.  Just because you don't like certain people in the Iranian government does not make the whole government bad or Muslims in general.  This extremism of Iranians is sickening.  Why must Iranians be ear deep in conspiracy theories, exaggeration, and extremism?  For every religious extremist, there is also a non-religious extremist.  Extremists are all the same and deserve each other.  

People like myself are growing under the Ultra-Nationalist and Athiest rader of the Iranian community.  We are former Athiests and Ultra-Nationalists who stopped believing in the hate and extremism. (Mostly taught by fathers who still held a grudge against the revolution or those who are sons of revolutionaries that forgot why their fathers did the revolution)  We were brainwashed into thinking Islam is bad because of the revolution and some unsavory characters.  However, it is not Islam that is bad, it is the Iranians who think they know Islam that is bad.  It's as if Iranians just can't handle normal values...everything has to be over the top.  Just look at guys and girls in Los Angeles, they are more JERSEY SHORE LOW CLASS than Snooki...

 Iranian Muslims have nothing to be ashamed of, they are not responsible for the crimes of other people regardless if they call themselves Muslim or not.  If that was the case, then all Jews are responsible for Palestinian deaths and all Christians are responsible for the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This is ridiculous of course.  

Contrary to the megalomaniac Iranians who think they know everything and are the center of the universe, Islam is not dying in Iran or Iranians, infact it is being rediscovered at a fast pace...just look at me.  One day I hated it, now I love it and can't live without it.  I am your future.... I am your youth...  I am your children of this generation...  Enjoy =)

 www.al-islam.org - www.jesuswillreturn.com 




by mimi.shishi on

The verse 4:34 did NOT come out of a mullah's mouth, but out of Mohammad's who claimed ALLAH ALMIGHTY whispered it in his ear! Islam is a rotten egg, whose smell is inflicted upon humanity, clogging the minds of those who believe in it. 



by mimi.shishi on



3 Reasons Why Iranians are Turning Away from Islam

by HHH on

1. The dictatorship of Islamic Republic members and their cruel treatment of anyone who is not like them

2. Realizing the Islamic teachings were all made up by mullahs and realizing people's freedom is taken away by the make-as-you-go teachings and rules of mullahs

3. The selfish arrogance and cruelty of Leaders Khomeini, khamenehii and their Guardian Council of old mullahs, the same mullahs Khomeini promised to keep out of government 


Dear obama -

by MM on

You see obama, in addition to being one, I also know a lot of good Muslims, but none of them are Islamists, and that is who we have turned against; Those who interpret the inherent dichotomies in Quran to do evil deeds, whether they are members of Al Qaeda or the IRI.  Since this is Iranian.com, obviously our fury is focused at those who beat, rape and murder Iranians, and question their beliefs to show the inherent weakness of their power-base, whether that basis is Quran, Ali or Khomeini. Also, the history of early Islam is marred with back-stabbings, murders and poisonings.  So, you can idolize those leaders, but up to a point.

For a good discussion of the difference between Islamists and regular Muslims, see the 2002 article, “Terror, Islam, And Democracy” by Ladan & Roya Boroumand



by mimi.shishi on



Someone throw this moron a lifeline

by Nur-i-Azal on

There is no way anyone could take this Daneshmand idiot seriously!


Can you anti-religion guys not insult other's religion or Ali?

by obama on

Does respect mean anything to you? You cannot just claim you want to be PERSIAN and have persian values, when right here you are not practicing them! Isn't that part of the persian culture? You hate eslam or Ali, fine. Why do you demonize those who think otherwise? Believe and let believe!

Where is our open-minded behavior that a non religious is supposed to have? No, you are not insulting me, since I don't practice the religion eversince this regime came to power. However, I know very decent people who were followers of Ali and they were symbol of humanity much more than you!

Why don't you openly criticize christianity and judism? Scared? Islam is always an easy target? Why? That's why we as iranians are easy target for racism as well.

You cannot insult Ali at the same time admire Takhti! Takhti's role model was Ali! How much do you know about Ali?  There is so much you can learn from him such as mardanagi. Why do you always look for negatives?

I am proud of my persian heritage at the same time I am not going to bash eslam as a whole. How much do i really know about eslam to bash it? But i detest many moslems and most of the mollahs.

I beleive they have kept us back and we need not follow any religious leaders. However, I have no problem reading Ali's book, or bible, or any other books that i think i might learn something good. ignorance is blessing!


So full of himself!

by Milan on

een baba hamisheh geer mideh beh sunni ha. Mehmoon az mehmoon badesh miad, saab khooneh az har do.


Dear Sam

by Sohraby on

That is the reason why Ommatis hate him.

Paayandeh baashee


AO jaan

by SamSamIIII on


you are a dear pal. much obliged pilgram. cheers !!!

Sohraby; Great Ferdowsi shut em up ommaties single handedly a thousand yrs ago.nice pick 

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


شعری از فردوسی بزرگ خطاب به‌ بیگانه پرستان



در این خاک زرخیز ایران زمین/ نبودند جز
مردمی پاک دین/ ھمه دینشان مردی و داد بود/ وز آن کشور آزاد و آباد
چو مھر و وفا بود خود کیششان/ گنه بود آزار کس پیششان/ ھمه
بنده ناب یزدان پاک/ھمه دل پر از مھر این آب و خاک/ پدر در پدر
آریایی نژاد/ ز پشت فریدون نیکو نھاد/ بزرگی به مردی و فرھنگ بود/ گدایی
در این
بوم  و بر ننگ بود / کجا رفت آن دانش و ھوش ما/ چه شد مھر
میھن فراموش ما/ که انداخت آتش در این بوستان/ کز آن سوخت جان و دل
دوستان/ چه کردیم کین گونه گشتیم خوار؟/ خرد را فکندیم این سان
زکار/ نبود این چنین کشور و دین ما/ کجا رفت آیین دیرین ما؟/ به
یزدان که این کشور آباد بود/ ھمه جای مردان آزاد بود/ در این کشور
آزادگی ارز داشت/ کشاورز خود خانه و مرز داشت/ گرانمایه بود آنکه
بودی دبیر/ گرامی بد آنکس که بودی دلیر/ نه دشمن دراین بوم و بر
لانه داشت/ نه بیگانه جایی در این خانه داشت/ از آنروز دشمن بما
چیره گشت/ که ما را روان و خرد تیره گشت/ از آنروز این خانه ویرانه
شد/ که نان آورش مرد بیگانه شد/ چو ناکس به ده کدخدایی کند/ کشاورز
باید گدایی کند/ به یزدان که گر ما خرد داشتیم/ کجا این سر انجام
بد داشتیم/ بسوزد در آتش گرت جان و تن/ به از زندگی کردن و زیستن/ اگر
مایه زندگی بندگی است/ دو صد بار مردن به از زندگی است/ بیا تا
بکوشیم و جنگ آوریم/ برون سر از این بار ننگ آوریم



Anonymous Observer

Samsam Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

Thanks for your great comments.  As always, you say it as it is, cut through the crap and expose the ommattis.  Keep up the good work brother.


Arthemis, MM II, ELS

by SamSamIIII on


baa illeh kiaan har keh dar oftaad var oftaad

Benevolent Cyrus of Anshan(PBUH), still in Iran & still rules not in person but in spirit after 3 milenium, blood thirsty enemies & over 120 generations passed by.

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

So, when will the bombing of the Islamic Republic start!?

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

For the past 15 years, It's been me who has advocated the bombing of the Islamic Republic of akhoonds, its supporters, Islamic shrines, mosques, imamzadehes, and everything and anything that has Islamic texture, color, name, smell, or what have you.


Javid Lord Moses!



by Arthimis on

آقای میدوستی، آقازاده‌های مثل شما بهتر بود که اصلا به آمریکا
فرستاده نمیشدید، به خصوص در وسط آمریکا‌ که بعد از سالیان سال هنوز هم
دستمال عربی‌ برای محمد، علی‌ و جمهوری اسلامی بندازید... حأج آقا، شما را
بهتر بود  یک ضرب به مکه،مدینه و یاد کربلا میفرستادند تا به تحقیقات خود
در رابطه با نظریه محمد، علی‌ و شتر دزدان دگر ادامه میدادید... شما را چه
به فرضیه اینشتاین؟ اسلام اثنا اشعری و بازماندگان و نوکران عرب زده عقب
افتاده‌اش لیاقت ایران و ایرانی‌ بودن را ندارند... شما یا تاریخ واقعی
ایران را نمیدانید و یا مثل آخوندها در حال خود فریبی (مردم فریبی) و خود
فروشی (مردم ،ایران فروشی) به کار تان ادامه میدهید! خجالت بکشید، مردم
ایران بعد از ۱۴۰۰ سال زور و بی‌ رحمی و به خصوص در ۳۱ سال گذشته دگر فریب
چپاولگران را نمیخورند!!! بچه‌های زیر ۳۰ سال ایران از منو شما خیلی‌
جلوتر هستند و کارشون با کامپیوتر و فیسبوک این حرفاست... دگر با اسلام و
هیچ مذهب عقب افتاده دیگر را قبول و کاری با آنها نخواهند داشت... تمام شد
حأج آقا، کاسه کوزتونو جمع کنید که دیگه بسه...


discuss 10 dimentions of Islamism but refuse simple Q/A of SS/SP

by MM on

The human mind is amazing in that it can dream of 10 abstract dimentions of Islamism, but not have any logical answers to questions of samsamIII and sohrab_ferdows that are based on historical facts.



VPK, never mind the Ommatie

by SamSamIIII on


So prdictable. Pal, wasn,t this bacheh shaikh's answer just the mirror of his jafangi logic in face of truth. The Ommatie  just fell to the trap as all bacheh akhoond Pan-ommaties do & proved my point about his indecent ethics by accusing me of something I never have advocated either in writing or verbal to want to bomb Iran. Ask anyone one on this site and find out if i ever advocated bombing. This tokhmeh omar crowd stop at nothing when it comes to protecting their Pan-Arab occupation force. 

Well fed arabo ommatie agent & now an exposed lier is better off attending his camel dung farm than giving illiterate historical lessons to true Iranians ;:))

Cheers pal!!!

btw* as a rule I never comment on comments specialy that of shaikhak crowd as not to legitimize cyberf*rts but i,m glad I did this time for the sake of entertainment.

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia



by Midwesty on

You can go where he went. If you know what I mean! I've been following your comments too. The fact that you've changed your user name does not fool us. We can smell you guys from miles.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

SamSamIII post a respectful statement. He gives good reasons and asks some reasonable questions. You sir avoid answers and just post insults.

Your posts are mostly statements on your feeling and have no logic. The more you post worse you sound. Please keep discrediting yourself.




by Midwesty on

I have nothing to say to one who's been advocating bombing Iran for the last three years on Iranian.com!

Good luck on your nationalistic mombo jumbos, thinking that with a fake avatar you can crawl under our nationalist cover and hit us from within. Good luck on that one. Iran is on the rise!

Enough is said!



by SamSamIIII on


Respect for Imam Ali(pbuh) & religion of Islam(as a private spiritual matter) aside,


you & the akhoond cothinker you take notes from should differentiate between fact & Ommatie fiction fed to folks by pan-ommah agents post genocides of 630,s & 640,s AD. Here is a review of some of his one liner non-factual ommatie rethoric you pointed out;


 3-And Iranians were in love with Ali that's why they are now Shia


If true then why it took em 800 years, repeat, 800 years to convert to Shiia and only thru Safavid sword & genocide of over one million .


2-In contrast to what Iranians experienced from Sassanian Dynasty they found Islam very appealing


This reasoning is so ridiculous that one can not even begin to deal with its sheer distortion. Sassanid was a regime, Islam was a religion. So according to this halfass logic everytime a nation is pissed at their government they change their religion, ha?. So Iranians being mad at their government, gave up their their independence,  status as free men & women with traits of self-sufficience , self-worth ,ethics & mastery into a failed dual-identity , obediance to Pan-Arab psyche , seeking messiah  among the occupiers , accepting their religion, promoting alien icons ,paying them jazieh, writing in their language & alphabet & naming their kids after occupiers ?. Is this for real?


1-The Sassanian had a very segregated system far from what Cyrus the Great was envisioning for Iran.

To retort this part I need a whole article as I this hoax is the main theme of all ommaties & lefto junkie crowd degrading & distorting the facts.

It is quiet possible that Ali during his 25 years of his exile has been visiting Iran since he was already exposed to Iranian culture...

Come again!, The only time Imam ali visited Iran was to visit the border town of Hosaifeh(if i,m not mistaken close to Basra) to welcome back the returning forces of his commander in Kerman & Makran who squished the Iranian uprising in that province along Abu Musa the commander of Arabs in khuzistan.

I think the nationalist who portray Iranians as the victims of Muslim aggression, they are very well aligned with their Arab counterparts for belittling Iranians

No, again this band tombooni logic wont fly since true nationalists are against Pan-Arab aggression & Arabization of our language/alphabet/culture/psyche and not the religion of Mohammad(pbuh). Arabs belittle Iranians as ajams who were given Arab culture and thus evolved but nationalists say we had already a glorious culture and no need to become serfs to Arabs as ajambardeh ommaties are.


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Iranians never submitted to Islam and the struggle is on...

by Sohrab_Ferdows on


History of the Islamic conquest is full of barbaric brutalities against defeated people to impose the language and rituals of Arabs on them. Iranians were no exception in this regard although their resistance to Arab invasion which started from earliest days after corrupt Sasanid Empire crumbled, never died and that is why Arabic language did not dominate to the east and north of Arabland while it prevailed to the west end of Africa. Iranians struggle against Arab superiority, during their direct rule over Iranian territories, has taken many different shapes through out the centuries including taking advantage of (and contributing to) internal conflicts between different ruling tribes. Shiite was a secret movement to defy the rule of Arabs by following an Iranian model of inherent right to kingdom for descendents of prophet Mohammad and making an excuse out of it to rebel against other Arab rulers who were not related to Mohammad. Iranians, from the time of Salman Parsi and afterwards, have contributed a lot in success of Islam and spreading it in the world. The peak of Islamic Empire happened during Haroon with assistance of Barmakis who helped a lot in organizing the affairs of empire, from governing to science and literature. Having said all of that, Shiite was not followed by a major portion of Iranians until Safavid kings decided to make it official religion of Persian Empire to separate Iranians from Ottoman Empire which considered itself leader of Islamic Empire and wanted to bring all Muslims under its own rule. That's when Iranian rulers decided that it would be in the interest of the nation to follow Shiite so that their soldiers could fight against Ottoman Empire's army to protect Iran's territorial integrity.

It is also worth mentioning that being Shiite (or Rafezi) was considered a major crime until a few centuries after Iran was overrun by Arabs and according to some stories that was the crime that the Great Iranian poet Ferdowsi was suspected of by the ruler of his time, Mahmoud Ghaznavi.  Iranians became Muslims because otherwise they would face many troubles which came from Arab conquerers. Corruption and injustice during late period of Sasanid Empire (due to too much of unwarranted influence in government affairs by irresponsible elements in the army and Zoroastrian religious leadership) was a contirbuting factor in defeat of Persian Empire but that does not mean that they "accepted" Islam. Islam was imposed on them like it was on every other people (even in the Arabland). Thanks to resistance, Iranians still speak their own Persian language although not entirely the same as before and thanks to Iranians, Indians remained the way they were as far as language, culture and religion.


IG jan,

by Midwesty on

Now you might know that there are more than 4 dimensions to include Maxwell's and Einstein's equation in one matrix. To be precise there is a need to be at least 10 dimensions to explain these two theories on one platform in order to come up with a unity theory. So as hard as it might be for us, the three dimensional creatures, to imagine 10 dimensions, there is more than three in anything including reasons to explain why Iranians converted to Islam.

I agree with your three reasons completely but these might not be the only reasons.

However all reasons that we discussed so far do not fit with the idea of brutal forces made Iranians to accept Islam.

By the way, the main question is, if invading other countries was the main item on Islam's agenda, why prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Ali (PBUH) didn't do it while they could fully utilize the massive power they had gathered at the time?


Immortal Guard

Midwesty, one last thin!

by Immortal Guard on

There were primarily three reasons in my view why the Persians converted to Islam:(independent of current temporal and spatial coordinates of course)

1) In order to avoid paying special taxes imposed on non-Muslims. Imagine if the guy next to you gets more contracts and better jobs and pays less taxes just because he is a Muslim. Then you would also be tempted to switch unless you have incredibly strong principles. So since the rulers at the top of the hierarchy were Muslim (either Arab Khalifs or Persian priests who had converted to keep priviliges) there was a trickle-down effect.

2) The population at large did not find Islam that much in disagreement with Zoroastrianism. They even incorporated many Zoroastrian concepts into their version of Islam as the Romans incorporated many Mithraic traditions into Christianity. They chose Islam because people like Ali and Hussein were better disposed towards Iranians in general and that's human nature. You like people who like you back.

3) In order to be able to participate in all the facets of the newly-created Islamic Empire whether it be trade or sciences and also to exert subtle but significant political influence.

Have a good weekend too!


jasonrobardas - to top the video w/ comments just blew my fuse

by MM on



Khodaye Kose Sher (Fabricated Non-sense)

by jasonrobardas on

  This fat man in islamic regalia on top of his Menbar is the master of Kose sher . All fabricated non sense .


CoP, that is right

by MM on

and they all think everyone of them Islamists are correct, video and all.  And furthermore, Islam was such a wonderful thing that as soon as the invaders said "I...", everyone said "I will take it".  BOY, this is really blind leading the blind. 

Why don't you Islamists all reside in Iran, Saudi Arabia or better yet, call for the return of the Taliban.  Now, Taiban's way is the real written Islam in books and hadith that everyone of you Islamists, deep down inside, are vying for.  That is, if you think that Islam should be your guiding light.


MM, Q will also add

by Cost-of-Progress on

his "unique" sense of Islamic humor and intellectualism to the mix. Who'd have thought that Islamists living in the west (where they hate) can be so much fun?