1978: Oil workers on strike

ITN's Geoffrey Archer reports

December 15, 1978:


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Cheshmeshoon koor

by MRX1 on

The oil workers had good jobs and good start of living thanks to the effrost of so called evil shah.  I do hope they suffered a lot under the new regime! Nothing pleases me more than seeing  people who sold their soul, heart, mind and body to islamo freaks end up suffering from the hand of their new masters.

payam s

Dameshoon Garm!

by payam s on

More power. If the Iranian industrial workers today don't strike, the IRI will not go anywhere. No matter how much blood of the young is spilt. 


The strike....

by ahvazi on


Did not get them either, Political Freedom or more salary.

This time do it for the young who have fallen....


The problem with us Iranians

by Mehrban on

is that we don't quit while we are ahead.


khak too sareshoon....

by shushtari on

what do u think now you fools!!!!?

ter zadeen be keshvare azizemoon